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Christian immersion-Improved Genetics 2.0 compatible

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Christian immersion-Improved Genetics 2.0 compatible

Do you ever feel murder is somehow worse than being lefthanded? Do you ever feel that the pope should have denied you that divorce? Do you like heresies? If all above is yes then this may be the mod for you!

Special thanks to Crimson9 for allowing me to make this compatible version!

Religious Rituals
- Observe Lent, go to confession and celebrate Easter
- Holy Unction
- Exorcisms
- First communion
- Confirmation
- Masses for the dead
- Childhood initiation and Khawendar feast for yarsans
- Pious cathars can divorce their spouse and become celibate
- Pious cathars can become perfecti and commit suicide by endura

New Heresies
- Judaizers (miaphysite): Judaizers are miaphysite christians observing many of the mosaic laws. They are based on the Ethiopian Tawhedo Church and are led by the Abuna. Unlike other heretics they can always join their monastic society.
- Mandeans (miaphysite): Mandeanism is a non-christian religion claiming to follow John the Baptist. Unlike christians they allow polygamy. If HF-dlc is active they can determine zodiac signs. A religious head can be founded by their priesthood if certain conditions are meet.
Chaldeans (nestorian): Chaldeans are schismatic Nestorians, but influenced by catholicism. They are led by their patriarch.
- Apollinarians (nestorian): Apollinarians have very similar practices as the nestorians, but the christology is different. They are led by their catholicos.
- Adoptionists (catholic): The adoptionist religious practices are similar to standard Catholicism, but the Christology is different. Any independent king can form the adoptionist religious head, but it will disband if landless.
- Free Spirits (catholic): The free spirits was a low church denomination holding ideas involving panteism, antinomianism and quitism. It has no religious head.
- Barlaamites (orthodox): The Barlaamites are very similar to orthodox but influenced by scholasticism. If they control Constantinople they can take over the Ecumenical Patriarchate and hold synods to convert the orthodox.
- Yarsans (sunni): Yarsanism (Ahle-Haqq) is related to yazidism, and very different from standard islam. It has no religious head but their own religious caste.
- Secret societies have been added for all new religions.

Religious Heads and Inquisition
- Reworked religious head calculation regarding excommunication and when you demand stuff
- Pious religious heads are more objective, and less influenced by their personal opinions and whether they are vassals or not (unless a loyal servant)
- Bad religious heads no longer reward people for being evil but are much more influenced by their personal opinions and their liege than pious religious heads
- The Pope can demand that characters burn harmful books, but may also grant dispensations to keep them
- Waldensians and Jain cannot burn heretics during the hunt apostate events
- The Barlaamites and Adoptionists start without a religious head but can form one, but it may also be destroyed
- Unlanded ecclesiarchs can be appointed as religious heads (unless you have access to antipopes)

Marriage and Divorce
- Reworked divorce conditions for individual religions in accordance with canon law
- Divorces are harder for catholics and miaphysites, but easier for most other christians
- Cousin marriages are disabled for many christian religions
- Religious heads no longer cite “consanguinity” as the reason every time you get a divorce
- Catholics and miaphysites will no longer divorce their wives to join holy orders
- Messalians can take concubines and consorts
- Unreformed pagans cannot take consorts (go messalian or reformed)
- Tribal characters can only take concubines if allowed by their religion (nomads unchanged)
- Samaritans and Karaites can have two wives
- Cathars can often go celibate by decision
- Messalians and mandeans can always renounce celibacy

Added/Changed Mechanics
- Religious branches for Lollards: Wycliffeites, Taborites and Utraquists
- Religious branches for Waldensians: Poor of Lyon and Poor of Lombardy
- Waldensians are now pacifist and cannot declare Holy wars
- Removed divine blood for messalians (but incest remains)
- Zunists can raid
- Paulicians can raid, but not join monasteries
- Nestorians far in the east can syncretize with eastern religions
- Jews and Samaritans are harder to convert
- Jews, secret jews and jewish sympathizers can now invite jews to settle in Jerusalem under special circumstances
- Only germannic pagans can appoint shieldmaidens
- AI women can be invited into warrior loges, but not join directly
- Changed several vanilla traits to match traditional christian, jewish and muslim opinions
- Free Spirits can become associates to beghards and beguines
- Christians and dharmans can abdicate to become monk/nun/ascetic under special conditions
- Changed religious clothes for bogomilists, paulicians, cathars, waldensians, zunists, samaritans and messalians
- "Crisis of Faith" game rule
- New events such as prophecies, bedtime stories, inspirational saints etc

Schism and Special Events
- If a diplomatic and learned catholic is emperor of Byzantium, Abyssinia or the Restored Roman Empire after 1059 the Council of Florence might happen. This may convert miaphysite and orthodox characters and counties. This is based the historical Council of Florence.
- A powerful Monothelite Emperor controlling Constantinople and Alexandria may Hold a Council converting many orthodox and miaphysites to Monothelitism. This is based on the attempts of Emperor Heraclius and his successors to reunite the copts with the Byzantine state Church.
- If the Barlaamites have a Patriach and controls Constantinople they may hold synods converting orthodox to Barlaamism. If the orthodox regain Constantiople they may hold counter-synods converting barlaamists to orthodox. This is based on the historical anti-palamist/anti-barlaamist synods in Constantinople during the 14th century.
- The Byzantine emperor may choose to massacre the latins in Constantinople under special circumstances. This is based on the massacre of the latins in 1182.
- Added events for the Great Schism, Triumph of Orthodoxy and the Great German Pilgrimage (the pilgrimage requires SoA-dlc)

Rewritten Vanilla Events
-Rewritten HF wars against bad popes to better represent the canonical issues at stake when a pope is removed due to violence and state influence
- Rewritten some canonization texts to better represent medieval legends
- Rewritten observatory events
- Rewritten a minor crusade event
- Replaced primae noctis event
- Rewritten hunt apostasy events to better represent canon law, with special focus on western Europe 1200-1452
- Rewritten missionary events to increase immersion (missionaries will be less hateful toward the people they are trying to save and will mention salvation, not just hell)
- Rewritten some excommunication events to better represent medieval practice
- The religious head will never force characters to become celibate as penance
- The religious head may force you on a pilgrimage as penance

- 70 historical artifacts, mostly Bibles
- Most books can be ordered, but some are unique

No DLC required, but I’d recommend using them.
Incompatible with many mods that change religions, such as HIP and CK+.
If you don't want improved genetics, use the standard version of this mod instead

Constructive criticism is welcome, especially if you find typographical errors.
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Lucasia  [author] Mar 28 @ 11:05am 
Sorry, it's only on the workshop at the moment.
Bigmachingon Mar 27 @ 4:45pm 
Please post a link for external download
Lucasia  [author] Jan 7 @ 11:21am 
@Here I am, I've though about it and it would be cool, but as you say it's quite a bit of work ;)
Here I am Jan 6 @ 5:42pm 
Hey have you ever thought about making this compatible with HIP? It probably wouldn't be easy but it would be awesome! :D
Dorian Nov 29, 2019 @ 5:06am 
Unrealistic, we all know being lefthanded is FAR worse than being a mass murderer lol
stickypepsi13 Nov 12, 2019 @ 11:20am 
Alrightly, thanks for the response :)

If you could it'd be great, I like that mod and absolutely adore this one. Either way, good job and work you do :)
Lucasia  [author] Nov 12, 2019 @ 9:22am 
@Aventius, yes but so far I decided not to because they wasn't around by the time of Charlamagne.
@stickypepsi13, it's possible and it would be great but I have no plans for it now.
Lucasia  [author] Nov 12, 2019 @ 9:20am 
@kamcity13, I've tested it and the game seems to run fine. You are supposed to get "never" as Crisis of Faith game rule, but not sure if that always happens. You also get no spawned artifacts but characters will buy then, heresies use main religion holy sites and chaldeans, apollinarians and judaizers don't get their religious heads. The last issue may be solved by console commands granting the titles (d_chaldean etc) to unmarried male courtiers and kill them. This activated the titles. If your old save doesn't have Improved Genetics you must use the standard version of this mod
stickypepsi13 Nov 11, 2019 @ 1:11pm 
Do you think you could make a compatibility patch with African Religions Overhaul?
Aventius Nov 10, 2019 @ 11:47am 
Have you thought of adding Arianism?