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Sep 24, 2018 @ 9:19pm
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Scored second place in the RLM contest #3: Scientifically-More-Accurate Space Ships!

High-Speed Missile Interceptor
Nanite Systems
Generation 101 | Revision 3.5

...I suppose this is Space Engineers now.
Use Zero-G unless you want to have a bad time!

Using the reverse thrusters above 100m/s causes parts to fly off and the ship to go every which way. At such speeds, toggle C to brake - above 300m/s, this causes the ship to fall apart. At such speeds, turn the ship side-on to the direction of travel; aerodynamic drag will slow you down quickly.

Make sure to turn on engine ignition if you're either going fast or launching from the ground (without zero g).
[1] (Cameras) Chase/Forward [LCtrl] (Engine) Ignition (toggle) [W/X] (Engine) Forward (ignition on) [W/S] (RCS) Forward/Reverse (ignition off) [A/D] (RCS) Left/Right [RShift/RAlt] (RCS) Up/Down [C] Inertia Dampeners (toggle) [˄/˅] (All) Pitch [˂/˃] (All) Roll [Q/E] (All) Yaw [T/G] (Gyros) Pitch [F/H] (Gyros) Roll [R/Y] (Gyros) Yaw [LMB/LShift] Fire Cannons [2-9] Fire Missiles (hold for tracking) [M] (Left Turret) Fire [I/K] (Left Turret) Up/Down [J/L] (Left Turret) Left/Right [,] (Right Turret) Fire [P/]] (Right Turret) Up/Down [-/]] (Right Turret) Left/Right

  • Mass: 233.45t (+5.6)
  • Acceleration (Void): 92.2m/s^2
  • Top Speed (Air): 469.5m/s

Block Count: 290 (+2 cameras)
Dimensions (1x): 71.5m x 23m x 16m
Reaction Wheels: 10 (4, 2, 4)

  • 8 Archer Kinetic Guided Missiles
  • 2 8/L Cannons
  • 2 15/7 Crossbow Turrets

Crew: 0 Required, 1 Possible
> 1 Pilot


Ever since the conception of Nanite Systems, the Strigon has been present. Though originally designed as a light interceptor, its heavy basis in terrestrial rocketry also resulted in shuttle variants (cargo and personnel) and even a heavy-lift variant. The base frame of the 101st-generation Strigon comes with two cannon turrets for point defence and an optional jump drive, and can be configured for remote or automated operations.

This particular Strigon is fitted with eight Archers and two heavy cannons, allowing it to excel at any combat range. Tactics using it take advantage of its massive thrust, which allow it to run circles around even the lightest of fighters and interceptors and strike with little warning to devastating effect. The tradeoff for this is very little armour - the Strigon has always been little more than a fuel tank and an engine, and a careless pilot can easily find themselves in dire straits.

The first and most versatile spaceship class of Nanite Systems.

The original version entered into the contest was an 0.3x scale model, and had over 450 blocks!

The version used for [Shadé] Space Station Defense is also an 0.3x scale model, but has 250 blocks (a vast improvement!) and has a few features removed (such as turrets and RCS thruster ignition).

It's fully decked out:
- Two 8x cannons
- 8 vacuum-guided missiles
- Two 2-crossbow turrets
- Thruster RCS (rotation and translation in all directions)
- Extra gyro attitude control for fine control
- Pretty fast
- Looks pretty nice, I guess

It is possible to land this thing - I have done it. However, actually doing so is a hellish undertaking due to the engine!
Reducing the engine power by 40% has made it possible to land it safely.


[Mods You Need]
I suppose you think this is Space Engineers, where required mods are somewhat acceptable!

[Mods You Don't Really Need, But Should Have]
[dagriefaa] AC Head-Up Display
[dagriefaa] WASD Camera Toggle

No-one's developed a scripting interface yet.

[Blitsplatapus] Blue Plains
[Shadé] Space Station Defense

And you!

This was based off of an as-of-yet unreleased Space Engineers version, the current version of which was inspired by a combination of [Nostrian99] SS-3 Rocinante and various SpaceX rockets.

Lancers are long-range attackers, often striking from great distances with guided missiles like the ships of today. They aren't designed for short-range combat, and heavy armour is limited to a structural frame - their greatest strength apart from overwhelming firepower is their high speed, which allows them to outrun pursuers.
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Ross Plavsic Jan 7 @ 11:53pm 
If you don't use zero G you're going to have a bad time, M'kay?

Seriously, cool ship. 😁
Lord_Silverfish Oct 11, 2018 @ 8:48pm 
Looks great!
DieselFuel1111 Oct 10, 2018 @ 4:41pm 
Good job!