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Cargo Generator
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Jul 1, 2018 @ 6:50am
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Cargo Generator

Cargo generators

This mod allows you to generate a different number of any cargo at any place on the map. Simply choose the type of cargo, the amount of cargo in YEAR, plop the generator in the chosen place. That`s all, you`re amazing! :)

Mod can be found in "Track assets" menu, in "Tools" category.

This mod contains only standard cargo from the original game! If you are looking for a generator for cargo from Industry DLC, check here:

If you want to have generators for all cargo, both standard and from DLC - subscribe to both mods!

Features of the mod:
1) This mod is similar to the mod "Cargo Magnet", but have the opposite function. If the magnets have only "receiving" function, then the generators have only "send" function.
2) You need to plop generators near the road, just like buildings spawns. Also you can plop it ON the road, or on the station. But not in the middle of nowhere. Magnet need connection to road system, by which cargo moves.
3) Generator can be destroyed at any time, also it can be upgraded to any size or cargo type.
4) However, mod can not be removed from savegame until you remove all generators from map. Just keep in mind.
5) In order for the generator to work, it must be connected by a transport line to any consumer of the cargo: industry, city or relevant cargo magnet. Generators will not produce loads "to nowhere".
6) Please note, that it takes a few month before magnet will "make order" and cargo will start to spawn on appropriate industries. And a few years (!) before production becomes stable. It`s game mechanics, you know.
7) In the later stages of the game, when there is a lot of transport, cargo and people on the map - when you trying to build, upgrade or demolish generator, the game can slow down and lag. Yep, this is unpleasant, but not critical - just wait until the game resumes.

Ways to use:
First of all, cargo generators are a good addition to Cargo Magnets. Working in a bunch, they create a completely working cargo chain. Now you can deliver cargo from anywhere to anywhere and in any quantity! You can build plants, factories or farms out of assets, and then make them "alive" and absolutely functioning with the help of generators. Or you can diversify the list of goods produced by in-game industries. You can bring more realism to your industrial zones in cities, forcing them not only to consume cargo, but also to produce it! Now your cities can provide themselves with everything they need or exchange cargo with each other. You can also simulate the export of cargo from somewhere on the edge of the map, or just boost some of your cargo lines and make them profitable etc. There are a lot of options, it all depends on you.

Advantages of using Cargo Generators:
- it has a more flexibility than manual construction of industries. So, you can generate any cargo (raw mat-s or final products) without the need to create full production chain;
- Together with the cargo magnets it makes possible to easily and quickly create cargo line wherever you like;
- You will get a stable production and use of your lines, without any stops;
- You can choose amount of cargo - from a few units to "OVER9000!" (actually, no - just up to 8192 so far, but it`s A LOT), and you can plop as many magnets as you want;
- Generators are small, compact, without collision, can be built wherever you want, and also at any time can be converted to a different size/type of cargo;

A few more words about:
Some people will call this mod (however, like magnets) a cheat, and they will be right. Yes, indeed, this mod breaks the basic principles of the game and can greatly facilitate/accelerate the process of development and earning money. But that`s why mods exists, right? Someone just don`t want to wait 30 years, while his railway line will become profitable. Someone is tired of struggling with stopping production and empty lines, and wants to create a small but stable flow of cargo without failures. And someone (as I, for example) likes to build cities and industries manually, out of assets. And at the end of construction, of course you`ll want to make your creation not only beautiful, but also useful, working, "alive" ... Generators and magnets will help you in this! So use it wisely, be creative, don`t forget to rate, and ask me if you have some questions.

Have a great success and big profits ;-)
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Infriga Mar 21 @ 4:28pm 
Don't know how I missed this but thank you very much!
dsquires53 Mar 20 @ 12:16pm 
Thanks max, i look forward to using them
Max Well  [author] Mar 19 @ 1:28pm 
Hi, guys. For all who asked about update for Industry DLC - you now can find new separate mods:

Cargo magnet - Industry DLC:

Cargo generator - Industry DLC:

Thank you for your patience.
Max Well  [author] Mar 19 @ 1:27pm 
Всем привет. Для тех, кто спрашивал насчет обновления для Industry DLC - появились новые отдельные моды:

Магнит для грузов - Industry DLC:

Генератор грузов - Industry DLC:

Спасибо за терпение.
dsquires53 Mar 5 @ 1:44am 
Hi Max great mod, just like to know are you going to make one for all the new goods on the game, be great if you did.
Slava Jan 27 @ 8:29am 
Привет. подскажи а будешь делать этот мод для Индустрия ДЛС?
Gabriel Jan 15 @ 12:05pm 
I dont undertand to how do it. Can you do a video about it?
Max Well  [author] Jan 10 @ 7:24am 
@Bully, I don't know nothing about Mac, I never used it... So I can't say why mods don't work on Mac. Glad that it works fine on Win10. Have fun :)
Bully Jan 8 @ 5:12am 
Max Well, I purchased TF for use on my Windows 10 laptop and subscribed to your Cargo Generator, Showed up and works as advertised from "Terrain" / "Tools". The "Generator", any generator, does not show at all on my Apple Mac installed TF. :steamhappy:
Bully Jan 6 @ 1:24pm 
Max Well, thank you for yoiur quick response. My TF game is on an Apple Mac. Can you or someone else here provide the the folder{s} location for a Mac? Thank you in advance. ;-)