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Dubs Mint Minimap
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Feb 20, 2019 @ 8:47pm
Aug 1 @ 7:07pm
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Dubs Mint Minimap

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Adds a minimap, with some options, doesn't hurt fps, ping tool for multiplayer.

Multiplayer ready

Click the minimap icon on the main tabs along the bottom, or set a keybind to open



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All players see the ping tool in multiplayer.
Limit the map to working only with active comms consoles or Rimatomics TACS. Or just on all the time
Shows fires.
Shows downed colonists.
Shows predators.
Attack alert pings.
Tracks projectiles, drop pods, and small arms fire.
Customise markers and colours.
Customise map colours, switch to terrain mode, draw greenery.
Set map resolution for performance.
Click the anchor to lock the position if the map is zoomed in.
Click the spyglass to highlight all things of the same type as your selection.
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Aug 9 @ 8:26am
More options are needed
Nov 17, 2019 @ 10:34pm
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Dubwise  [author] Aug 6 @ 6:47am 
hmm weird, the only thing that could desync is the ping tool, or the attack alerts because they are the only things that spawn stuff on the map, everything else just reads data, no idea what could be causing that for you
Daimyo Aug 5 @ 11:13pm 
Ran a 2nd barebones multiplayer test with projectiles and alerts on this time, seems to desync more often. 3/5 times, earlier than before too. Is it possible that those things can cause desyncs more?
Daimyo Aug 5 @ 10:35pm 
Deleting my message since those tests were with other mods. I tested it bare bones and it only desync 1/4 times. So not sure if its just conflicting with another mod. If it is conflicting, what type of mod would be most likely, a UI one?
Dubwise  [author] Aug 5 @ 6:44pm 
do you have the attack alerts ticked? if yes can you try disabling it
Dubwise  [author] Jul 23 @ 3:05pm 
click the cog in the corner to open the settings
XVikingNorway Jul 23 @ 1:06pm 
How do I reenable the map after accidentally restricting it for comms/TACS?
Dubwise  [author] Jul 20 @ 9:38am 
ok i worked out what changed in unstable, they added new bytes to the thingrequestgroup enum so now the game thinks pawns are drop pods, this will break any mods that use that enum, mostly modded jobs, i'll have to wait until unstable branch is released before i can fix it in any of my mods
Dubwise  [author] Jul 19 @ 8:31pm 
mmm dont use unstable unless you are testing stuff for tynan, not much point otherwise
Stan Aech Jul 19 @ 11:19am 
Just realized I was also on the unstable branch, and now I am very sad. I have made 5 separate colonies. and remade my modpack 4 different times.
Stan Aech Jul 19 @ 10:59am 
shimt, don't like to hear that