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RolePlay Additional Items
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Jun 29, 2019 @ 4:34pm
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RolePlay Additional Items

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RolePlay Additional Mods
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MOD ID: 1785880078

An RP mod for people to use and enjoy to help them get immersed into their server.
This mod contains custom potions, props, cooking dishes and more.
The mod will continue to get updated as time goes on, moving into the world of skins and continued weapons skin support. Hope you enjoy.

Want to give a massive thanks to Reyes for helping me out with some of the imagery, you can check out his steam below. Also a shout-out to Amile for helping with the decorating to make these scenes come together.

Please check out the a sister mod, the Roleplay Additional Armory which will add weapons, armor, structures and certain consumables into the mix. Currently being worked out, it will have updates when I can get too it, but each will be worth while.

Additionally, if you'd like to join me on Discord you're more then welcome!

Looking for a great server hosting service you can trust? Check out GameServerApp, they've honestly been the best choice I've made.
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Feb 8 @ 6:11am
PINNED: Bug Reports:
Captain Cannibal
Nov 14, 2020 @ 9:45pm
Servers running this mod
Apr 25, 2020 @ 2:29pm
Loving this, wanted to share screenshots :)
A Big Hairy Monster
< >
Captain Cannibal  [author] Apr 15 @ 8:10am 
You should be able to transmute for them, or gather them on extinction maps in the space biome
Bunny Apr 14 @ 8:54pm 
How do you get the gold nuggets
seascape195 Apr 2 @ 10:13am 
Spawn code for Lamp Oil?
Lost_Marble Feb 26 @ 3:37pm 
Answered my own question! I see there’s a separate mod for them.
Captain Cannibal  [author] Feb 4 @ 4:24pm 
Mod just updated to try and fix the issue, if it keeps arising, list the problem item in the bug reports, as well as how it's causing the issue (is it by deleting, picking up or simply looking at it). If there are further problems, just lock out the item by increasing the craft costs to something crazy and I'll try and figure it out tomorrow, it won't be tonight as I'm headed to bed.
Captain Cannibal  [author] Feb 4 @ 2:31pm 
Going to be putting out an update as soon as I can get the issue fixed (hopefully it does fix it)
Issue seems to be surrounding items created from the storage containers of a certain type, the wine shelving should be fixed, will do the alchemy table now and hope it works, if there are further problems after that, put the item into the bug reports section, sorry for the issues.
Kyrren Feb 4 @ 2:07pm 
Hello! Just saw that Rene posted something about server problems after the update. I have to agree to agree, updated the mod and now if you load into a place with these items it causes everyone to crash. (Example, our town which has the alchemy table)
Captain Cannibal  [author] Feb 4 @ 1:42pm 
Very sorry about that if the mod is responsible. The update has been live for over 4 hours and I've not received any other complaints or reports about it, but I'll continue to check with other communities on the issue.
René Feb 4 @ 1:39pm 
older backups are broken too. We r trying to remove this mod now.
Captain Cannibal  [author] Feb 4 @ 1:12pm 
You can try rolling back to a previous save to fix the issue.
There was some incompatibility issues between the mod and the current ark version after the last few ark updates, I don't have any issues on my private server with the mod since the update.

Hopefully a roll back helps.