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Imperial Guard Knights (Lance & Shield)
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Jan 27, 2019 @ 11:15am
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Imperial Guard Knights (Lance & Shield)

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Updated for the Warden & the Paunch 26/05/2020

Welcome everyone!
This is the mounted Version of my Imperial Guard unit. This mod adds the mounted "Imperial Guard Knights (Lance & Shield)" unit to the Empire faction. These heavily armoured knights have the ability to crush the empire's enemies in a devastating charge while inspiring and strengthening nearby allied troops.

The dismounted version can be found here: Imperial Guard

I hope you enjoy playing this mod but let me know if you spot any mistakes and of course i welcome any constructive feedback to help me understand what's good and where things could be improved.

1. General Description:

This mod adds a new unit to the Empire of Man:

Imperial Guard Knights (Lance & Shield)

"The Imperial Guard of Reikland is recruited directly from the most elite knights of the Reiksguard Order. They only leave their garrison at Altdorf during the most dire times and usually serve as bodyguard to their emperor in great battles however there are some known cases when the emperor sent them out to fight alongside another army as a sign of his personal support. Their ornamented armour and blood red capes can easily be spotted on the battlefield and serve as a beacon of inspiration to nearby troops. "

  • Inspirational Aura to encourage and strenghten allied troops
  • Lance formation
  • Exceptional combat skills
  • Superb moral due to their discipline, excellent training and acompanying officer
  • Can only be recruited at the imperial palace in Altdorf
  • Their heavy armnour slows them down compared to most other cavalry
  • Very high costs and upkeep because they need expensive equipment and training
  • Only 3 Regiments available

They can be recruited at the Altdorf (Rank V). Additionally an Armoury is required to be able to forge their weapons and armour.

They can be recruited by the following factions:
  • The Empire
  • The Golden Order
  • The Huntmarshal's Expedition

2. Base Stats:

Their base stats are as follows:
  • Unit Skills:
    • Presence of the Imperial Guard:
      • Passive Aura
      • Range 250m
      • Adds +15% Leadership, +3% Melee Attack, +3% Melee Defense, +3% Melee Damage, +3% Ranged Damage to allied Troops in range
    • Lance formation
  • Stats:
    • Ultra Unit Size: 60
    • Cap: 3 Regiments
    • HP: 6840
    • Armour: 120 (Shielded 55%)
    • Leadership: 95
    • Speed: 66
    • Melee Attack: 51
    • Melee Defense: 57
    • Weapon Strength: 52 (37 normal + 15 AP)
    • Charge Bonus: 70
  • Costs:
    • Cost: 2500
    • Upkeep: 525
  • Attributes:
    • Hide in forests
    • Immune so psychology
    • Encourage

3. Technology and Skills:

The unit is fully integrated into existing technologies and lord skills. They will benefit from the following skills and technologies:

  • Technology:
    • Improved Cavalry Armour
    • Endurance Training
    • Blinkers
    • The Inner Circle
    • Warhorse Breeding
  • Lord Skills:
    • Imperial Special Forces (Karl Franz)
    • Speed of Horse 1/2/3 (All Lords)
    • Taste for Battle (All Lords)
  • Buildings:
    • Castle Reiksguard

4. Available Submods:

The following submods are available for this unit:


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I hope you enjoy using this mod. If you do, then there is more to discover!

You can find all of my mods for Total War Warhammer 2 in this collection:
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Kiji Oct 5 @ 8:49pm 
there are model breaking in unit profile view (horse head)
123 Aug 10 @ 12:45pm 
hi. Absolutely gorgeous mod (I use every unit mod u did) just one question. I'm tweaking some stats using the pfm but I cannot find how to change the speed of the horses (like 80 or something like this). Its on battle entites right? but I cant find the table. ty
Nox  [author] May 26 @ 2:31pm 
Hey bryanleonardi773, i found the issue and updated the mod. It should work now :)
Generallisimo_Penultimo May 23 @ 1:38am 
Is there an update. as warden & grom the paunch dlc, all your mod had caused crash.
GHOB Feb 8 @ 10:23pm 
The port hole view of the unit is messed up for me. But otherwise a great unit :D
The hand of Noxus - Ray Dec 13, 2019 @ 12:27pm 
please update
heavystorm Nov 14, 2019 @ 4:56pm 
Wow dude this unit gets +100 MA and MD with all the buffs. I only put 1 in each army otherwise its game breaking lol.
Nox  [author] Oct 14, 2019 @ 11:12am 
Hey heavystorm i released a submod to remove the cap, you can find a link to it in the description.
heavystorm Sep 27, 2019 @ 11:09am 
No unit cap if possible, please.
stifler91 Jul 20, 2019 @ 4:12pm 
Iv'e been wondering, is there an SFO submod?