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Cargo Generator - Industry DLC
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Cargo Generator - Industry DLC

Generators of cargo from Industry DLC

This mod is for those who play with the “Industry DLC” add-on from TGR Studio, and it works the same as the original Generator - allows you to generate a different number of any cargo at any place on the map. Just choose type of cargo, amount of demand per YEAR, and plop generator in preffered place - and the cargo will always spawn there. Generators will help you solve one major problem of Industry DLC - production drops. Now everyone who has this problem can compensate the lack of cargo with the help of generators. Consider that the generator will not affect the level of development or production of the factory itself - it will only produce additional cargo. Thus, your lines will no longer be empty and unprofitable, it is possible to create a stable supply of raw materials to factories or finished goods in the cities.

Mod can be found in "Track assets" menu, in "Tools" category.

This mod is needed only by those who use Industry DLC - it will not work without DLC and will lead to the game crash! Mod contains only cargo from the Industry DLC! If you are looking for a generator for standard cargo from the original game - check here:

If you want to have generators for all cargo, both standard and from DLC - subscribe to both mods!

Features of the mod:
1) You need to plop generators near the road, just like buildings spawns. Also you can plop it ON the road, or on the station. But not in the middle of nowhere. Magnet need connection to road system, by which cargo moves.
2) Generator can be destroyed at any time, also it can be upgraded to any size or cargo type.
3) However, mod can not be removed from savegame until you remove all generators from map. Just keep in mind.
4) In order for the generator to work, it must be connected by a transport line to any consumer of the cargo: industry, city or relevant cargo magnet. Generators will not produce loads "to nowhere".
5) Please note, that it takes a few month before magnet will "make order" and cargo will start to spawn on appropriate industries. And a few years (!) before production becomes stable. It`s game mechanics, you know.
6) In the later stages of the game, when there is a lot of transport, cargo and people on the map - when you trying to build, upgrade or demolish generator, the game can slow down and lag. Just wait until the game resumes.

Based on my personal results of the tests, the mod does not affect stability of the game, and does not conflict with other mods (including Cargo Magnets and the original Generator). In case of errors and bugs - write in comments. Have a good game and big profits!
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Max Well  [author] Apr 6 @ 5:25am 
@masneoquil, hello. This cargo named "Filings". Name of the cargo I took from the Industry DLC.
masneoquil Apr 5 @ 8:40pm 
Hi Max
I'dont know if its me or what? But I can't find Woodpowder nor in this mod or the vanilla one.
Is it possible?
Thanks for a great mod!!!
Max Well  [author] Mar 23 @ 11:09am 
@GodUndead_YT, любопытно... Попробуем-ка разобраться. Если не переключать со "старых", а сразу включить "новые", тогда вылетает? И есть ли какой-то текст ошибки?
GodUndead_YT Mar 23 @ 9:12am 
У меня почти как у половины пользователей новой индустрии получилась "Вялость промышленности". Мод поможет это решить, так я думал. Поставил и для обычных, и для "новых". В итоге во вкладке с ними, когда переключаюсь с иконки "старых" на иконку "новых", сразу вылетает игра!
Max Well  [author] Mar 21 @ 1:08pm 
@Infriga, do you mean generator of vanilla cargo? It's already here:

P.S.: sorry, I accidentaly deleted your comment %)
[RS] SwaggerTeller (YEET) Mar 20 @ 7:55pm 
Thats all I needed to know. Thanks mate <3
Max Well  [author] Mar 20 @ 8:05am 
@Stealthy, this version works just like previous. Actually, it's two different mods - one with vanilla cargo, and this one with Industry DLC cargo. You still need have a demand, it's because of game mechanics.

BUT, you can create demand with my other similar mod - Cargo Magnet. It works opposite to this mod - magnets don't spawn cargo, but consume it. So, you can put generator on one side of your transport line and magnet on the other side - and you will have stable supply and demand.
Stealthy Mar 20 @ 6:07am 
Does this version behave like a constant supply, regardless of the actual demand? The older version still is affected by demand.
Max Well  [author] Mar 20 @ 4:39am 
@[RS] EddBoy, you can put it everywhere - near factory, in town or somewhere else. Just plop it in any place of the map - and cargo will spawn in that place. Only one important thing: you need to connect that place with the consumers of cargo with roads, rails or via water - create a transport line and deliver this cargo from generator to industry or town.
I'm not good at making video, sorry.
Riddle/Chewy Mar 19 @ 11:30pm 
i believe you put it in a town if you want the cargo to go there :)