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Pyria: The Second Chapter
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May 6, 2019 @ 9:24pm
Apr 16 @ 10:51am
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Pyria: The Second Chapter

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Welcome to the second chapter of your adventure in Pyria: Mythos Evolved!

Latest Major Version:
-Integrety and stability update. Content and maintenance update per request of friend.

Continue your adventure into Pyria with the mod's “DLC” new beings and creatures from Pyria's lore await as more old enemies and legendary allies re-emerge from the past and fill your world.

Much of this mod will be built in line to how things are running on the mod's official server network, with things added as such.

However, that does not mean this is just for the official network!

This mod is for any pyria fan who wants to experience more of Pyria and it's lore. I broke the mod into two mods so that those who don't have the space for it, or dont want to take up the space, etc. This is all added, bonus content that requires the base Pyria: Mythos Evolved to use.

Remember to check the Beastiary discussion for controls!

Mod ID: 1734595558

Bestiary (controls & creature info)

Spawn Codes

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Mod mentor, true great friend.

-Scanova the Carnotaurus
Mod community manager and official biologist

Mod Official Artist

Mod Official Composer

-Fresonis, everynightxRIOT, Syntac, RePuG, ThatGermanGuy
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-Mod Canon developers/lore developers
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Chosen one
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Lavender 10 hours ago 
i found this one wyerm from this mod, and i cant open ist inventory to tame it, please help :(
SuperLain 15 hours ago 
Nixtut right. After the last update, the game began to crash precisely because of this mod.I had to delete CKFR.
Nixtut Apr 16 @ 10:18am 
Hey there! IDK if it is a part 1 or part 2 issue but I did a cycle through mods in the last update. I just wanted to let everyone know that if it crashes on you, it might be because of CKFR. I can get into the other servers just fine, but the one with CKFR will not load, it crashes upon loading in .
Shazadi spielt! Mar 31 @ 12:19pm 
Wo ist das Beastiary? Danke und Gruß!
TLIM Mar 22 @ 7:21pm 
guys like taking the passive escadora ????
Borsch Mar 4 @ 4:26pm 
if you have 2 pyria mods mixed up then youcan have a Lesser Titan
Mousey Mar 1 @ 11:14am 
what do i do with an everlast drallion gem?
werner-pati Feb 12 @ 6:04am 
ich meinte die risen schlange die mit fier augen hatt
werner-pati Feb 5 @ 10:41am 
welchen spawn commant istder die riesen schlange
Destroyer1250 Jan 30 @ 4:08am 
What about item codes?