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Sep 8, 2019 @ 1:42pm
Jun 19, 2021 @ 1:18pm
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This mod is a config level tweak shoulderfired launchers and SPG9 vehicle mounted recoilless cannon. The AI will act more aggressively when equipped withthese weapons.

RPG7 weapon and ammunition configs are tweaked to allow the AI to target air vehicles and ground infantry. It increases AI inaccuracy and adds a more powerful cosmetic effect to shooting.

RPG32 is tweaked to allow the AI to target air vehicles and infantry.

MAAWS is tweaked to allow the AI to target infantry.

SPG9 recoiless cannon ammunition is tweaked to allow shots against infantry.
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Туман Apr 17 @ 6:23am 
please write for what mods rhs and cup?
=_X_=™© Mar 27 @ 5:47pm 
Hello Mr.Kenny , how would you suggest making this compatible with other RPG's ?

Thank you for your work and contribution to the community !
Tyl3r99 Mar 19 @ 2:35am 
There is a RHS compat mod for this yes
ALEX Mar 18 @ 2:40am 
does it work with rhs and other mods?
@ LlWh762
I noticed this too. It's because of the suppressive fire effect. Dunno if LAMBS uses that or VCOM does, but AI always engage with the suppression order in at least one of these mods, which means they will be given your last known position as an attack order and attack/advance on it relentlessly.
Tyl3r99 Feb 15 @ 12:51pm 
If the launchers inherit from vanilla then yep i believe it will
CalicoJack Feb 14 @ 5:35am 
gotta ask too, does this work with SOG?
and can improvements be expected in regard to AI using it too fast and too often?
LlWh762 Feb 8 @ 7:00pm 
Even though its last update was a while ago, I've been just noticing that the AI is very quick to use the RPG - to where even if it's one enemy running away from a long distance in an open field/mountain face, an AI unit will go and dump all of their rockets until they can kill them.
Morgan Freeman Feb 1 @ 2:06pm 
Why is the AI so eager to shoot the rpg? They pull it out and immediately shoot, often resulting in it hitting the ground or some random direction.
Mahia Dec 25, 2021 @ 9:22pm 
salut? ty mais comment utiliser lambs rpg pas de voir dans l'éditeur ??. ty
same for flare how too ?