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Custom Climate Cycle
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Mar 16, 2019 @ 1:03pm
Nov 21, 2020 @ 8:23pm
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Custom Climate Cycle

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Adds a new climate cycle setting allowing customization of every aspect, from period to temperature offsets, plus the ability to set up a runaway scenario. Access it through the new "Custom Climate Cycle" scenario part.

Non-Steam download available here.[github.com]


This is the more modular spiritual successor to my old Cold Climate Cycle mod from B18. For B19 I used Mehni's Climate Cycle++, which is a good mod but didn't let me have the exact climate cycle I wanted, one with a standard sine wave and overall cooler temperatures but not runaway in either direction.


(Mathf.Sin((GenDate.YearsPassedFloat + (float)ticksOffset / (float)GenDate.TicksPerYear) / PeriodYears * tau) * tempOffsetFactor) + tempOffsetOffset + (xCoeff * GenDate.YearsPassedFloat)

- Period offset: how many years into the cycle the game will be when it starts. Default 0, and can be randomized.
- Period: how many years the cycle takes to go through. Default 4.
- Temperature offset factor: The magnitude of the sine wave. If the temperature offset is 0, this is the maximum variation from normal temperatures. Default 20.
- Temperature offset: Lets you modify the default yearly temperature. Negative values make the whole cycle colder, positive ones make it warmer. Default 0.
- X-coefficient: a modifier which lets you set runaway warming or cooling. Negative values make temperature trend colder over time, positive ones make it trend hotter. Default 0.

Having trouble visualizing your cycle? Try this![www.desmos.com]

- You need to use the new "Custom climate cycle" scenario part; simply adding a custom climate cycle as a standard game condition will work, but it'll be the same as a normal climate cycle.
- You should be able to layer multiple Custom Climate Cycles to get non-sine behavior if you want to go through the effort, and by zeroing out the temperature offset factor, temperature offset, and x-coefficient you can do things like balance the game's overall temperature (making a warmer or cooler planet) or simply make temperature increase/decrease over time without a cycle.
- No mod compatibility issues are expected; this doesn't modify any base game code.

- Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) translation provided by 22点下.
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Birds Aren't Real Jul 31 @ 3:28pm 
Hello, when I try adding it in the scenario editor, I do not see an option. I see 2 different "climate cycle" options, but neither of them let me configure anything. Neither of them are called "custom climate cycle."

In what part of the mod list am I supposed to put this in? Willl changing the order fix this?

Birds Aren't Real Jul 31 @ 2:45pm 
Wait, so this might work for 1.3? I did not know this... I hope it does, that would be fantastic.
Birds Aren't Real Jul 31 @ 2:44pm 
I am SUPER glad to find out this mod exists. You are a smart person for thinking of this idea! I hope that it gets updated in the not so distant future. :)
dninemfive  [author] Jul 28 @ 12:29pm 
@jupiterLILY Thanks!
jupiterLILY Jul 28 @ 11:45am 
I just want you to know, in the most low pressure way possible, that I love this mod and I'm excited for your rework if/when you get around to it.
dninemfive  [author] Jul 23 @ 8:14am 
@切れ間ウォーカー Lol no worries

And yeah, most 1.2 mods should already work on 1.3 without issue, the changes made were really focused on certain areas most mods don't touch.
切れ間ウォーカー Jul 22 @ 12:31pm 
I was being dumb anyway, because i forgot I set it to a 4 year cycle and just happened to look at the outside temp like 4 times and each one was 75, this appears to work just fine actually on 1.3
切れ間ウォーカー Jul 22 @ 8:40am 
i am a stable genius, i swear XD
dninemfive  [author] Jul 21 @ 11:50pm 
@切れ間ウォーカー See the fourth comment down from yours.
切れ間ウォーカー Jul 21 @ 11:21pm 
is updating this to 1.3 on your mind? I really like the run away weather effects with the adjustable sin wave stuff.