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Mortar Accuracy
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May 1, 2019 @ 6:13pm
Aug 25 @ 8:33pm
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Mortar Accuracy

Incompatible with Combat Extended mod!

~~NEW Added option for leading moving targets, translations, and shooting mortars learns Shooting/Intellectual skill

Tired of never using those Antigrain warheads because a Colonist is going to miss wildly? Now your colonists can put their science skills to use and calculate accurate mortar shots!

Github version here[github.com]

A collection of options to make mortars more/less accurate. Customizable in the Mod Settings menu. These changes affect all mortar shots, including enemy mortars. Changes include:
  • Lead moving targets!
  • Weather: Mortar accuracy is affected by weather and time of day (in vanilla, mortar shots rarely are affected by weather)
  • Colonist Skill: Mortar accuracy is affected by colonist Intellectual and/or Shooting skill (in vanilla, skill makes no difference)
  • Cover Miss Chance Removed: Mortars no longer have a chance to miss due to cover surrounding the target (in vanilla, target's cover causes missed shots)
  • Accuracy preview shows the accuracy radius with the current colonist/weather conditions and settings (in Mod Settings can revert to showing blast radius instead)
  • Can customize how much high-skill colonists can improve mortar accuracy, and how much low-skill colonists hurt accuracy
By default, a colonist with maximum skill will improve a mortar's accuracy by 75%. A colonist with no skill will affect a mortar's accuracy by -40% of it's normal value. These values can be changed in Mod Settings (can set all skill-levels to have 100% perfect accuracy if desired)

Saved Games and Compatibility
Can be freely added/removed from saved games. Works with most modded mortars (anything that doesn't require line of sight is likely affected)
Verified/custom support for:
[WD] Expanded Artillery: Accuracy affects new mortars and cannons
More Vanilla Turrets 1.0: Accuracy affects manned rocket turret, manned blast charge turret, and devastator mortar
Kaiser Armory

Known Issues
Vanilla Furniture Extended - Security on Rimworld Unable to place catapult or rocket launcher buildings.
Combat Extended: Incompatible! Patch is unlikely with CE being such a large overhaul. CE does have their own mortar accuracy mechanics though with spotting binoculars
[XND] TE Turret Expansion: This mod also affects mortar accuracy so it is likely that whatever mod is higher in your load order will be overwritten.

99% sure this works in multiplayer, but I have yet to test it (all clients will need the same Mod Settings)

Future Plans
  • Add option to use best of selected skills (Shooting or Intellectual) instead of using average
  • Show UI circle of targeted tile adjusted for leading moving targets
  • Option for Shooting skill to improve mortar reload time
  • Option for AI select best pawn for mortar duty
  • Whatever people suggest that sounds fun

English, Russian, Chinese Simplified, and Spanish (Latin American) supported.
If you'd like to contribute to a translation, the file path is below. You can copy the file, edit the text, and send me a link to include it in the next update!
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\294100\1729446857\Languages\English\Keyed\Keys.xml

Change log
August 2020: Added support for Rimworld 1.2. Reduced learning rate by 50% Mar 16: Added Spanish translation, updated Spanish (Latin) (thanks to 7f45k on GitHub!) Feb 21: Added support for Rimworld 1.1 June 24: Automatically lead moving targets (factors in projectile speed, target speed, target's path)! Also shooting mortars learns Shooting/Intellectual skill June 18: Added support for all modded mortars June 7: Added Chinese Simplified (thanks to HawnHan!) May 7: Added UI outline showing accuracy radius instead of blast radius May 6: Added Russian (thanks Ninja Kitten!) and Spanish translations May 3: Weather now affects mortar accuracy (separately from skill, so even highest skill colonists will still have difficulty shooting in the rain). Added More Vanilla Turrets and [WD] Expanded Artillery support May 1: Initial upload

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Sep 29 @ 11:55am
Github Update
< >
Wolfette Oct 21 @ 10:26pm 
So any idea why the catapult and rocket (turret?) can't be placed when using Vanilla Expanded Security?
Hob Took  [author] Oct 6 @ 8:28pm 
@Selmephren There is no hotkey at the moment, but you can toggle the AOE indicator in the Mod Settings page
Selmephren Oct 5 @ 8:45pm 
Is there a hotkey or something to switch between showing the shells area of effect and the targeting area?
NcRaiders Sep 21 @ 2:06pm 
I have found a mod that seems to throw an error when loaded with this mod. It seems to not be able to patch the mortars/cannons in the Not Only just a cannon mod. Below is the msg that appears in my logs whenever i load the game with both mods enabled.

[Not Only just a cannon] Patch operation Verse.PatchOperationFindMod(Mortar Accuracy) failed
file: E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\workshop\content\294100\1916213168\1.2\Patches\Patch_MA.xml
CrazyOatmeal Sep 21 @ 9:23am 
This mod is causing VFE: Security to throw null pointers while placing a rocket turret since 1.1. Is there anything you can do?


Log in pastebin

Hob Took  [author] Sep 15 @ 5:39pm 
If both skills are selected, they are averaged together e.g. Intellect 20 + Shooting 10 = a colonist who has a mortar skill of 15. Also, the XP awarded for operating the mortar is split between the two skills.
pgames-food Sep 15 @ 5:06pm 
hi i think it depends on mod settings
Jeriko06 Sep 15 @ 9:09am 
Does shooting and intellect affect accuracy at the same time or does the higher of the two skills dominate?
Hob Took  [author] Sep 14 @ 4:46pm 
@LarryLazerSkates Main Menu > Options > Mod Settings > Mortar Accuracy will have several checkboxes/sliders available to customize.

@Vaeringjar Likely, yes. To verify if this mod affects accuracy for a specific launcher, select the launcher and attempt to Set Forced Target. Check what the accuracy radius preview looks like. Then, assign a Colonist to the launcher. Set Forced Target again and see if the accuracy radius has been affected. If it has changed, then this mod is affecting the accuracy.

@NorthRaider123 I have updated the incompatible list. Mortar Accuracy is unfortunately incompatible with Vanilla Furniture Extended - Security regardless of what version it is.
LarryLazerSkates Sep 12 @ 10:02pm 
Hi! Where do I find where I can adjust the mod settings?