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[1-4P] Space Station Defense - Zero-G Survival Mission
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Jan 2 @ 6:33am
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[1-4P] Space Station Defense - Zero-G Survival Mission

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Shoot asteroids in space!
Requires Zero-G.

This is a space endless survival level based on the International Space Station from the movie Geostorm.

A malfunctioning Dutch Boy has inadvertently caused a chain reaction forming a rapidly-expanding cloud of space debris, and forces ISS to call for reinforcement to protect the space station.

You will need a specialized spacecraft that works well in Zero-G with enough weaponry to destroy the space debris.

Mission Objective:
☑ Delay the inevitable destruction of the space station as long as you can and submit your record to the leaderboard!

Choose your space ship!
Contain five space ship from Official Besiege Discord Space Ship Contest Top 5 in playlist mode. Click the icon below to visit their workshop page.

Controls --
  • Look: Up/Down Left/Right
  • Movement: W/A/S/D (Must inside camera)
  • Roll: Q/E
  • Toggle Engine: C
  • Fire Cannon: Left Shift
  • Respawn: Enter
  • Change Camera: 1

    Some spaceship has special unique feature, see them on the keymapper or their respective workshop page

Object count: 1483

Non-mandatory visual mods:
TrailBlockMod for fancy engine trail effect.
SpecialEffects for lighting effect.
Object Explorer to change the background manually.

  1. Shadé | Sentinel | 1:52:28[]

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Shadé  [author] Jan 9 @ 6:08pm 
they don't provide the space sphere tho as you have to make them by yourself.
as with Object Explorer, you just need to write one line.
Crunchee4K Jan 9 @ 9:42am 
I think Custom Scene is better than Object Explorer cus Object is waaay to hard to use
SoDa_Bear Jan 8 @ 4:04am 
Shadé  [author] Jan 8 @ 2:33am 
i have to make sure it's not endless. since making exponentialy harder waves are quite difficult, i'll just make it hard from the start
Ross Plavsic Jan 7 @ 11:49pm 
Very slick idea, and well-executed! It's a really hard challenge though. 😉
Shadé  [author] Jan 6 @ 4:49pm 
this was started before MV first released. then quickly abandoned because they changed the Volcanic Rock behaviour.
Several months ago I found the solution to the Volcanic Rock behaviour and wrapped this up before the Space Ship Contest ended.
I just finished the video recently
EmeraldGamerYT Jan 6 @ 1:43pm 
How long did this take to build?
Shadé  [author] Jan 5 @ 5:43pm 
sorry bout that, it's fixed now
dagriefaa Jan 4 @ 9:00pm 
One of the image links for the ships is broken.
Shadé  [author] Jan 4 @ 7:27am 
Object explorer mod could do it a lot easier than my own method which involves Custom Scene mod