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Supreme Gaming Atlas 6x6
Mod collection for the Supreme Gaming Atlas 6x6 Server
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Custom Item Stacks
Created by Impulse
ModID: 1629667379
Unlockable Submarine
Created by andargor
Unlockable Submarine

This mod adds an extra skill in the Seamanship tree, with Expert Shipwright as prerequisite. It provides access to submarine building and driving, without having to defeat the Kraken. The submarine can be built in the dingh...
Peachy Ship Decor
Created by Peachycoaster
This mod was created for RolePlayers (RP) who want additional Decor and furniture. The majority of the items are already in the game I have just made them placeable. All items can be picked up and do not require foundations to place...
Total Ships
Created by WesterosRising
Mod ID: 1675801947 - Total Ships

Scope of Project: Total overhaul of the Atlas Ships:

New placeable items: -

Tiny Shipyard
Small Shipyard
Large Shipyard

Tiny Shipyard - will allow an amendment to the Dingy - which has no real practical in ga...
Total Structures
Created by WesterosRising
Mod ID 1743269809 - Total Structures
.Part of the "Total" Range of Mods, which include:

- Total Ships
- Total Sails
- Total Tames
- Total People
- Total Foresight

and the combination of the above (including Total Structures) to:
- Total Everyth...