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Sep 8, 2019 @ 1:48pm
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A considerable expansion of vanilla Danger.fsm. Added are features which extend the enemy response and reaction to fire. Reuploading to Steam Workshop is not permitted.

The overall goal is to make buildings part of the AI's available terrain. The AI will dynamically enter and clear buildings holding enemy soldiers. The nature of the the danger.fsm does not make these features a replacement for dedicated scripts and clever use of waypoints.

The AI is a significantly more active combatant. The biggest changes is that the AI is now able to view buildings and structures as part of the tactical terrain. The AI will search through buildings, hide and garrison within, as well as provide suppressive fire against suspected enemy positions. In addition AI reactions to fire, even when the origin is unknown is expanded. The AI will also communicate threats to nearby allies.

* AI will move inside buildings
* Perform suppressive fire (Vehicles will dismantle buildings)
* Panic, with special effects
* React, even when exact enemy position is unknown
* React by hiding in the presence of powerful vehicles when without equipment to deal with it
* Check dead bodies (Rearms if possible)
* Tanks will react by rotating towards threats
* Improved civilian reactions, hiding in buildings and checking dead bodies
* Dynamic Artillery system
* Custom waypoints for specific AI behaviour

The mod runs automatically for all factions, including RHS and CUP. To double check that the mod is runing, enable one of the debug variables.

The mod is fully compatible with ACE3, VCOM, but unfortunately not ASR. This version requires CBA.

Check the gitHub for development variables to toggle or tweak gameplay features.

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Fluffy GS G5 Jun 14 @ 3:52am 
@IWNL yes it seems to be realy the only problem, i mean this is the greatest AI Mod i've ever seen. But i will try now to reduce the "sharing information" in the CBA settings. Maybe with this it is poosible to avoid the Enemy AI spraying. Could be the reason if the receive 500m away the information about enemy position, the try to suppress the position (which lead maybe to this massive spraying). I will try it :)
IWNL Jun 13 @ 6:52pm 
@fluffy GS G5
Damn, that is interesting. Tbh I didn't notice that much, as I personally never do AI v AI. What I can say though is I did have a different experience when playing DCO and other scenarios like that and the idiotic spraying wasn't much of a problem for me. Honestly never sprayed unless it was on a mounted weapon. Hope these guys can fix that as that's literally THE ONLY problem everyone seems to be having lol.
Fluffy GS G5 Jun 13 @ 5:13am 
There is also something with Tanks: Sometimes when the danger is close, the crew starts to disembark from a MBT.
INSPECTOR CKELET Jun 13 @ 4:40am 
Thank you so much for the mod. I found a "bug"(The problem of compatibility) , in the mod pook Soviet Air Force ai stops using cm burst against air-to-air missiles because of your mod LAMBS_Danger. fsm
Fluffy GS G5 Jun 13 @ 1:31am 
@IWNL: yes this works for the AI in your squad, but when you play with other AI or against other AI, they start spraying AF wirhout any sennse and waisting their complete ammo. This breaks kind of game play when you play missions like for exampel "dynamic Combat Ops" etc.
IWNL Jun 12 @ 1:16pm 
How to fix your squad from moronicly suppressing random/invisible/insane amount of distance away targers -

Configure addons - LAMBS Main - Settings Suppression - "disable suppression from player group" check that box and tadaa Mod is playable and enjoyable when commanding a squad.

Disclaimer: Units will still suppress when occupying a turrent weapon.
Delta-118 Jun 11 @ 4:26pm 
The Hunt Module in Zeus no longer seems to function.
BigSock Jun 9 @ 10:21am 
Ai has become too unresponsive to commands, like they start trying to suppress targets through things at crazy distances and just stay in one spot now
Mr_Cossack Jun 9 @ 2:09am 
I too have the same issue with the a.i shooting at buildings for suppression yet enemy squads are completely out of LOS with a few streets and many buildings between them.
Morrison Jun 8 @ 3:17pm 
I have to agree with dawnducky and Fluffy, the suppression is completely out of control. I can't imagine under what type of mission this feature could be not considered broken. The mod is fantastic and we've been using it for a long time now, but in it's current state we'll have to remove it sooner or later.