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Jan 7, 2019 @ 8:29am
Nov 19, 2020 @ 7:27am
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Lockable storage. Slots for bulky clothing and a weapon that you can visually see inside. *Only lockable with padlock*

Charcoal BBQ Grill
The BBQ can cook up to eight pieces of meat at a time that you can see cook on the grill. Lighting the BBQ requires a charcoal sack for fuel and a ignitition source.

Buildable Shed
Sticks and a rope will create the shed kit. The complete version (There are 15 total build stages) consists of doors, a large inventory capacity and attachment slots for camonet and a padlock.
Currently The shed can be locked with the padlock and can be raided by destroying the lock on the door. (actions for dismantling/destroying specific parts will come soon. Material requirements will likely change over time also)

Note: The Inventory of the shed can only be used once the doors have been built

Sleeping Bags
Deployable bags to keep warm with on the cold Chernarus nights. 3 Texture variants (Camo, grey and blue)

Gardening Box / Gardening Pot
To create the filled version of the garden pot/box place the item and you should see a "Fill" user action. Attaching/Watering/Disinfection can be done by looking at the dirt with the appropriate item in hand NOTE: The action to empty the box/pot will only be seen if there are no seeds attached!

Spotlight Generator
Togglable light source that can be used by server owners to provide light at locations such as traders or during events. (To be spawned via init.c)

Grass and Dirt Mound
- Dig minimal cover in otherwise open locations. A Field shovel can dig two dirtmounds before being destroyed. You can only dig a dirtmound with a FieldShovel.

Water Storage Kit
A water supply for your base. The waterbarrel can hold 10,000ML and can be attached to the barrel frame to create the finished kit. You can remove the waterbarrel to fill it up again by the "remove" user action which is under the Drink Action - Big thanks to @Windstride for the model!

Four different Camping tents
that use the vanilla place, cluttercutter and packing mechanics.

Pocket watch:
- Check the time of day on the go (minute hand moves fast due to accelerated time)

Banner Mount/Banners
- A deployable kit that you can attach banners to.

Wood Storage

Crafting The Items
Worktable/Woodstorage/BarrelFrame/Gardenbox -
2 planks 10 nails each, Waterbarrel needs to be found in game then crafted with the barrel frame.

Improvised tent -
Long Wooden stick + Burlap Sack

10 metal sheets + pliers

Shed crafting kit
5 wooden sticks + rope

Camonet + Sewing kit

Server Owner Instructions
1. Paste the mod folder into your server root
2. Grab the OPMODS.Bikey from the keys folder and place it in your servers key folder.
3. Include @OP_BaseItems; with your other mods in your server launch parameters.
4. Merge the types.xml entries with your servers types.xml your DB (IMPORTANT! have a look after every update to see if they've been overwritten)

This is WIP, It's my first mod and I work on this in my spare time. I will my best try to bring updates frequently!

No reuploads or repacking allowed.

Model Credits > Check out some of their work!

kattynote > Imp. Tent
Adrian H. > Pocket Watch
Caboose3D > BBQ Grill
Miguelromeroh > Shed
Krambulini > Lighting box
Windstride > Shed construction kit

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[WP]Goro Apr 29 @ 11:12am 
when will be updet to 1,12?
Reckless Apr 27 @ 1:39pm 
We have a problem. If I fill the gardenpot and gardenbox, i can't make anything. No fill water, seeds and etc.

How we can fix this? Thank you.
LunatiK# Apr 26 @ 8:11am 
I don't think this mod is supported anymore.
bleedis Apr 23 @ 12:35am 
Is this mod still being supported? Charcoal BBQ Grill was broken on last patch, maybe even before that, and now gardening pot is broken.
Myka Apr 21 @ 7:05pm 
Also having issues with the planter boxes and pots, second filled with dirt, can't interact.
LunatiK# Apr 21 @ 9:24am 
Are there any other people having issues since the last patch that you can't interact with Gardening Box as soon after you fill them with dirt?
LeanSalmon Apr 9 @ 5:48am 
is there a way to disable the shed construction? as sawing locks off is not allowed in my server,and as far as i'm aware you still cant break in with breaching charges yet. this makes a simple shed impenetrable with a codelock on it. of course i can remove the shed from types but this doesent stop players building one and complaining it has despawned :/ love the other stuff though...
XThelastofusX Apr 7 @ 2:29pm 
@OP there is a issue with Grill bc when u cook meat u need a whole Charcoal Sack even with 1 meat
FriendlyPlayer81 Apr 2 @ 5:11pm 
Hello. Can You tell me which mod locker is working with the storage to put lock on it? Thanks. I did search the name "PADLOCK" but found nothing in Steam. Thanks.
^Pennynow - TTV Apr 1 @ 8:26pm 
I tried to remove this mod from my server, but the Launcher is still asking me to load it when I try to connect to my server. Then I get the error that I have content that is not part of the server. What do I do?