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LWM's Deep Storage
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Jan 6, 2019 @ 3:23pm
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LWM's Deep Storage

Important note
LWM has had some health issues, a death in the modding community, and a living situation that makes modding hard, and has not been able to work on Deep Storage for a while. They are trying to find a way they can work on it again, but the socioeconomic realities of 2021 (especially the housing situation in the US) mean it may take a bit.

Deep Storage Units: yet another storage solution

LWM presents a way to organize your supplies, loot, clothes, and even your garbage, to allow you a tidy base where your colonists aren't simply dumping stuff on the floor. Deep Storage units include medicine cabinets, meat hooks, clothing racks, weapon lockers, etc, and all can store diverse items - just like regular shelves, but they allow more than one thing!

* Note: I have not used these, and have been super busy so haven't had a chance to add anything to the base mod. If you find right-clicking on storage slow, you might try this:
* A (faster?) UI for right-clicking on things: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2169841018
* Little Storage 2, Vault, Simple Storage, etc - if you want more ways to store things, there are several available in the Steam workshop!

FAQ / "I have a problem":
* Meat Hooks require the Smithing research!
* These Hampers are made of fabric, they don't hold fabric
* Does it work with Vanilla shelves?
* You can always add more stored things in Mod Settings
** (A little walkthrough for doing that: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2187075071)

Want to say Thanks?
* Have ** in Art? Draw me a picture of a little white mouse! I'm reachable on the Ludeon forum.
* Have extra spending money? Share a cup of something tasty (some places around here deliver!) at https://ko-fi.com/littlewhitemouse

* Storing things properly takes time - the colonists must carefully organize everything so it's easy to find what's needed.(*)
* Animals cannot by default haul to Storage - their little brains and paws (claws, etc) cannot manage the clasps, locks, catches, etc required to store things properly.(*)
* All the units you can build are in the Storage menu - by default this includes other mods' storage buildings.(*)
* (*) - these can be changed in the Mod Settings (again, link above)

* Storage compatible with many different mods: Dubs Bad Hygiene, RimCuisine, Survival Tools, Vegetable Garden. If you see something that SHOULD be stored but isn't? You can let me know!
* You can also change what's allowed in the Mod Settings!
* Plays well with mods that change stack size (OgreStack, Deep Stack, etc). Want 10 stacks of 1000 Advanced Components in one square? Go for it! (Just watch out for mortar attacks...)
* Plays well with mods that affect storage: Restricted Storage (LWM), Satisfied Storage, RimWorld Search Agency (not as well as Satisfied Storage), Stockpile for Disaster, heck - there's a Deep Refrigerator if you play with RimFridge
* Plays well with mods that affect hauling: CommonSense, Pick Up and Haul.
* Haul To Stack? I have conflicting reports, let me know.
* Other storage mods? maybe:
** Project RimFactory: probably okay, should be fully compatible soon
** Extended Storage: maybe
** Other storage mod??? If you get weird behavior, turn off "Over Capacity" check in mod settings
* Industrial Rollers: not fully, but fix is coming!

Want more types of units? Frozen organ storage? Piggy banks for silver? Cubbyholes for bedrolls? You can either make your own derived mod (the XML is a mess, but it's a documented mess, and it's easy enough to follow!) or you can suggest things to me and offer to acquire a graphic (draw it yourself, find a free one, make deals with demons, whatever).

Русский - Тхакиро
Deutsch - Erdnussbrot
Chinese Traditional - shiuanyue
Note on Translations: These may not be complete translations, as I do add things from time to time. Want to translate it (all or part) into your language? Great! Let me know, I'll add it to the mod (or do a Pull Request on GitHub, if you do that thing - that is easiest for me!)

The code can be found online at: https://github.com/lilwhitemouse/RimWorld-LWM.DeepStorage
On Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/littlewhitemouse/myworkshopfiles/?appid=294100
In the Ludeon Forum: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=47707.0

Most images used with permission from Skullywag. (Thanks!)
Weapons Cabinets and Lockers are sumghai's. (Also thanks!)
Other images copyright as marked.
Almost all code (c) LWM, released under LGPL, because I think that the LGPL is the license we should actually be using for mods. Not that anyone is likely to complain if we use something else, but altho we have a stupid copyright system, we should still use it correctly.
Thanks to Marnador for the RimWorld font. Thanks to Pardeike for Harmony. Awesome.
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StrawPeach717 Nov 27 @ 9:41pm 
The mod is great but there is a bug. When pawns put the items into the refrigerator , the number on the top appears ∑ . And the pawns start put the items in and out unstoppable.
Krazyskooter Nov 25 @ 10:56am 
I love the mod but I hate that items cover the graphic once it begins filling up. Is there any way to change the overlay so that once it has items inside it will hide those items and display a generic graphic instead?
renegade_sock Nov 22 @ 2:01am 
@Audiopulse It has pretty significant performance impact for me
bonesbro Nov 21 @ 8:47am 
@Audiopulse - it's been working great for me.
Audiopulse Nov 21 @ 5:53am 
Hello everyone,
i was looking for a mod to help me with storage of large amounts - partly because my Laptop can barely run Rimworld without getting too hot.

Ive been eyeing Deep Storage for some time now, but looking at the comments I never dared as it sounds the mod is a bit prone to errors and crashes. Is that the case or am I over-cautious?
The Guy Nov 12 @ 3:41pm 
Weird problem.

Without deep storage, I can double click to select all the fabrication bench, then shift-double click on a machining table to ALSO select all the machining tables. However, with deep storage (and nothing else other than hugslib,harmony, rocketman, and the DLCs), shift-double clicking doesn't work.
Kanye West Nov 12 @ 11:43am 
I have an error with the cryptonests from SOS2. anyone else have this error?
isavegas Nov 12 @ 12:48am 
Purchased a deep refrigerator from a trader caravan. The fridge was placed on the ground out in the middle of my map with no way to move it into my base. Big oof. Ended up using god mode to place one in my base and destroyed the one I bought with the dev tools.
Quin_D Nov 11 @ 6:02pm 
do the storages all work with an orbital trade beacon?
Eyeofstorms Nov 8 @ 4:29pm 
everything is set up but its telling me there is no storage space