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High quality textures
Mod, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
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Mar 8, 2019 @ 2:28pm
Jul 16, 2021 @ 12:25pm
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High quality textures

Improves visual quality of textures for other mods.

Rimworld enables compression for mods' textures, and there's no option to alter this in base game.
On my machine, compression makes some textures look horrifying at some zoom levels.
This mod disables texture compression.

Adds .dds support.

If a mod contains a .dds texture with the same name as .png texture, the game will load .dds instead, making it possible for modders to use either higher quality mipmaps, or smaller files for better load times.

Safe to add and remove to save games.

Load order does not matter.

No hard incompatibilities.

The mod in images is Bionic icons, by me.


- 1.3

- support for BC7 format for DDS files (by Bradson)

- 1.1 support
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Fermuto Jun 8 @ 12:07pm 
Yeah, anyone reading this please switch to Graphics Settings+ if you mod anymore than a tiny bit, it's so much better and I don't run out of ram now with a 400+ Modlist.
NotTildaSwinton May 19 @ 11:06am 

Please read Cato's comment a few below yours. This mod completely disables texture compression for modded textures, and it will cause insane amounts of RAM usage on large mod lists.

Also, unless you were using it for testing purposes, please never use windows page file. In 2022 it is a useless feature that will only give you more headache in the long run.
Marty May 9 @ 7:32pm 
No hate for your mod, but after spending countless hours fixing issues, I believe this was the mod that was causing Rimworld to eat up all of the available 32GB of RAM along with a 50+GB Windows page file, using up about 80 Gigs of memory.

I have no idea what has undergone here, or even if this mod is at fault completely, but god bless anyone having the same issue. You ave come to the right place. May god help you.
Ulfberht May 9 @ 4:36pm 
I dont see a difference
dendroid101 Jan 26 @ 8:32am 
Thanks for this
Atomik Doctor Jan 7 @ 8:28am 
This mod is :cozybethesda: Much appreciated @AUTOMATIC !
Creampie Senpai Jan 5 @ 7:54pm 
@Cato Awesome! Did notice any difference in load times and performance between the two?
Cato Jan 3 @ 4:05pm 
Performance Testing / Rimworld Total RAM usage (500 mods)

Vanilla = 17 GB
HQT = 29 GB
GS+ = 19 GB (default -0.5mip, 6 af)

A 11% resource cost for GS+ makes it a great choice.
A 70% resource cost for HQT is a little alarming, but it does look great.
Cato Jan 3 @ 4:05pm 
Spent some time comparing this mod with Graphics Settings+.

HQT disables texture compression on mod items. This gives the best quality, but will use up huge amounts of RAM on large mod lists.

GS+ has a compression scale you can play with. It is not quite as sharp as HQT but uses way less memory, even maxed out. Maxing the filtering did nothing for me except destroy my tps, creating stutter. It has an excellent memory calculator for you to identify resource hogs.
NESecretWeapon Dec 29, 2021 @ 2:37am 
@qux @atomic - fun fact: the world can exist with MORE THAN ONE texture mod ...