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Your friend request will be ignored if you don't comment; end of story, Read below:
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It has come to my attention I am now being inpersonated, this is the only account I do trading with, please keep reading how to know it's the real me:
:medicon: Level 160 on steam, 500+ games, 5 years of service
:medicon: I will not ask for your items if we're not doing business
:medicon: My inventory will always be public
:medicon: Steam Awards Lvl 150+ on my badge showcase; this will always be my showcase badge. (to remind me of sale badges are a mistake...)
:medicon: my vanity URL will always be https://steamcommunity.com/id/13371994101/

IMPORANT: Rules and Conditions for adding me and keeping me on your friends list (Don't add me without reading this!)
If I seemed to randomly remove you, it's because you didn't read this and if you get angry it's your problem not mine.

:f2_key: TRADE BUTTON :cleankey:
:crate: My Backpack [backpack.tf]:crate:
Q&A Because of limited space here
:GoldenG: Proud member of Goldendudes! :GoldenG:
:GoldenM: Steam Representative of the Mugen Free For All [mugenfreeforall.com]:GoldenM:

:f2_sad:I cannot stress this enough::2016whoadude: PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT WHY YOUR ADDING ME :2016whoadude:. Random invites without reason annoys the crap out of me;

WHO AM I? :ZAT_Relic:
Hello visitor, I am Captain Russia.
I'm a PC user who is quite the enthusiast for a number of games. I have dabbled with the MUGEN fighting engine and also used GameMaker 7.0 and 8.0 for many years.
As of a year ago I am now into lua scripting. And playing games alot more too.
I am a trader in the TF2 market, see items showcase for what I have, feel free to offer.
(Before you ask: I SUCK at the game, so don't think I'm good because I have swag.)

Status Info: :xp:
:PointingArrow: ONLINE : Usually watching videos, feel free to message me.
:PointingArrow: AWAY : Gone afk, don't expect me to reply while away.
:PointingArrow: BUSY : I don't feel like being disturbed.
:PointingArrow: INGAME : Normally the same as online; expect slower responses.
:PointingArrow: OFFLINE : What do you think it means?

If I don't reply while online or ingame, it's because I am either sleeping or afk and didn't change my settings. (This happens quite alot)

I was once weak, now I'm strong, your the weak one now 1up...
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  Oh hey, I think you missed the part about leaving a comment before adding me, this goes for traders too, I would GREATLY appreciate it, thx.

The endless space collections are 2 keys each (TF2 keys)
Every item on page 20-24 of my backpack is NOT FOR SALE unless listed, tagged green or untagged, or your offering highly above BP price. Every thing is for sale if the price is right; offer away ;)
I can sell my items though marketplace.tf OR Steam Community Market, if you cover the fees (10% on marketplace.tf, 15% on SCM)

If your paying with unusuals you need to overpay, the price is in pure not in BP value. In case of taunts it's even less (I'll value taunts at what they are selling for or if their BP price is recent; which ever is lower), and even then I'll value even lower, like 25% of this value meaning you'd need to overpay with those even more.

:PointingArrow:I don't need to be online to leave an offer, I will get back to you when I am able.
:PointingArrow:No rediculous demands!
:PointingArrow:Only steam items, off site items (Bundle Keys eg) I will not accept!
:PointingArrow:I WILL NOT buy/give you something for free, this counts as begging mentioned above. (I may spend money on friends who have earned my trust however, but I will not buy something if asked)
:PointingArrow: Exceptions for close friends, but the trust must be earned.

Page details:

21: my 1-1 collection!
22: items I consider above bar, like my own unboxed items I kept, skins I like, and sedimentals.
23: my trophy room.
24: pretty much a storage page for NOT FOR SALE-EVER items.

:crate:Notable Loot Moments:crate::cleankey:

4/24/17: First Elite Unboxed (Bat Saber)
7/17/17: First Australium obtained (Force-A-Nature, traded my Bat Saber for it)
11/1/17: First Unusual Unboxed!!! (Noble Ammassment of Hats /w Death at Dusk)
11/5/17: First Strange Decerated Weapon and Commando Grade Weapon
3/14/18: Second Unusual Unboxed (Brain-Warming Wear /w Stormy Storm)
4/1/18: Third Unusual Unboxed (Jojo Hat /w Terror watt)
9/19/18: Fourth Unusual Unboxed (Isotope Macow Masked FT)

effects owned: (🇬🇬 unboxed it)
B.Flames (2)
Peace Sign
TF Logo (2)
Haunted Ghosts
Massed Flies
Stormy Storm 🇬🇬
Terror-Watt 🇬🇬
Miami Nights
Isotope 🇬🇬

F.Lantern (3)
13th hour
Hellfire (2)
Demonflame (2)
(purple one cannot spell name)
SS Slumber
D@D 🇬🇬
Morning Glory
Frostbite (2)
E Hat Protector (2)
Energy Orb
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Achievement Showcase
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Since I posted my shogun and how I take screenshots of ALL trades I do, why not post my newest 1-1 additions as well?

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zxfyer Sep 22 @ 8:42pm 
And why would I add you?
You begging me for items and being generally annoying. Your lucky I havn't blocked you.
zxfyer Sep 22 @ 8:33pm 
zxfyer Sep 22 @ 8:33pm 
zxfyer Sep 22 @ 8:32pm 
add me
>:FrozenDragon:< Sep 12 @ 2:27am 
Impersonator who claims to be your discussion account https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198236330690/