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2019. szept. 8., 13:42
2019. okt. 9., 10:33
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This mod is a config level tweak shoulderfired launchers and SPG9 vehicle mounted recoilless cannon. The AI will act more aggressively when equipped withthese weapons.

RPG7 weapon and ammunition configs are tweaked to allow the AI to target air vehicles and ground infantry. It increases AI inaccuracy and adds a more powerful cosmetic effect to shooting.

RPG32 is tweaked to allow the AI to target air vehicles and infantry.

MAAWS is tweaked to allow the AI to target infantry.

SPG9 recoiless cannon ammunition is tweaked to allow shots against infantry.
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Apricot_ale 2019. okt. 30., 21:08 
I'll be making that's RHS version but It is a modified version of something like RPG_Tard because the origin RHS config accuracy is balanced.

I'll release it for friend server. perhaps.

but PG-7V isn't shooting to Infantry target like RPG_Tard.
so often... or maybe never.
RPG_Tard video
(now it's wrecked. because of RHS updates. Yes, I mean old times. and why I subscribe LAMBS_RPG.)

Do you have a solution?
flashfireball 2019. okt. 29., 11:42 
i think they had an update recently so you may be able to get one up and running for that with out fear.
nkenny  [készítő] 2019. okt. 9., 10:36 
I am a slave to vanilla AI, I'm afraid. Infinite ammo must be something else. This mod does not effect ammunition expenditure.
nkenny  [készítő] 2019. okt. 9., 10:35 
Ahh, check my GitHub if you are interested. Might push it to SW. Just felt kinda crowded. I suspect RHS are updating quite soon and I didn't want to have a potentially decrepit mod up and about.
MixedMethods 2019. okt. 8., 16:28 
Any chance of that RHS release you mentioned in comments before nkenny?
ImRouz ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2019. szept. 30., 19:37 
When I test it out the AI usually just swaps from main>launcher>main. They do fire sometimes but not that consistent.

Also when the AI runs out of ammo and switch to their launchers they'll start continuously fire rockets with infinite ammo with no reloads.

Accidentally discovered it while testing it out xD
bottle 2019. szept. 28., 17:24 
what about titan ap or that guided he missile from tanks dlc?

those are so much fun, more than a sniper rifle.
nkenny  [készítő] 2019. szept. 28., 17:01 
They are dumb. Of course, having played my fair share of PvP. So are players.

Check the next version of the Lambs_danger mod

Sure do

I will look into that in the future.
11th Epoch 2019. szept. 28., 13:01 
Fantastic mod idea. Do the AI waste RPG32/MAAWS anti-tank ammo on infantry? Or are they smart enough to use only the HE ammo?
bottle 2019. szept. 21., 17:38 
what about main guns of mbt