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Rocket League - Rocket Pass 3.
The Rocket Pass 3 - Rocket League.
With Rocket Pass 3 just around the corner, we wanted to let you know what to expect on April 17. Along with an entirely new line of Free and Premium items unique to this Rocket Pass, Weekly Challenges are also being added to the mix. These Challenges will allow players to Tier Up even faster. Before you eagerly take the field on day one, here is everything you need to know about Rocket Pass 3 and Weekly Challenges.

Weekly Challenges will go live on the first day of Rocket Pass 3, and will add a new way to climb Tiers. Specifically, Tiers are now gained with a new Rocket League reward system, known as "Tier Points." Tier Points are earned by completing Challenges but they're also earned by gaining XP after Online Matches, similar to how it worked in Rocket Pass 1 and 2.

How does it work together now? Well, in Rocket Pass 3, each Tier requires 10 Tier Points to advance to the next Tier. Challenges will be worth three, five, and eight Tier Points depending on the difficulty of the Challenge. In addition to the Tier Points you gain from completing Weekly Challenges, you can also Tier-Up from XP as mentioned above. Every time you gain an XP level, you'll receive 10 Tier Points.

Weekly Challenges must be completed during the week in which they are active. They will expire once new Challenges become active during the following week. Rocket Pass 3 will still track your progress for Premium Weekly Challenges even if you have not purchased Rocket Pass Premium, but you will only receive the Tier Points from Premium Challenges once Rocket Pass Premium has been purchased. If you purchase Rocket Pass Premium late into Rocket Pass 3, you will receive the Tier Points from completed Premium Challenges in expired weeks. However, you will not be able to complete uncompleted Challenges once they expire.

The Challenge list will refresh each Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. PDT (5:00 p.m. UTC) throughout Rocket Pass 3. Check out a sneak peek at the Challenge Menu and the Weekly Challenges from Week 1 in the screenshot below.

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Rocket Pass 3 Trailer.

Premium items.














New items - Changes/Updates.
Rocket Pass 3 will feature 20+ items in the Free track, and 50+ additional items in the Rocket Pass Premium Track, including the all-new Guardian Battle-Car. Plus, there are Decryptors to earn on the Free track and a total of 10 Keys in Rocket Pass Premium.

The Pro Tiers are back! Pro Tiers (i.e. past Tier 70) will grant Painted items from Rocket Pass 3, and will have a chance of being Certified or Special Edition. As always, rewards earned from the Pro Tiers in Rocket Pass 3 are tradable.

Changes and updates.
Rocket Pass Challenges.

- Challenges are a new way to unlock Tiers in Rocket Pass and the Rocket Pass Premium Upgrade.

- Select ‘Rocket Pass’ from the Main Menu, then select the ‘Challenges’ Tab in the upper-left corner.

- Each Challenge is worth three, five, or eight ‘Tier Points’.

- Earning ten Tier Points by completing Challenges will unlock your next Rocket Pass Tier.

- Earning a new level via the progression system is worth now worth ten Tier Points.

- When Rocket Pass is active, three new Challenges are added every Wednesday at 10 AM a.m. PDT / 5 p.m. UTC.
- An additional three Challenges (six total) are available to players with the Premium Upgrade.

- Challenges must be completed within their week-long period.

- If you purchase the Premium Upgrade more than one week after a Rocket Pass is released, you will earn Tier Points for completed Premium Challenges, so long as their requirements were completed during their original week-long period.
Rocket Pass 3.

Rocket Pass 3
Rocket Pass 3 begins on April 17 at 10 AM a.m. PDT / 5 p.m. UTC

Esports Shop
- Customization Items are now available via the new Esports Shop
- Select ‘Shop’ from the Main Menu, then select ‘Esports Shop’
- Items in the Esports Shop can be purchased with Esports Tokens
- Esports Tokens can be purchased with your local currency, and cannot be purchased with Keys
- Esports Store items are available in time-limited intervals
- Each item will have a timer located below the preview thumbnail in the Esports Store

- New Antennas are now available in the ‘Monstercat’ folder:
- ‘Notaker’
Tiers - Challenges.

If you prefer bullet points, here's the TL;DR version of Rocket Pass 3 and Weekly Challenges:

- Rocket Pass Premium for Rocket Pass 3 is the same price as previous Rocket Passes (10 Keys).

- Rocket Pass 3 will have both Free and Premium Tiers, just like Rocket Pass 1 and 2.

- Rocket Pass 3 will have Weekly Challenges for both Free and Premium tracks.

- The Free track will have three Weekly Challenges and those with Rocket Pass Premium will get three additional Weekly Challenges.

- Challenges expire each Wednesday at 10 a.m. PDT (5:00 p.m. UTC) during Rocket Pass 3, and new challenges will become active at that time.

- Weekly Challenges must be completed within their active week.

- You cannot go back and complete expired challenges once their week has passed.

- If you purchase Rocket Pass Premium in a later week during the Rocket Pass 3, you will receive Tier Points for completed Challenges from previous weeks.
The Headlines.
- New Customization Items are now available via Esports Shop
- Replay FX: You can now create and edit screenshots while viewing Replays
- HDR support has been added to PS4, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One S
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