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British Rail Class 313
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Mar 28 @ 8:17pm
Apr 3 @ 7:07pm
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British Rail Class 313

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British Rail Class 313 original livery

By Danny T & Andrew

Construction date - 1976 - 1986
Capacity - 232 Passengers (58) > bigger seating capacity then Southern's 49
Power - 656 kW (880 hp)
Top Speed - 75 mph (121 km/h)
Train Length - 60.83 m (199 ft 6 7⁄8 in)
Electric Systems - 25 kV 50 Hz AC Overhead, 750 V DC 3rd rail

Get Southern livery here

Alternative features:
* dimmer front & rear lights
* smaller boarding lights
* will NOT flip at terminal stations
* additional first person views via page-up and page-down keys
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DannyT  [author] Mar 31 @ 2:58am 
[update] Fixed X-ray vision see through problems with first person views
Malevolti Mar 30 @ 6:41pm 
@babylon, you won't be substituting forever :)
Weebish Gunner Mar 30 @ 6:34pm 
Excellent stuff, thanks a lot.
KIERAN PSYV Mar 30 @ 3:50am 
DannyT  [author] Mar 30 @ 3:16am 
* Fixed rear white light still lighting up
* Added rear cab fpv
* Fixed train power ratings
* Fixed some minor graphical issues
DannyT  [author] Mar 30 @ 2:13am 
Thank you for your feedback ! Will try to see if I can fix those with other minor issues as well !
Autocoach Mar 30 @ 1:30am 
A couple of things that I can see

Power - 656 kW (880 hp) is correct but you appear to have applied this to both motor coaches when it is the total power of the train so this mod has double the power.

When travelling backwards there is no 'vanilla' cab view facing forwards and I have to say that the views provided when going backwards are not to my taste.

Looks good though
babylon218 Mar 29 @ 6:06pm 
Already the 3rd most popular mod this week. Congrats. Can't wait the use this in my game. Will work well substituting for class 315s and 317s on my GEML and WAML routes.
mt120784 Mar 29 @ 4:12pm 
Always excited to see more "modern" UK trains arriving to the game, especially ones of this high quality, awesome work!
DannyT  [author] Mar 29 @ 1:43pm 
Thank you for your positive comments guys ! Greatly appreciated !

Also sorry for the delay. At first I decided to build the mod with multiple liveries an all-in-one mod but looking at other British mod releases I have decided against that, in the process I messed up the organisation of the work file making it harder to carry over the same features which were already on the existing mod...

Now all other liveries in the future will be standalone mods requiring no prerequisite mods !