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Ark Casino
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Ark Casino

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Did you ever thought about what to do with doubled blueprints or the tons of unused stuff in your storage boxes?

Now there is a solution: gambling!

Crush blueprints, ressources and items to get ARKadeCoins and use them to gamble at the "ARK Dino Mansion"!
Feels like a real casino, but... only in ARK!

Here are the steps you need to make in order to play the "ARK Dino Mansion Slot".
1. Step
Grind your resources in the ARKCasino Crap Crusher to get "ARKade Coins".
Items and Blueprints can be grinded in the "ARKCasino Crusher BP".

2. Step
After you have enough coins, you can try your luck at the "ARK Dino Mansion". It's a slot machine with animation on spins.

3. Step
Put your coins into this machine and set your bet (between 1,000 coins and 10,000 coins or 2,500 and 15,000 coins if you gamble on the only coins slot).

4. Step
Spin and probably get a nice item or blueprint. Almost all items of ark can be won.
The spin is animated on the slot ingame and in a own menu so you can choose how to gamble.
Everything else is explained in the help menu within the slot menu. Have a look there for the bonus multipliers each of the dinos have.
Unneeded blueprints or items can be again crushed at the both "ARK Casino Crushers" for unlimited fun!

There are 2 different slot machines right now in this mod:
The "normal" slot and a "coin" slot.
On a normal slot you can win item AND coins. (by default, see config)
On a coin slot you can only win coins.

The mod includes some decoration for your brand new ARK(a)sino!
Right now we included:
  • An animated Winner Canvas (and a smaller version of it)
  • A modern looking stool
  • A camera and a monitor for your security needs (only functional in singleplayer right now)
  • more to come...

What can I crush to get coins?
  • EVERY ressource in ARK
  • EVERY tool in ARK
  • EVERY armor in ARK
  • EVERY saddle in ARK
  • EVERY structure in ARK
and also all of that as a blueprint to "ARK Casino BP"!

Give primitive items the same amount of coins as ascedant ones and give all resources the same amount of coins?

No, the amount of coins granted for the given item/ressource varies:
  • ressources which are harder to farm grant more coins (f.e.: wood will grant more coins than fibers, see forum for more infos on that)
  • higher item rating items will grant more coins (customizable)
  • blueprints will also look after the item rating and will grant more coins when higher tier items are grinded
  • blueprints will also grant 4x more coins than normal items (customizable)

You can win:
  • Tools
  • Weapons
  • Ammonation
  • Armor
  • Saddles
  • Structures

in all qualities (random QI) from primitive to ascendant!

This mod is fully configurable
[ArkCasino] TotalWinChance=0.75 MinBet=1000 MaxBet=10000 BetInterval=1000 WinCoins="ENABLED" BlueprintWins="ENABLED" ChanceOfWinCoins=0.5 CoinWinMultiplier=1.0 BlueprintWinChance=0.2 BankDecreasePercent=0.1 Item_TotalWinChance=0.6 Item_MinBet=2500 Item_MaxBet=15000 Item_BetInterval=500 Item_BlueprintWins="ENABLED" Item_BlueprintWinChance=0.1 Item_BankDecreasePercent=0.1 Coin_TotalWinChance=0.6 Coin_MinBet=2500 Coin_MaxBet=15000 Coin_BetInterval=500 Coin_CoinWinMultiplier=1.0 Coin_BankDecreasePercent=0.1 CrushMultiplierBP=1.0 CrushMultiplierItemRating=1.0 MaxCrushedRes=25

We set up a discord.
You're welcome to join us!

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#1 Rated ARK Server Hosting Provider 2019
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Potatoe Oct 25 @ 2:59am 
Will this give blueprints for things like saddles from mods or only base game items?
Dreadful Galaxy Jun 22 @ 7:44pm 
Hey i think there's a bug when you hit jackpot it doesn't give the player who hit jackpot coin in hte coins only machines
Painkiller ✅  [author] Apr 2 @ 12:02pm 
1) This is an option where you can define how much coins are substracted from your bet and added to the jackpot. For example:
means 10% from your bet is substracted and then added to the jackpot. Let's say your bet is 10.000 coins. That means 10% of 10.000=1.000 so 10.000-1.000=9.000 is added to the jackpot. This should prevent people from keeping all their coins all the time as they would win the jackpot from time to time on their own slots at home base.

2) can't look into that, as the dev kit is too big for my actual SSD, maybe peluzin can help you with that
123 Apr 1 @ 1:52pm 
1) I don't get it about "BankDecreasePercent"? How can I use it?
2) red chair, sofa, carpet etc some items still there even I put hide engram overrides. how can I find code?
Peluzin  [author] Mar 9 @ 4:35pm 
Due i can't update the mod with this id, I have made a partial update (BETA) with some graphic updates
Digital Death Mar 9 @ 3:30am 
please update this!
Raovake Gaming Mar 8 @ 11:00pm 
Any idea when another update might be coming out for this epic mod?
Painkiller ✅  [author] Jan 2 @ 7:53am 
@jimmy: that seems to be a bug.. we will update that with the next update, pelzuin is already preparing a new patch