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Hatchet H-60 pack - Development Version
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May 18, 2019 @ 4:31pm
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Hatchet H-60 pack - Development Version

This is a work in progress. Please do not redistribute.
Early testing build of the H-60 Pack - not representative of the final product.

The Hatchet H-60 Pack is a helicopter pack that brings realistic H-60 series helicopters to Arma 3, using our custom made Hatchet Framework to add detailed interactive cockpits, we strive to bring the player's experience as close to a flight sim as possible.

Current release: v0.5.2 - ARCADE
CCFS (Counter Crew Fatigue System / Pong): This is a fully functional pong game integrated in to the MFDs.
The CCFS can only be used on the inboard MFDs (number 2 and 3).
The CCFS can be accessed from the PFD page, using the bezel key in the top right. The controls are your TAC map slew up and down controls. It can both be played against other human players, and against a rudimentary AI.

Integrated Vehicle Health Management System. This is a page with debug information inspired by the real blackhawk. It can be accessed through the action menu(if cockpit interaction breaks), or the PFD page through a top bezel key. It will show on all MFDs at the same time, as it overrides a lot of rendering code.
This does not add any in-game relevant capability to the blackhawk, but is used for bug reports.

Full function SFM Autopilot:
The flight director now works on standard flight model. On SFM it also gains the additional features of the IAS and HDG hold modes. AFM functionality remains unchanged.

Navigation Display:
An MFD page meant for navigating. It displays RWR, waypoints, and hover symbology. Display mode can be cycled through one of the top bezel keys. The right bezel keys allow waypoint cycling.

ESIS Boot sequence:
The ESIS on startup will now play a little boot sequence - no functionality changed

Engine Cowl Art:
Through the eden editor object properties, engine art can be selected, inspired by the 160th SOARs engine art in Mogadishu

MP Compatibility for waypoint cycling
There was previously a bug where if someone who isn't the group lead changes the selected waypoint, it'll reset after a couple seconds, this should be fixed now

The same engine simulation system as on the apache mod. Adds realistic engine readouts and torque limits to the helicopter. SFM+ takes helicopter weight in to account, meaning a fully loaded DAP will need a lot more handling care than an empty slick.

TAC Overhaul:
Improved maps for the map display
Improved iconography for blue force tracker
CTAB BFT integration - when using CTAB, your TAC map will show the same units visible on CTAB (other markers are not synced)

CTAB - JVMF Integration:
Any marker placed in CTAB(only tested on TF_Ghost_1_4_1 upload) will be sent to the JVMF system as a POSREP message, and as such waypoints can be created from it.

Minor Fixes:
- Rotor collision bug fixed
- General improvements to the MFD UIs
- Improvements to materials used
- EICAS page overhauled

Help and questions
We do not actively monitor the steam comments, if you have any questions about the mod you can reach us on our discord server