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Javelin Improved - v2.5.31
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Javelin Improved - v2.5.31

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Description of Mod

Mod id: 1701136207


Please direct questions, comments, concerns, feedback, and bug reports to our Discord. All documentation is also only found on Discord due to Steam Trolls. The Discord link is the button below.


Javelin Improved is a mod that focuses on improving melee combat with 1 handed spears, across the board. Javelins have been given unique combos, along with vastly improved throwing mechanics. Hasta weapons (non throwing 1 handed spears) have also been added with their own unique combos.

This mod is balanced for vanilla gameplay, both PvP and PvE. I've worked with the PvP community to be as fair to balance as I can manage in that regard. Balance is always subject to change as Funcom make their own changes to the combat systems and weapons of the game.

Highlight Breakdown
  • Combo's completely changed when using Javelin's with Shield's or Throwing Axes.

    Note: In order to throw the Javelin still, you will need to un-equip the Shield or Off-Hand Axe.

  • Throwing the Javelin is now a charged attack! It works just like when using the Bow and charging your attack with right mouse button. It also no longer uses ammunition, but costs a percentage of durability for each throw.

  • Added several more Javelins for players to use while leveling.

  • Added a new Hasta weapon class with it's own unique combat rotations.

  • Added Offhand Javelins. Great for combining with other Javelins or the Hasta for AoE focused attacks.

  • Special moves added for all variations of Javelins and Hastas! Deadly 6 Step Combos if you perform the right key sequence!

  • Added new Shields.

  • Blunted Javelins and Hasta combat for knocking out human NPC's is a blast and much more fun then the boring Truncheon. Comes in variants of iron, star metal, and legendary.

  • Over 60 new Legendaries for Javelins, Hastas, Offhand Javelins, and Shields.

  • Able to use both Javelin's and Hasta's in melee combat while on a Mount (can't do anything at all in Vanilla).

  • A unique Spear Research Bench to help you find feats for weapons found in this mod.

Javelin Improved - Guide

For a full breakdown of every item in this mod, please visit the discord for available documentation.

Blacksmith and Armorer Followers

A note about Blacksmiths and Armorer's found in this mod:

Blacksmiths and Armorer's in this mod provide crafting recipes for nearly all Legendary weapons found in the mod. With a good amount of Star Metal and Tablets of Power, this will offer an alternative way to get any Legendary weapon found in this mod (instead of relying on only rare loot drops). Each recipe requires the appropriate feat to unlock, along with finding Tier 4 Javelin Improved Blacksmiths or Armorsmiths.

Mod Load Order

Load Order
  • Pippi
  • Any mod that makes changes to Javelin style combat (Exile Lands Improved, Beyond the Forge, Warrior Mutator, etc).
  • Javelin Improved

  • Q: Does this work on the Exile Lands and on Siptah? How about modded maps?

    Yes! It works on any map you want to play on. Every weapon found in the mod has been turned into a craftable. So long as their prereq is found on the chosen map, you can craft the Legendary's found in this mod. Every Legendary knowledge point or recipe is attached to a Exile Lands/Siptah counterpart.

    For modded maps, this means that as so long as the mod creator set up their various loot tables to use what's already found in the game (such as what the Savage Wilds map does), you'll be able to access the Legendaries from the mod too. I am unable to customize the mod for modded maps otherwise, and will only ensure full accessibility for Exile Lands and Siptah (and any future official maps should they be released) as appropriate.

  • Q: Do you have a guide on where to find all the weapons and their stats?

    Yes, the link can be found on the BBB discord (invite link is at the top of this page). However the guide is currently very out of date.

Other Mods
  • Fashionist

    Javelin Improved does display its weapons on the back of the character in vanilla (and on the hip for the shortened offhand Javelins). However, Fashionist has custom slots where the weapons look a lot better when unequipped then they do in Vanilla (courtesy of Testerle, mod creator for Fashionist). While Fashionist isn't a "required" mod, it is extremely recommended for this reason!

  • Pythagoras: Expanded Building (PEB)

    PEB offers several unique weapon display racks, with more to come in future updates. These work great for displaying the weapons found in this mod! Most importantly, they also work with the vanilla Illusion system.

Update Policy
  • I will update my mods on my terms and my terms alone. If you don't like my update schedule, don't use the mods.

  • Mismatch errors are not the fault of mod creators. If you need help understanding this concept, visit the discord.

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