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LWM's Deep Storage
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LWM's Deep Storage

Important note
LWM still has some health issues, a death in the modding community, and tiring responsibilities (related to being lucky enough to have solid housing!), so modding will be intermittent for a while. If you want to say something and don't want it to get lost, the github repository is a great place for that. I am also on Discord at LWM#7117 - but actually reaching me there may or may not happen. We do what we can! Enjoy the mod :)

Version 1.4 note
If you use an add-on mod, most of them should work just fine in 1.4 (well, as fine as Deep Storage does - I'm still working out weight limits for 1.4, graphics, etc), no changes needed.

The only possible place mod authors might need to change anything for 1.4 is if they want 1-cell "shelves" to link with 2-cell (4-cell, whatever) "shelves." Given that vanilla shelves now support 3 items by default, you may want to rebalance things....and as a player, you can always do that in the Mod Settings for yourself. (I may play with vanilla shelves storing 2 items, for example - for 20 wood, less than a chair, it just seems more natural? But I'll only change that for myself in my own mod settings :) Or maybe I'll decide not to, who knows)

Balancing for 1.4
I will probably adjust either prices down or storage up by default on most items? I'm not sure yet. If you have firm thoughts, feel free to share them, altho I don't promise to listen ;)

Deep Storage Units: yet another storage solution

LWM presents a way to organize your supplies, loot, clothes, and even your garbage, to allow you a tidy base where your colonists aren't simply dumping stuff on the floor. Deep Storage units include medicine cabinets, meat hooks, clothing racks, weapon lockers, etc, and all can store diverse items - just like regular shelves, but they allow more than one thing!

* Note: I have not used these, and have been super busy so haven't had a chance to add anything to the base mod. If you find right-clicking on storage slow, you might try this:
* A (faster?) UI for right-clicking on things: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2169841018
* Little Storage 2, Vault, Simple Storage, etc - if you want more ways to store things, there are several available in the Steam workshop!

FAQ / "I have a problem":
* Meat Hooks require the Smithing research!
* These Hampers are made of fabric, they don't hold fabric
* Does it work with Vanilla shelves?
* You can always add more stored things in Mod Settings
** (A little walkthrough for doing that: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2187075071)

Want to say Thanks?
* Have ** in Art? Draw me a picture of a little white mouse! I'm reachable on the Ludeon forum.
* Have extra spending money? Share a cup of something tasty (some places around here deliver!) at https://ko-fi.com/littlewhitemouse

* Storing things properly takes time - the colonists must carefully organize everything so it's easy to find what's needed.(*)
* Animals cannot by default haul to Storage - their little brains and paws (claws, etc) cannot manage the clasps, locks, catches, etc required to store things properly.(*)
* All the units you can build are in the Storage menu - by default this includes other mods' storage buildings.(*)
* (*) - these can be changed in the Mod Settings (again, link above)

* Storage compatible with many different mods: Dubs Bad Hygiene, RimCuisine, Survival Tools, Vegetable Garden. If you see something that SHOULD be stored but isn't? You can let me know!
* You can also change what's allowed in the Mod Settings!
* Plays well with mods that change stack size (OgreStack, Deep Stack, etc). Want 10 stacks of 1000 Advanced Components in one square? Go for it! (Just watch out for mortar attacks...)
* Plays well with mods that affect storage: Restricted Storage (LWM), Satisfied Storage, RimWorld Search Agency (not as well as Satisfied Storage), Stockpile for Disaster, heck - there's a Deep Refrigerator if you play with RimFridge
* Plays well with mods that affect hauling: CommonSense, Pick Up and Haul.
* Haul To Stack? I have conflicting reports, let me know.
* Other storage mods? maybe:
** Project RimFactory: probably okay, should be fully compatible soon
** Extended Storage: maybe
** Other storage mod??? If you get weird behavior, turn off "Over Capacity" check in mod settings
* Industrial Rollers: not fully, but fix is coming!

Want more types of units? Frozen organ storage? Piggy banks for silver? Cubbyholes for bedrolls? You can either make your own derived mod (the XML is a mess, but it's a documented mess, and it's easy enough to follow!) or you can suggest things to me and offer to acquire a graphic (draw it yourself, find a free one, make deals with demons, whatever).

Русский - Тхакиро
Deutsch - Erdnussbrot
Chinese Traditional - shiuanyue
Note on Translations: These may not be complete translations, as I do add things from time to time. Want to translate it (all or part) into your language? Great! Let me know, I'll add it to the mod (or do a Pull Request on GitHub, if you do that thing - that is easiest for me!)

The code can be found online at: https://github.com/lilwhitemouse/RimWorld-LWM.DeepStorage
On Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/littlewhitemouse/myworkshopfiles/?appid=294100
In the Ludeon Forum: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=47707.0

Most images used with permission from Skullywag. (Thanks!)
Weapons Cabinets and Lockers are sumghai's. (Also thanks!)
Other images copyright as marked.
Almost all code (c) LWM, released under LGPL, because I think that the LGPL is the license we should actually be using for mods. Not that anyone is likely to complain if we use something else, but altho we have a stupid copyright system, we should still use it correctly.
Thanks to Marnador for the RimWorld font. Thanks to Pardeike for Harmony. Awesome.
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lilwhitemouse  [author] 11 hours ago 
For everyone who was asking for the old 1.3 version graphics? There are around 6 Harmony patches that are required to make it work. I had forgotten how complicated it is, and RimWorld 1.4 handles all of it for the new graphics.
That's all, just letting you know :)
lilwhitemouse  [author] 11 hours ago 
@Sego: ask Ludeon ;)

Likely technical answer: performance. If it has to check EVERY shelf and EVERY stockpile, that can get ...slightly slower?
More likely technical answer: this was easier
Sego 12 hours ago 
Wow, didn't knew it, why it need linking for basic functionality tho?
lilwhitemouse  [author] 12 hours ago 
@prince.mandor - I remember seeing something like that a long while ago, and I think it was caused by another mod making the info window bigger without changing the size of the base window (so other mods didn't have a way to see its bigger size) I don't specify where my window starts or is positioned - I just use vanilla window stuff. Does the Settings window look okay?
@Sego - I think that's expected behavior? If you have 12 wood in one stockpile and 12 in another stockpile, they won't get merged? If you link the storage buildings, I think you can tho :)
Sego 16 hours ago 
For some reason I can't merge stack of different containers, they don't see each other I guess
prince.mandor 18 hours ago 
Thank you! This is one of greatest mods!

How UI window position defined in your mod?
On second screenshot here it is positioned perfectly, but in my game with lot of mods it covers Contents and Storage buttons and part of container name. Possibly my info window is large, possibly your window is positioned lower.
Is it possible to do something here? To change default window position, or make it movable, or make it automatically put bottom edge on top edge of buttons?
kongkim Dec 7 @ 11:51am 
@lilwhitemouse Netrve's DeepStorage GUI mod just got an update ;)
kongkim Dec 7 @ 10:22am 
Hmm yah can't help as my mods here are very basic as i can't do C# :S
lilwhitemouse  [author] Dec 7 @ 10:20am 
I took a stab at making it better, and it worked fine for smaller menus, but theirs was much better. It's not a super straightforward problem
kongkim Dec 7 @ 10:18am 
@lilwhitemouse Thx for the answer :)
And its a good workaround for now. But hopw they update that mod, have not been able to find any other mods that can help with it sadly.