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Brum's Stylemaster Monk Class
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Brum's Stylemaster Monk Class

The Monk is a master of Martial Arts, dedicated to shifting between different Combat Styles. Landing offensive Monk skills generates Ki, which is then consumed to enter a stance. Each different Style grants passive strengths and weaknesses, as well as allowing the Monk to use unique Style Attacks. Monks wield staves, including the newly-added Monk staves, which deal physical damage, scaling with Intelligence. By shifting from stance to stance, the Monk boasts a highly versatile skillset, heavy on utility. Effectively utilizing Ki requires proper cooldown management and constant aggression, making for a high-risk, high-reward playstyle.


Act 1: A basket of Monk skills can be found among the shipwreck on the beach at the start of Act 1, and a vendor can be found just to the right of the FJ Square Wayshrine.

Act 2: A vendor can be found just outside the tavern in Driftwood.

Act 3: A vendor can be found amongst the other Monks in the Elven Temple.

Act 4: The final vendor can be found just inside the market of Arx.


Level 1:

Disarm - Deliver a swift strike to an opponent's arm, knocking the weapon from their hand and dealing damage. Generates Ki.

Scorpion Strike - Deliver a precision blow to a target's vital organs, dealing damage and halving their speed. Generates Ki.

Mantis Style - Assume the precise stance of the Mantis, gaining Critical Chance, Wits, and Initiative, at the cost of physical resistance. Requires Ki.
Mantis Strike (When using Mantis Style) - Strike at a weak point in a target's armor, dealing piercing damage and reducing the target's physical and piercing resistance. Generates Ki.

Turtle Style - Assume the cautious stance of the Turtle, increasing Physical Armor, Magic Armor and Damage Resistances, but moving at half speed. Requires Ki.
Guarded Strike (When using Turtle Style) - Cautiously strike a foe, dealing physical damage based on the Monk's current Magic Armor. Generates Ki.

Level 4:

Flurry of Blows - Rapidly strike 5 times at a target, as well as all nearby enemies, each attack dealing damage based on weapon. Generates Ki.

Leg Sweep - Perform a low, sweeping attack with your staff, knocking down and damaging your target and other nearby enemies. Generates Ki.

Chi Touch - Channel your inner Chi to soothe the mind of a nearby ally (or yourself), healing them for and removing Charmed, Blinded, Deaf, Maddened, Enraged, Taunted and Feared.

Provoke - Call out and challenge an enemy, taunting them for 2 rounds.

Purity of Body - Consume Ki to remove negative bodily effects from the Monk. Removes Poisoned, Burning, Necrofire, Bleeding

Monkey Style - Assume the agile stance of the Monkey, dodge chance and move speed, as well as a short leap but dealing less damage. Requires Ki.
Simian Leap (When using Monkey Style) - Leap forward a short distance with the agility of the Monkey. Costs 0ap, 1 turn cooldown.

Boar Style - Assume the reckless stance of the Boar, dealing increased damage and increasing Maximum Vitality, but reducing Maximum Magic and Physical Armor by 100% and reducing accuracy. Requires Ki.
Gore (When using Boar Style) - Attack with a vicious strike causing the target to bleed and dealing damage, increased with higher Vitality. Generates Ki.

Drunken Master Style - Drink a special brew, taking on the haphazard stance of the Drunken Master. Recover 20% of Maximum Vitality and gain a heightened Drunk condition, increasing Dodge, Physical Resistance, and Luck, but reducing Initiave, Intelligence, and Accuracy. Requires Ki.
Keg Toss (When using Drunken Master Style) - Hurl a keg of beer at the target location, dealing physical damage, dousing flames, and intoxicating all targets in the center of the explosion.

Level 8:

Throat Crush - Deliver a powerful blow to a target's windpipe, dealing damage and silencing them. Generates Ki.

Blackout Strike - Bring your staff down on a target's skull, dealing significant damage and knocking them unconscious for 2 rounds. Generates Ki.

Keg Smash - Smash a small keg of highly potent brew at a nearby target, dealing damage, reducing their Fire Resistance, and setting Drunk.

Breath of Flames - Fill your moth with a highly-flammable brew, then ignite it in a cone of flames. Deals fire damage and sets burning.

Diamond Body (1SP) - Harness your inner Sourcery to harden your skin, granting 100% physical damage resistance and reflecting projectiles for 1 turn.

Swan Style - Assume the protective stance of the Swan, granting bonuses to Leadership and Accuracy, and attacking the first target to pass near the Monk, at the cost of Initiative and Maximum Vitality. Requires Ki.
Swan Dive (When using Swan Style) - Leap to a friendly target, increasing their Physical and Magic Armor.

--Hybrid Styles--

Bat Style (Warfare/Necro) - Assume the parasitic stance of the Bat, gaining Lifesteal and Critical Chance, and creating a puddle of blood at your feet, but blinding you if your Magic Armor is depleted. Requires Ki.
Diseased Fang (When using Bat Style) - Soak your staff in diseased blood before quickly striking out at a foe, dealing piercing damage and spreading the disease. Generates Ki.

Lotus Style (Warfare/Hydro) - Assume the calming stance of the Lotus Flower, increasing your Hydrosophist level, Magic Armor, and Water Resistance, but reducing Fire Resistance. Douses all nearby flames. Requires Ki.
Chi Wave (When using Lotus Style) - Channel your inner Chi energy to heal all nearby allies.

Dragon Style (Warfare/Pyro) - Assume the fiery stance of the Dragon, gaining a bonus to Pyrokinetic and Fire Resistance, at the cost of Water Resistance. Ignites or melts all nearby surfaces. Requires Ki.
Explosive Punch (When using Dragon Style) - Strike an enemy with explosive force, dealing fire damage to the target and all characters in a 4m radius. Generates Ki.

Storm Style (Warfare/Aero) - Assume the thunderous stance of the Storm, increasing Aerothurge, Initiative, and Air Resistance, at the cost of Earth Resistance. Requires Ki.
Thunderous Blast (When using Storm Style) - Strike the ground with potent electrical energy, blasting a cone of thunder, damaging all characters in a cone.

Style of the Iron Mountain (Warfare/Geo) - Assume the resilient stance of the Iron Mountain, increasing Geomancer, Physical Armor, and Earth Resistance, at the cost of Air Resistance. Creates an oil surface beneath the Monk. Requires Ki.
Oil Transfusion (When using Style of the Iron Mountain) - Consume nearby Oil surfaces to restore and increase Vitality, as well as granting Piercing Resistance. The oil in your veins grants immunity to Slowed and Shocked.

Level 12:

Relentless Assault (2SP) - Quickly dash between up to 5 targets in a large radius, damaging and dazing them with ludicrous speed.

Level 15:

Touch of Death (2SP) - Channel volatile Chi energy and touch a character, dealing Pure Damage and attempting to execute the target. If the target dies they explode, dealing pure damage and executing all nearby enemies below 25% Vitality.

Phoenix Style (3SP) - Assume the legendary stance of the Phoenix, gaining Fire Immunity, AP Recovery and Initiative, increasing damage dealt by 25%, while igniting all nearby surfaces and enemies. Requires Ki.
Sacrificial Rebirth (When using Phoenix Style) - Sacrifice your own life to fully heal all nearby allies.

Photo credit to Blizzard Entertainment and Bandai Namco.
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SnickeringSnaussages Feb 1 @ 12:03pm 
I figured it out,
SnickeringSnaussages Feb 1 @ 5:36am 
Hello, this is my first mod for this game. I downloaded it and started a new game, but I do not see this preset when I do custom character. What should I do?

Thanks, Snick
classicwowftw Jul 28, 2022 @ 10:00am 
Any chance you could make finesse scaling staff option? I'm wanting to use this mod alongside the monk class from feenex's battlepack. Having Int scaling staff along side warfare and scoundrel scaling skills makes building weird
iWisd0m Aug 9, 2021 @ 11:15pm 
If this mod affect other monk classes or no?
k1ttensausage Feb 24, 2021 @ 2:39am 
Love the mod, but i'm wondering if you have any plans to add any unarmed options... maybe invisible fist weapons?
Brum  [author] Jan 26, 2021 @ 10:54pm 
The Monk staves are treated as a separate weapon type, so they won't be affected.
katanainfinate00 Jan 26, 2021 @ 8:10pm 
i'm using a mod that makes magic staffs attack at range, will your monk staffs be affected by this or work normally?
Brum  [author] Dec 17, 2020 @ 11:17pm 
Thank you! Sorry for the late reply. The damage build we were talking about relies on using Mantis Style in conjunction with other crit-boosting abilities to exceed 100% crit, then hitting Mantis Strike to reduce target's physical resistances and then following it up with something like Flurry of Blows for 5 crits to delete an enemy. Like a lot of the potential builds with this class, it takes time to ramp up, but when it comes online you can deal outrageous damage.

I believe you unlock the hybrid stances at level 9, though I could be off; it's been a while since I revisited this unfortunately.
Askia Dec 7, 2020 @ 8:09am 
I love this mod, thank you! Any tips on how to do the damage build that you and Downpick were talking about? Also, when do you unlock the hybrid forms? I have an Airbender-esque idea utilizing Odinblades Aerothurge mod with Windweaver skills. Basically wip around the battlefield with wind abilities to get in and attack in Mantis Style.

My only critique is that I wish it didn't cost chi to enter a form, but the form ability cost chi. It's a little tedious to run all the way to an opponent and attack them just to enter your first form.
Brum  [author] Sep 8, 2020 @ 10:09am 
The monk's abilities actually all scale with the stat of their equipped weapon (a la warfare skills), and have a requirement of using a staff, meaning monks are (by design) locked into an intelligence build, as there are a lot of strong defensive abilities included with this class, and light/no armor is a staple of the various Monks I built this after. I can potentially do a less-restrictive patch for those unconcerned with overtuning, but it'll likely be some time because I do not currently have access to my original mod files. I'd also like to fix the first vendor's dialogue, and fix one ability that's accidentally scaling with strength.