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Ancient Rim - core
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May 6, 2019 @ 8:57am
Mar 15, 2020 @ 4:40am
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Ancient Rim - core

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Ancient Rim
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Ancient Rim is a mod series which expands the cultural and technological timeline beyond the vanilla neolithic, industrial and space stages.
The Core mod keeps all shared content of the other mods of the series, like research projects, work stations and apparel.

In the Core mod you'll find following content:
Metals: Iron, copper and bronze as they were some of the most important metals from until and during the Middle Ages.
Work stations: A fueled smelter to process these metals and a tailoring bench for your historical fashion needs
Weapons: a lance and a curved sword named falx
Shields: the famous Pelte shield originating from Paeonia and Thrace
Apparel: Armor, hats and capes that were widely used in the ancient world.
An entire new research tree featuring metal processing, armor crafting or cultural expansion

I haven't tested the mod much for compatibility issues with other mods but Ancient Rim supports fuel for its crafting stations from Medieval Times and Rice Cultivating Civilization. If you need more compatibilities let me know.

Nearly everything of the mod series content is made by myself but I've still have to give credits:
Jecrell for creating JecsTools and making complex apparel shaders a thing
Kubouch for creating and Syrchalis for updating the Universal Fermenter framework
cera13 for the vegetable box texture
Marnador for his RimWorld font
Flubbl3 for taking care of grammatical correctness


Most of the items shown in the pictures, that are white, will get the colour of their materials in game.The contents of this mod may be very unbalanced and I might change this more or less often. Also my mods are still under construction.English isn't my first language so I ask you to forgive any grammatical mistakes. If you can, correct me, please.
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how does copper work? I have a fueled smelter but i cant do anything with the copper ive collected and when i try to lay power lines it says i need a different kind of copper
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Made an update of this:
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Earl of Wessex Dec 4, 2020 @ 1:12am 
If you could update this, it would be grand! Thank you!
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Hee man could you make this compatible with HCSK if you ever update https://github.com/skyarkhangel/Hardcore-SK .
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update hombre
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Someone please update to 1.2 :/
Zer0 Aug 28, 2020 @ 3:40am 
It seems to work but, it's not populating into the world for me. Tried the game for 2 days and there was some crashes but not sure if it was this mod as i had to force quit or let it catch up. Rimworld asks to add colonies during game play and the messages says error.