Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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Mappa Mundi
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Mar 4 @ 6:43pm
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Mappa Mundi

Mappa Mundi adds >15,000 unique place names to greatly increase the variety within your games.

Mappa Mundi includes the option to enable Colonial names for European civilizations. This option is disabled by default. You can enable it by editing the UserConfig_MappaMundi within the mod folder and changing the following line:
("UseColonialNames", 0); ---> ("UseColonialNames", 1);

Alternate Download
Current and past versions can be accessed from here[].

The primary source for this mod is Wikipedia, and the place names were scraped using a Python script. I am confident that I have removed 99% of erroneous names, but please report if you see any which obviously should not belong (example: "Deserts of Australia").

Mod Support
Note: Currently this mod completely replaces the NamedPlaces tables. I am happy to add in further support for modded civilizations. Mods which do not have included support will still work with Mappa Mundi, they will just pull place names from the general pool rather than from their own specific pool of names.

This mod also includes varying levels of out-of-the-box support for the following mods:
  • Anno Domini (rob8xft) - all civilizations
  • Assyria (Chrisy)
  • Akkad (Civitas)
  • Armenia (Civitas)
  • Berber (Civitas)
  • Malaysia (Civitas)
  • Normandy (Civitas)
  • Philippines (Civitas)
  • Pontus (Civitas)
  • Romania (Civitas)
  • Sasanian (Civitas)
  • Seleucid (Civitas)
  • Seljuq (Civitas)
  • Songhai (Civitas)
  • Switzerland (Civitas)
  • Taino (Civitas)
  • Albania (Enigma)
  • Ireland (Enigma)
  • Belgium (JFD)
  • Chile (JFD)
  • Denmark (JFD)
  • Italy (JFD)
  • Portugal (JFD)
  • USSR (JFD)
  • Wales (JFD)
  • Argentina (Leugi)
  • Colombia (Leugi)
  • Haiti (Leugi)
  • Israel (Leugi)
  • Mexico (Leugi)
  • Austria (Merrick)
  • Bulgaria (Merrick)
  • Finland (Merrick)
  • Kievan Rus (Merrick)
  • Sicily (Merrick)
  • Palmyra (Merrick)
  • Burma (Sukritact)
  • Ethiopia (Sukritact)
  • Iceland (Sukritact)
  • Siam (Sukritact)
  • Swahili (Sukritact)
  • Tibet (Sukritact)
  • Jerusalem (TCS)

thecrazyscotsman: place names, Python, SQL, XML
SeelingCat: place names
ChimpanG: logo
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JakobieJones Mar 7 @ 7:53pm 
does this support ynamp?
Woof Mar 6 @ 5:08am 
Just came across a volcano named Kick [X]em Jenny. If I had to guess, the bad symbol is supposed to be a ' so it would read Kick 'em Jenny. What an odd name, though. (edit: Kick 'em Jenny is a real undersea volcano) I wonder if your script scrapes the name wrong because of the ' the URL on wiki is /Kick_%27em_Jenny so I wonder if the %27 is screwing it up?
thecrazyscotsman  [author] Mar 4 @ 6:47pm 
Update v5 is out - see change notes for details.
thecrazyscotsman  [author] Mar 2 @ 5:04pm 
No worries - my script pulls a decent number of outright bad entries, which I want to remove completely. It also pulls a bunch of edge cases, where the feature is technically a valid entry, but the name may be confusing or might look bizarre given how randomly they are assigned. For example, a "Coastal Range" would be removed because it's likely that it would appear completely landlocked in-game.

Still others I just don't particularly like the name of, and the US Interior Highlands, while perhaps somewhat potentially confusing based on placement primarily just gets removed because I find the name far too boring and America already has plenty of other options.
Plerion Mar 2 @ 4:41pm 
I see, thanks a lot.

May I ask why you remove such entry instead of fixing it (assuming such a thing is possible ofc)? I'm just wondering, not pushing it.
thecrazyscotsman  [author] Mar 2 @ 4:13pm 
@Plerion - that entry has been removed in v4. Also, visually overlapping place names is not something that has anything to do with this happens in regular GS as well, it just has to do with where the game decides to place each label - sometimes they overlap.
thecrazyscotsman  [author] Mar 2 @ 4:11pm 
Update v4 is out - may break save games as it removes several bad entries. Past versions are available for manual download as usual. See change notes for further details.
Plerion Mar 1 @ 10:26am 
Is it possible that you might have forgotten to localize the following?


I also have the following issue with Oxnard Plain name being placed over a natural wonder (Uluru):
LacsiraxAriscal Feb 24 @ 2:32pm 
Just another one though this could be a Nahuatl rendering I'm unsure on - anyway Popocatépetl is spelled Popcatépetl, without that second o.
LacsiraxAriscal Feb 24 @ 1:56pm 
Great mod! Just looking thru and I noticed a typo: Caucasus is spelt as Caucaus. Can't way to give this a spin anyway, awesome job.