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[XND] Targeting Modes
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Sep 9, 2018 @ 1:07pm
Nov 27, 2018 @ 10:45am
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[XND] Targeting Modes

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Works with What The Hack by Roolo. Should also work with most alien races and animal mods. Can safely be added to ongoing savegames but there may be issues removing this from ongoing savegames.

Confirmed to be incompatible with Combat Extended. I will work on a patch at some point, though this could prove to be very difficult due to how differently CE works from vanilla regarding determination of hit parts.

If you find any bugs, please link me to a full output log and give some basic information on how you triggered the bug; this is vital information for me to be able to fix said bugs.

Showcase by BaRKy - thanks!

Targeting Modes sort of brings V.A.T.S from the Fallout universe to RimWorld, so you can now have your colonists and obedience-trained animals lay waste to those who dare oppose you by having them prioritize which body part groups they target, whether it be in ranged or melee combat. If you're using What The Hack by Roolo, you can even have your mechanoids join in on the head-slicing/blasting fun when they're being controlled!

There are five possible targeting modes:
  • General - This is the same as vanilla, and the default targeting mode for all pawns. There are no accuracy penalties.
  • Head - Pawns will prioritize getting hits off on the target's head, with head hits being ~4x more likely (~8x against humans since their base chance is so low). There's a significant accuracy penalty of 30% though.
  • Body - Pawns will prioritize outright mangling their target's body, with body hits being ~2x more likely. There's a minor accuracy penalty of 10%.
  • Arms - Pawns will prioritize hindering their target's manipulation, with arm hits and so on being ~3x more likely. There's a moderate accuracy penalty of 20%.
  • Legs - Pawns will prioritize inhibiting their target's movement, with leg hits and so on being ~3x more likely. There's a moderate accuracy penalty of 20%.

Though if you're using The Birds and the Bees, there's a sixth targeting mode for the groin which has a significant accuracy penalty of 30% and makes hits on those parts ~24x more likely.

With the differing characteristics of each mode, an extra layer of strategy has been added to the game. To change a pawn's targeting mode, click the 'Targeting' button at the bottom of the screen, and then select which targeting mode you want your pawn to use:

You can also change multiple pawns' targeting modes simultaneously just by selecting them all at once, then change the mode just like you would with a single pawn. After a certain amount of time out of combat, targeting modes will automatically reset to the general mode to cover you if you forgot to reset everybody's modes.

Beware though, because raiders can also use targeting modes! With smart raids, any raider with a skill level of 8 or above with the weapon they have equipped could also deviate from the general targeting mode. Some mechanoid raiders have also been programmed to favor a body part group over others, and some animals in manhunter packs may prefer tearing off certain body parts provided they've got at least intermediate trainable intelligence.

If your foes are downed in battle, you can easily dismember body part groups of choice by moving your colonist within 3 cells from your victim of choice, assigning your colonist to your targeting mode of choice and having them attack said downed foe. Spare expense on peg legs and prosthetic arms when it comes to crippling raiders for later!

Don't like some of the above? Fret not for you can configure this mod through mod settings! Changeable aspects of this mod include whether certain targeting modes even affect accuracy, how often the game will try to reset targeting modes (or if it even tries to), whether hostiles can use targeting modes and how likely they are to use targeting modes.

I'd also recommend using this with something like Custom Death Randomness to be able to eliminate the random death-on-downed chance when even incapacitating your foes.

Powered by the Harmony Patch Library.

Shotgunfrenzy - for his fantastic work with the preview image and the UI icons for each targeting mode!
Brrainz - for his fantastic work with the Harmony Patch Library. This wouldn't have been possible without it!
Why_is_that - for their Settings Helper which allowed for labeled sliders.
AUTOMATIC - for helping get the raider target mode functionality working
Fluffy - for letting me use part of TBATB's logo
Marnador - for their RimWorld-style font
Sentient_Worm - for their countless bug reports

As is standard with my mods: you may include this mod in a mod pack, and you may derive from this, but please inform me if you're doing so through Ludeon Forums (preferably) or the Steam Comments Section, and give credit where credit's due.
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Bush did 1911 Feb 6 @ 11:32pm 
Does this work with zetrith's multiplayer mod?
Ashnal Jan 19 @ 6:34pm 
Seems like there is some kind of issue between this mod and A Rimworld of Magic. It causes some magic abilities to error on target, and also mages don't get targetting options from this mod.
ChickenKing Dec 26, 2018 @ 1:14pm 
@XeoNovaDan I got the non-stop enties from having Barbslingers the first time but I don't think i got the enties from the start of the scenario whilst we had the animals. The second time (Second colony) three labrador retrievers joined and after a few moments I started to get the non-stop entries again. Now it can be another reason other than the colony animals that I hadn't noticed but I hope this helps anyway. Also I appretiate the hard work you are doing. PS: The barbslingers are from Alpha animals I think
XeoNovaDan  [author] Dec 26, 2018 @ 11:38am 
@ChickenKing - What animal in particular? This seems similar to an issue with Animal Variety Coats which I had fixed.
ChickenKing Dec 26, 2018 @ 10:31am 
Seem to get a dev log entry unlimited amount of times involving animals or something. It slows my game down a lot while running. I copied the dev log report and want to paste it but not sure where too so I'll post here- https://git.io/fhTXh -I have a lot of mods running so it'll be understandable to run into a confliction, I have Alpha animals running as one of em and the log entries started when I would get an animal in the colony, Didn't pay much attention to the log before I got an animal though.
simpolplan Dec 20, 2018 @ 8:02pm 
can someone give me a link to 1.0 Combat extended mod. Does it work
Sir Rolin Nov 28, 2018 @ 12:23pm 
before I could reproduce it (after seeing your answer) some mods updated and I am now unable to reproduce it. guess one of the other mods makers found the problem on their side.
Some Crusader called Wayne Nov 27, 2018 @ 7:07pm 
*cough Cough* 170!? i wish i can have that much mods enabled without my game crashing xd
XeoNovaDan  [author] Nov 27, 2018 @ 11:10am 
@Sir Rolin - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\RimWorldWin64_Data is where you can usually find an output log, though it depends on where you installed Steam.
Sir Rolin Nov 27, 2018 @ 10:57am 
I have got lots of mods (170+) so this might be a compatibility issue, but I booted up rimworld 3 times as it crashed on boot everytime, unsubscribed - launched game, resubscribed (so it's in inactive mods.) worked. I don't know where to find crash logs, but would love to provide it to you.