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Gedemon's YnAEMP
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Jan 13, 2019 @ 9:30am
Jun 9, 2019 @ 10:38am
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Gedemon's YnAEMP

This is v25 of Gedemon's Yet (not) Another Earth Map Pack, including additional Maps and some QoL features. I've been managing YnAEMP on CivFanatics for several years with Gedemon's permission. It is now uploaded to Steam for convenience.

  • Added a total of 66 new Maps.
  • Option to delimit Civs by Culture Type with JFD's Cultural Diversity[].
  • Added wkey's fix for Community Patch users.
  • Activated alt TSL system. Byzantium/Ottomans will now begin in an alternate starting location if the other has already taken the spot of Constantinople, adjusting their Capital accordingly.
  • Made some minor changes to the core TSL maps, as per requests.
  • Map list is now sorted alphabetically and highlighted geographically.
  • Civ selection list is now sorted alphabetically and sorted Civilization - Leader.
  • Added Random and TSL, and Totally Random options for Civilizations.
  • Added support for Cocoa and Bison, as well as Barathor's new Luxuries.

To include mod support, see the Master Support File[].
Steam Install
  • Select "Subscribe" above.
  • Start the game up and hit Mods
  • Enable the mod
  • Click Next and choose SINGLE PLAYER and CUSTOM GAME to get the new setup menu. You must use the custom game menu.

Direct Installation
  • Download 7zip (it's freeware, and takes next to no time to install)
  • Download the Civ5Mod file from here -> Direct Download[]
  • Place the Civ5Mod in MyDocuments> MyGames> Sid Meiers Civilization 5> MODS
  • Right click the Civ5Mod file and select 7zip -> Extract to "JFD's Civilizations - (insert civilization here)
  • Start the game up and select Mods
  • Enable the mod
  • Click Next and begin a game.

Mac Install

  • If the mod does not show up in your Mods Menu, use the direct download!
  • See here[] if you encounter any in-game issues.

Gedemon is the original author. Various maps have been added from various content creators across the Steam Workshop. If your work has been included and you wish it to be removed, please message me on CivFanatics (see Links below).
Sid Meier's Civilization V, Sid Meier's Civilization VI, Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth, Civ, Civilization, 2K Games, Firaxis Games, and Take-Two Interactive Software are all trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc who do not sponsor, endorse or otherwise authorise these mods.

By downloading and/or installing this mod you are agreeing to the following terms. This mod is distributed for free and provided as is, without any warranty of any kind whatsoever. You are using this mod at your own risk. You may not re-distribute, re-host, share, alone or as part of a bigger package this mod or its assets for any commercial or non-commercial purposes except where expressively and in verifiable writing given the permission to do so by the authors of this mod. All rights not described in this license agreement belong to their respective owners.
See below for troubleshooting and more info.

Home Page[]
JFDModding Wiki[]

Direct downloads are available below. Some content is available for Vanilla but this isn't guaranteed and is otherwise not supported. If it is not there, it won't be made for Vanilla.

Direct Download[]
If you enjoy the work I do, you might consider buying me a coffee with the link below. My mods will always remain free and open-source, however, so entirely up to you!

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Jun 29, 2019 @ 1:00pm
How do I get Sheep to spawn on the asia caucasus map?
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dictionarydave Jul 1 @ 2:57pm 
I really enjoy using the TSL format, but after using this mod, if I try to start another modded game without YNAEMP, the 'Random Map' option gives me the Earth map every time. It happens even if I disable this mod in the mod menu. I tried unsubscribing from the mod (and deleting it from my computer) and restarting the game, but all that did was make it so that Random Map gives me no map at all, causing me to lose the game instantly. I uninstalled and reinstalled Civ - same problem. I ran a 'modded game' but with all mods disabled, to make sure it wasn't caused by something else - same problem. At this point I don't understand how the mod is still having any effect.
Malata Societa' Official May 10 @ 4:09pm 
i use version 24 why i must use this version if so many people have all this problem's.....
usually a new version meaning a improvment but in this case looks NOT!!
biggie_boss Apr 25 @ 3:13pm 
no goodie huts?
caboose Apr 24 @ 3:27pm 
where do i find the discord? I am having the same problem SLGray
SLGray Jan 26 @ 5:58pm 
Ok. JFD helped me solved my issue. Checkout Discord if you are having this issue.
SLGray Jan 25 @ 7:20pm 
I can confirm that it is the Cultural Diversity collection causing my issue with mod. If I just load it by itself, it works fine. If I load it an d the CulDiv collection, it is messed up.
SLGray Jan 24 @ 9:39pm 
I have all the RtP and Cultural Diversity mods, When I try to use this mod, the menus are messed up. I can not slect no civs since the civ menu is blank. Also the difficulty level menu us blank.
borussia1979 Jan 22 @ 9:47am 
There are no resources on the world and European map, Byzantium and France do not appear at all, completely disappointed :steamthumbsdown:
Assasin43 Dec 13, 2020 @ 8:38pm 
For some unknown reason the tsl on all the maps is broken for most vanilla and modded civs and seems to place them in the same spot everytime, except for bablyon which is correct. I've tried redownloads, deleting moduserdata, and the cache, but nothing works.
Elhoim Dec 2, 2020 @ 4:35pm 
A small question... Is there a way to save a picked civ list? I want to play with some particular 21 civs, and every time I have to pick them manually...