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ONU Community - Real Play Server

The O.N.U Community server is a Real Play server: you must play with the most realistic immersion possible. PvE, PvP, RP, everything is possible, it depends on the situations and the players you will meet : it’s up to you to adapt your reactions to the context. Your interactions in game are forging your reputation, and your actions directly affect your Karma. Dying will not cancel the consequences of your actions, you will not change character in each life. It is essential that each player is in capacity to ensure his own survival.

Connect to our website to create your account and have all your player's stats on your profile page. In order to join the server, you need to create an account on the ONU Community website otherwise you will be kicked after a few moment.

For more information on mechanics, areas of interest, safe zones and numerous additions of the ONU Community MOD visit:

Mod installation
  1. Subscribe to the ONU Community MOD in the Steam Workshop,
  2. Start DayZ in the Steam Launcher,
  3. Select the option "run DayZ Launcher" and not "play DayZ",
  4. A pop-up opens, in the MOD tab check the ONU Community MOD,
  5. Launch the game by clicking on play,
  6. On the game's home screen, click the play button to join the server.

The ONU Community MOD will be regularly updated with many additions of mechanics and items. If you can not update, unsubscribe and re-subscribe to the mod to download the latest version.

Communication supports
Do not hesitate to join the unofficial communication supports
You can find all the information that you may need to help you to start your adventure.
You will also meet the different players to integrate the group of survivors who you fits best.

Code: Charon - Curves
Map Design: Damigo - White Angel - Vasquez - Kermod - Evo13 - Snewpy - Jerem - Meriadeg - Astate - Illevenight - Mc-Duff - Yogui
Design: Vasquez - Kermod - Nash
Ressources modèles 3D: -
Design Resources: adobe stock - freepix
Mod for mapping:
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Jul 5 @ 4:28am
Wo ist der Key
[DGB / DGS] Eisen_Hammer
< >
Viodugir Jul 15 @ 12:24pm 
Is this a server only mod? or are people allowed to put it on their servers?
cptPUGWASH2415 Jul 12 @ 2:26am 
that looks cool m8
Vasquez  [author] Jul 4 @ 1:33am 
Hey everyone the update of the 1,04 version is done ! Enjoy <3
We add, map design of the funfair from Berezino, and the add of the check identity for know the name of the other players you meet (website name).
Ernesto Jun 30 @ 10:47am 
que onda ¿porque no se a actualizado el mod? si en la pagina oficial del juego tiene los pasos a seguir para acerlo por que no lo hacen.......
[.-kusekk-.] Jun 28 @ 11:39pm 
Mygoddessisbe Jun 28 @ 8:32pm 
Update 1.04 mod !!!!!!!!!!!!please!!!Update 1.04 mod !!!!!!!!!!!!please!!!:Heaveniscool:
Phaze-D Jun 28 @ 2:03pm 
Astate, si je desinstall et reinstall j'ai ptetre une chance d'esquver la maj?
f3riz3ro Jun 28 @ 12:43pm 
Update 1.04 mod
Update 1.04 mod
Update 1.04 mod
Update 1.04 mod
Update 1.04 mod
Update 1.04 mod
Update 1.04 mod
batterhuzhixin Jun 28 @ 2:50am 
Update 1.04 mod !!!!!!!!!!!!please!!!
[.-kusekk-.] Jun 27 @ 5:56am 
j'ai fait le con,d'avoir mis dayz à jour ,par ce fais, je ne peux rentrer dans le serveur.. patience... patience!