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British Rail Class 313
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British Rail Class 313

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British Rail Class 313 original livery

By Danny T & Andrew

Construction date - 1976 - 1986
Capacity - 232 Passengers (58) > bigger seating capacity then Southern's 49
Power - 656 kW (880 hp)
Top Speed - 75 mph (121 km/h)
Train Length - 60.83 m (199 ft 6 7⁄8 in)
Electric Systems - 25 kV 50 Hz AC Overhead, 750 V DC 3rd rail

Get Southern livery here

Alternative features:
* dimmer front & rear lights
* smaller boarding lights
* will NOT flip at terminal stations
* additional first person views via page-up and page-down keys
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22 opmerkingen
KIERAN PSYV 14 mei om 6:23 
i know its a bit much to ask for but is there any chance we will see more liveries ie Network Rail ,
First capital connect Or Greater anglia?
ed 4 mei om 3:17 
For the era here there's not a great deal of difference structurally or with the interior. I would make two versions so as to represent the renovation that occurred in ~2003 with the newer interior. Happy to put them by you for QC before they are released into the wild. I use Blender for CG, but have never modded TF and this is the one thing I would do. But it is not always the necessary to reinvent the wheel.
DannyT  [auteur] 3 mei om 14:30 
I was told Merseyrail is using class 507 / 508, if there are structural difference, you reckon you could adjust those yourself ? Like to keep trains accurate !
ed 3 mei om 13:45 
I'd love to mod this to third rail Merseyrail if you'd let me.
DannyT  [auteur] 31 mrt om 2:58 
[update] Fixed X-ray vision see through problems with first person views
Malevolti 30 mrt om 18:41 
@babylon, you won't be substituting forever :)
Weebish Gunner 30 mrt om 18:34 
Excellent stuff, thanks a lot.
KIERAN PSYV 30 mrt om 3:50 
DannyT  [auteur] 30 mrt om 3:16 
* Fixed rear white light still lighting up
* Added rear cab fpv
* Fixed train power ratings
* Fixed some minor graphical issues
DannyT  [auteur] 30 mrt om 2:13 
Thank you for your feedback ! Will try to see if I can fix those with other minor issues as well !