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Raise The Roof 1.3
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Jun 20, 2019 @ 3:59pm
Aug 7 @ 4:23pm
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Raise The Roof 1.3

Build a variety of thick roofs for protection against drop pods, mortars and tornadoes.

Roof types:
Steel (Requires 50 steel)
Solar (Requires research, 50 steel and 1 component and provides 50 watts power)
Transparent (Requires research, 50 steel and 10 synthread)
Transparent Solar (Requires research of the other roofs, 50 steel, 10 synthread and 1 component and provides 50 watts power)

Other Features:
Added ability to remove overhead mountain (through research)
These roofs are equivalent to overhead mountain but code is handled to prevent infestation spawns
When you select roof zoning you can see the colored draw area of all different roof types:
Orange = Overhead mountain
Yellow = Thin rock roof
Cyan = Constructed roof
Blue = Constructed steel roof
Teal = Constructed solar roof
Pink = Constructed transparent roof
Purple = Constructed transparent solar roof

AreaBuildRoof and AreaRemoveRoof area zones:
Green = Build constructed roof area
Red = Remove constructed roof area

Option Settings to enable/disable auto roof building, power outputs and roof cost adjustment sliders

I would not install other roof building mods with this one. They would not see each others roofs.
It is compatible with existing save games and if you decide to remove it, I would remove all the mods roofs beforehand.

v1.3 adds performance improvement with solar generating roofs! Includes options to enable/disable roof types.

v1.2 had some save functionality issues, it may be necessary to debug remove solar roofs and re-add them to make them generate power.

This mod uses Harmony for easy detours

Mod ID # 1776143665

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Apr 28 @ 2:48pm
Major performance issues using this mod.
Rika Voort
Nov 7 @ 10:37pm
Steel roof bug?
< >
bagner.inc Nov 29 @ 1:59am 
I had a drop pod raid from the Antimatter Annihilation faction pierce the steel roof of my rec room. Wasn't that difficult to fix the situation - I lost the entire rec room in the process though - but I was surprised when 75% of the pods dropped into that room despite the roofing
Geronimo Nov 25 @ 4:30pm 
Placing a roof over a blueprint deletes a the blueprint of that tile. A blueprint can be placed on a roof blueprint.
Droante Nov 17 @ 12:25am 
Ok so the blueprint is being removed when someone uses said door. The roof is not being removed. So just forbid the doors then force the building of the roofs. Alas problem solved!
Though the mining of stones beneath it is super annoying, and the building of bridges are still auto done for some reason....
Droante Nov 7 @ 10:36pm 
@slippery snek if the cost is "1" 50 steel is 50 roof tiles....

So why is this now auto mining and building bridges beneath it in stead of just building the roof above the object below it
Hypnagogia Nov 6 @ 1:46pm 
Have you used both? I've been wondering what the difference is and I really can't tell. Would be interested to hear why you like this one more.
Winnie Xi Jin Ping Oct 30 @ 5:41am 
I'm not sure what causes it, but my doors will randomly remove the RTR roof directly above them, and one tile to the left AND right and make them normal roofs again.
directpixel Oct 30 @ 2:27am 
Remove overhead mountain constantly caves in even when there is a wall right next to it for support.
slippery snek Oct 22 @ 6:01pm 
Steel roof is absurdly costly even after tuning it to cost "1". 50 steel for one piece of roof, are you fucking kidding me? Just got a drop-by from bunch of pirates who tried to steal all my good shit. Luckily they decided to run through my killbox in reverse...
Viper Oct 12 @ 8:01am 
Nope this mod works great. Expanded Roofing does some of the same things but I really like this implementation better. The two mods seem to be in competition with each other and we consumers benefit. xD

Again, I think this is the best roofing mod on the workshop, and it has been for a long time now. I am using this mod right now and haven't experienced any of the issues hinted at in comments below.
The Bard of Hearts Oct 3 @ 8:47pm 
Is this mod still all catiwompous since the last update?? Just curious. :d5_prinny: