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(old) Yayo's Combat
Mod, 1.0, 1.1
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May 21, 2019 @ 8:00am
Mar 3, 2020 @ 1:44am
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(old) Yayo's Combat

This is an old version. Please use the new version.

It changes the accuracy calculation algorithm of the bullet to a convincing level.
Fast bullet speed provides a better sense of hitting.


all guns and grenades : Rapidly increasing accuracy based on shooting skill and weapon accuracy
(compatible with all additional gun modes)

Fix bullets not to fly to ridiculously odd places

3 times increase in flying speed of all projectiles


* Recommended mod ( Not Required )

Suppression mod

Target Shooting mod

Proper Shotgun



It is similar to ce(combat extended) mod, but it is being developed with a simple and compatible mod.
Compatible with almost all modes
Wish Granter Aug 13, 2020 @ 11:21am 
can I still use this mod with 1.2 I dont like that yayos combat 3 completly ruins (for me) the armor system. I just dont...like it. Thanks for a answer
Videogameplayer Mar 11, 2020 @ 7:40am 
may the gods bless thee with power and glory eternal
great mod
Lonfield Mar 10, 2020 @ 6:21am 
Thanks for the info, and for the mod!
YAYO  [author] Mar 9, 2020 @ 5:07pm 
@Lonfield The only difference is the availability of options. The save was found to be compatible, but I can't guarantee it's 100%.
Lonfield Mar 9, 2020 @ 3:36pm 
Diferences between 2 and one? Is it save game friendly?
YAYO  [author] Mar 8, 2020 @ 10:11pm 
A Fucking LEAF Mar 8, 2020 @ 12:04pm 
Is it just me, or do stray rounds never seem hit any nearby pawns?
Saint Mattis Mar 6, 2020 @ 10:02am 
yayo, you're the best your mod makes the game far more enjoyable, thank you!
JustKazuma Mar 3, 2020 @ 5:07am 
Please can you add a mod menu or similar that allows one to switch which projectiles are sped up? This causes unintended interaction issues with Rimatomics' laser interception system (meant to shoot down vanilla-speed mortar rounds) as well as other modded weapons that assume default vanilla speeds.
YAYO  [author] Mar 3, 2020 @ 1:47am 
@meltup thank you for telling me. Updates have been made to resolve this issue.