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Imperial Guard
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Imperial Guard

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Updated for the Silence & the Fury 28/07/2021

Welcome everyone!
This is the Warhammer 2 Version of my Imperial Guard mod. This mod adds the "Imperial Guard" unit to the Empire faction. I wanted to make this unit for a long time. It is how i imagine a fictional imperial guard regiment for the empire would look like. It is not based on any lore material, however i did try to fit it into the lore as good as possible.
There will also be a mounted version in the future however as they do have customized textures and i want to do the same for their horses it will still take some time to finish them.

I hope you enjoy this mod but i welcome any constructive feedback so that i know what's good and where things could be improved.

1. General Description:

This mod adds a new unit to the Empire of Man:

Imperial Guard

"The Imperial Guard of Reikland is recruited directly from the most elite knights of the Reiksguard Order. They only leave their garrison at Altdorf during the most dire times and usually serve as bodyguard to their emperor in great battles however there are some known cases when the emperor sent them to fight alongside another army as a sign of his personal support. Their ornamented armour and blood red capes can easily be spotted on the battlefield and serve as a beacon of inspiration to nearby troops. "

  • Inspirational Aura to encourage and strenghten allied troops
  • Exceptional defense due to their full plate armour and shields
  • Exceptional combat skills
  • Superb moral due to their discipline, excellent training and acompanying officer
  • Can only be recruited at the imperial palace in Altdorf
  • Vulnerable to armour piercing weapons
  • Very high costs and upkeep because they need expensive equipment and training
  • Only 3 Regiments available

They can be recruited at the Imperial Palace in Altdorf. Additionally an Armoury is required to be able to forge their weapons and armour.

They can be recruited by the following factions:
  • The Empire
  • The Golden Order
  • The Huntmarshal's Expedition

2. Base Stats:

Their base stats are as follows:
  • Unit Skills:
    • Presence of the Imperial Guard:
      • Passive Aura
      • Range 250m
      • Adds +15% Leadership, +3% Melee Attack, +3% Melee Defense, +3% Melee Damage, +3% Ranged Damage to allied Troops in range
  • Stats:
    • Ultra Unit Size: 100
    • Cap: 3 Regiments
    • HP: 8700
    • Armour: 120 (Shielded 55%)
    • Leadership: 95
    • Speed: 31
    • Melee Attack: 55
    • Melee Defense: 62
    • Weapon Strength: 47 (35 normal + 12 AP)
    • Charge Bonus: 25
  • Costs:
    • Cost: 2500
    • Upkeep: 525
  • Attributes:
    • Hide in forests
    • Charge Reflect
    • Encourage

3. Technology and Skills:

The unit is fully integrated into existing technologies and lord skills. They will benefit from the following skills and technologies and buildings:

  • Technology:
    • State Troop Standards
    • State-Issued Infantry Armour
    • Improved Heavy Weapons
    • State-Issued Weapons
    • Local Militia
  • Lord Skills:
    • Best of the Empire (Karl Franz)
    • Imperial Special Forces (Karl Franz)
    • Emperor's Finest 1/2/3 (All Lords)
    • Strength of Hardship (All Lords)
  • Buildings:
    • Castle Reiksguard

4. Available Submods:

The following submods are available for this unit:


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I hope you enjoy using this mod. If you do, then there is more to discover!

You can find all of my mods for Total War Warhammer 2 in this collection:
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Or have a look at my "Grand Order of the Reiksguard" series over here:
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