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Ultimate Immersive Mod - Part 1
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Ultimate Immersive Mod - Part 1

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Ultimate Immersive Mod
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The ultimate goal of this mod is to renew the Shogun 2 Total War experience while taking care to keep its original flavor. With this mod one tries to vary the different possible avenues for the characters (generals, ninja, metsuke, monk, etc.) and the clan (skill trees, technological tree, chain of buildings, etc) without complicating the game. Veterans and new players will be able to play this mod without the danger of facing an impossible learning curve. In addition aesthetic elements have been added for immersion improvement, as the name of all units have been changed to represent as closely as possible the terms used during the Sengoku Jidai and also new daimyo models have been introduced. So if you are interested in diving into this game that has aged very well and still manages to compete with the most recent Total War games, and if you are already bored with Three Kingdoms and you wish to play a real good game, Ultimate Immersive Mod is for YOU!

The 2 parts are needed in order for this mod to work as intended. Subscribe to both of them and start a new game. This mod is NOT compatible with almost any other mods except a few (I will not test them for you). The most important and essential ones will be listed below. This mod is only for Shogun 2 vanilla, not FOTS nor ROTS.

Note : Generals are recruitable with a "Castle & Encampment" constructed in the same province and is capped to 10. You will have to rely on colonel if you are to expand your army at some point. FYI, every battle fought with a colonel (without a character general), there's a chance an event window pop up proposing to enlist a character general.


Recommended setting (don't complain if you don't play with these settings) : Domination, Hard, Ultra Units Size.
  • Expanded Japan Map
Huge map that expand the lifespan of the game and adds much to immersion, enriching the player's experience by 106 more regions and 103 more clans. The adventure will be slower, but so much more satisfying.

  • 12 Turns per Year
There's 12 turns per year and 4 seasons. This make the mod incompatible with any other mods that mod the turn per year.

  • New & Balanced Units
Many factions have their own specific units, for example most of Chosokabe gochi units have a bow they can fire before engaging in melee combat, the Shimazu have stronger and more disciplined gochi warriors, the Otomo are very westernize and can field a large amount of matchlock units (and Europeans units as well), the Hattori's ninjas are unmatched in all of Japan as well as the Takeda can field the biggest and strongest cavalry armies there ever was. As of the Ikko Ikki, it is said that wherever they go, cities and town are build at each of their stopovers. They ultimatly command the masses and pose the most incredible threat on the long run.

  • Diplomacy Tweaks
Diplomacy has been tweaked to make the player's experience more enjoyable while also not removing the excitement of a challenge. Realm divide will still occur, but this time your allies and long-time partners should not betray you if you do not give them reason. Here's a pro tip: take your damn time, do not rush! Or... well... die and don't whine.

  • Alternate General Skills Tree
The generals' skill tree has been completely reinvented. It is now separated into 6 branches of expertise : diplomatic, nautical, military, martial, investment and sectarian (limited to Uesugi, Ikko Ikki and Otomo). Take your time to discover them, they could all be useful to you at some point and depending of your play style. Tips on how to play the sectarian tree will be added in a discussion thread eventually.

  • Better Traits & Ancillaries
Coming soon!

  • Reworked Buildings
Coming soon!

All units save Ashigaru have a cap limit so to prevent as much as possible unrealistic army composition. You will have to balance your armies or specialise them if you want, and adapt accordingly.

As for agent, here are the limit cap :

Ninja = 1
Geisha = 1
Metsuke = 3
Monk = 2 (5 for Ikko Ikki)

This will remain so until I have time to rework their Skill Tree. It is to prevent meta-gaming and making the game too easy by assassinating every enemy generals or inciting rebellion here and there every turn.

You must have the ENGLISH version, otherwise it seems that it won't works. If it still doesn't work, unsubscribe from Stronghold of the Samurai. If you still having problem, I can't help you any further.

  • DLC > Fall of the Samurai (for some effects to work, not essential)
  • DLC > Hattori Clan Pack
  • DLC > Ikko Ikki Clan Pack
  • DLC > Otomo Clan Pack
  • DLC > Sengoku Jidai Unit Pack
  • MOD > Ashina Extra Character Name by Ashina
  • MOD > Real Armies by Frodo45127
  • MOD > Arrow-Cannon sound fix on TWCenter
  • MOD > Strongholds of the Samurai by Sorinel1991

  • None.

  • On campaign selection screen, the daimyo model might be weird. No worries, it's only like this on the campaign selection menu. In game everything is fine and all models work.
  • The sectarian skill "Donation Gatherer" work perfectly fine, but its effect can only be observe next turn.
  • If you start a campaign as the Date, the camera won't start on their position. Don't know why yet and didn't bother to check it out. Just scroll down a bit and voilà!
  • In the technology tree for the Uesugi, "essence of the spirit" also unlock the tanegashima sohei (matchlock monks), but since there's too many unit in a row, it doesn't show up.

  • ☐ Add a bit more useful buildings.
  • ☐ Rework all traits and ancillaries.
  • ☐ Add season effects.
  • ☐ Reinvent the technology tree.
  • ☐ Reinvent agents skill trees.
  • ☐ Replace wrong starting units for Hattori, Shimazu and Chosokabe faction.

You do NOT have my permission to upload my mod, in its actual state or alternate one, anywhere ever. You can only mod it for YOURSELF.

Please leave a like and fav this mod. If you find a bug, have a suggestion, please comment/report in the appropriate thread below and let me know! In case of a CTD, give me as much details as you can, i.e. clan you are playing, turn you are at, what was the EXACT last thing you did before it crashes, etc. All disrespectful and raging comment will be deleted.
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PeachySnail183444 Apr 13 @ 9:56am 
What fucking dipshit doesn´t update their mods and disallows anyone else to update it for them?
Jack the Eagleheart Apr 12 @ 4:46am 
Can we play multiplayer on this mod ?
Galore Apr 11 @ 7:03pm 
This mod has been dead for year's stop asking for something that'll never happen
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@TAKEDA-SHINGEN.... do you know what causes the tooltip on Kisho ninja to show blank?
Even Apr 9 @ 2:12pm 
Canhsatgiaothong Apr 9 @ 5:57am 
ship-fighting are broken, high fire chance, Cannon ship sometime don't shoot
Rikimaru Apr 3 @ 8:07pm 
How do you recruit Ronin?
PFC Abruzzino [29th ID] Mar 29 @ 12:33pm 
I understand the mod limits samurai units but why oda long yari ashigaru ?
Insomnia97910 Mar 29 @ 2:21am 
does this still work ? it says its outdated
Reaper96 Mar 23 @ 6:51am 
How can i remove the unit limits? rest of the mod is fine