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Sep 8, 2019 @ 1:42pm
Jan 28 @ 2:17am
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This mod is a config level tweak shoulder fired launchers and SPG9 vehicle mounted recoilless cannon. The AI will act more aggressively when equipped with these weapons.

RPG7 weapon and ammunition configs are tweaked to allow the AI to target air vehicles and ground infantry. It increases AI inaccuracy and adds a more powerful cosmetic effect to shooting. RPG32 is tweaked to allow the AI to target air vehicles and infantry. MAAWS and SPG9 is tweaked to allow the AI to target infantry.

Adds optional support for CUP, RHS and SOG launchers.
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Nov 30, 2023 @ 5:21pm
RPGs and infantry
Sep 25, 2022 @ 10:49am
Im trying to get into a server but it is denying my keys
Ayso May 12 @ 1:49pm 
is it possible this can be made into a module or at least a CBA toggle
_mickey_ Apr 24 @ 6:02am 
A great mod that improved gameplay, but unfortunately still there is flaws:

1) the AI will not take into account the presence of enemy vehicles and will waste its shells on infantry. Sometimes he shoots 3-4 times in a row at one soldier! while the map is full of with enemy vehicles. As a result, after several minutes of contact, the AI cannot resist enemy vehicles.

2) Another disadvantage is that the AI in Stealth Mode will fire RPGs at infantry. Sometimes will launcher shoot one soldier. This violates the logic of the style, I would prohibit the use of RPGs against infantry if the AI is in Stealth, since it unmasks your unit.

@nkenny, I hope you will teach the AI to save its own ammunition for the enemy's vehicles and use stealth mode properly
Atlas Apr 22 @ 6:18am 
is this compatible with the star wars mods such as 3AS and Just like the simulations?
Shadow Apr 4 @ 2:11am 
After the last update, if I put it on a dedicated server, there will be no entry 'bin \ config. bin/CfgPatches. cup_weapons'rpg7'. How should I solve it
Arrivedfall4 Mar 7 @ 11:37pm 

Hey sorry if someone has already asked this but any chance there is a version of this for OPTRE launchers?
Ace Feb 3 @ 1:04pm 
The fact that you added all these extra supports is absolutely delightful. Thank you so much. I wish more mod authors would take advantage of the ability to skip dependencies. I myself didn't know it was possible until very recently.
Komodo Feb 2 @ 12:09pm 
Spearhead if possible...ty
_mickey_ Jan 29 @ 9:36am 
"Adds optional support for CUP, RHS and SOG launchers." -- super, thank you bro! Please support Global Mobilization as well!
nkenny  [author] Jan 28 @ 2:24am 
Main mod updated with CUP, RHS and SOG support.
KOTEŁ Jan 14 @ 5:53am