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Feb 15, 2019 @ 2:53pm
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--------------- OVERALL DESCRIPTION ------------------------------------------------------------------

This is Nerub, a Ruin only mini boss you can find in the sewers.
You access the sewers in any level of difficulty and fight some rats, but Nerub will only show himself in champion difficulty.
You’ll be rewarded with four new trinkets of the Vermine set.

--------------- COMPATIBILITY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Works with any DLC
  • Not compatible with any mod that modifies \dungeons\crypts\crypts.props.darkest
  • Please use the coming_in_hot beta version to avoid some bugs and glitches with the custom background

--------------- LOCALIZATION ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

The mod is currently translated in the following languages :

  • English
  • French
  • Koreana
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • SChinese
  • German

--------------- MLD Discord ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

If you are interested in modding, want to learn how to code, do art or animation for darkest dungeon, or just want to see what people are working on, join us on the Moonlit Dungeon Discord ![discord.gg]

--------------- CREDITS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Art : Mhnlo
Design & sounds : Baybot
Voice acting : Rats

Special thanks :
- Mad_bucket.png for the russian translation
- Burán for the spanish translation
- rainfoxest for the schinese translation
- jamesjamozo for the german translation
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Rats sneaked trinkets. Thats logic, but i want trinkets,
S O U P Jun 16 @ 7:16am 
These fuckin skaven are everywhere! They're in different games too now!
Nice mod dude
雨恨云愁 Jun 13 @ 1:15am 
HÄRrix's Gold Necklace Jun 2 @ 7:14am 
Waspy May 16 @ 9:58am 
Idea for an attack, rats lose X lives because they throw one of them against your heroes.
Damage, bleeding, infection and movement effects.
The Blessed Word Apr 25 @ 6:06pm 
Any chance of future compatibility with the Scarlet Ruins mod in the future? This looks great but Scarlet Ruins just adds so much more ruins content that its not really fair to weigh them against each other.
Tesandriel Apr 21 @ 11:27pm 
I'm interested and curious to try this mod, but does anyone know what are mods that modify "\dungeons\crypts\crypts.props.darkest", as mentioned in the compatibility section? I want to know how to make sure I don't have any active beforehand, so as to avoid any problems
RUPootzenVBG Apr 14 @ 10:56am 
Задумка хорошая,лут плохой
repose Apr 12 @ 10:18am 
Blue strings in trinket with russian localization. not critical, but can you fix it please?
Xenogard Mar 11 @ 11:44pm 
Hey, just wanted to let you know that I was having issues constantly crashing when trying to open the Manhole, thought it might have been a mod conflict at first but I tried it at the top of the load order and it still wasn't working.

So I went digging around in the files and I realized that in the "dungeons\crypts\" folder that there were only mashes for difficulties 1 3 5. I was in a Darkest (6) level dungeon when I found the manhole. So I simply copied the "dungeons\crypts\rats.crypts.5.mash.darkest" and renamed the new one "dungeons\crypts\rats.crypts.6.mash.darkest" and it worked instantly, able to load into the fight without issue.

Might help a lot of you guys who are having crashes out there. It's an extremely simple fix, I have no issues releasing a patch for it, however I think this is something the mod author should probably fix when they get a chance.

Hopefully this gets patched in. Either way, hope this helps someone.