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Shadé's obsession with modern military games may have something to do with his obsession with RTS games. Has some secret aspire to fly a jet someday. When not blogging writing movies review, Shadé generally lusting over some Besiege trying to create something to record with.

Also has an unhealthy obsession with all things 3D. :2015cookie:
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[h1]Race around the Toytanic stage from Re-Volt![/h1]

Toytanic is a series of track found in Re-Volt, created by Acclaim Studios. The track's name obviously is a play on the name of the British ship Titanic.

Toytanic 2 and 1 use the same cruise model
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Created by - Shadé
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Created by - Shadé
170 ratings
A video and written guide on how to build a basic plane on Besiege. Covers everything from engine, designing wings and stabilizers, and how to controlling via realistic ailerons and elevators.
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Shadé Apr 24 @ 9:00pm 
yeah its eligible
geodetic Apr 24 @ 5:48pm 
hi, i'm challenging valley of kings with my medusa but i wonder if it is eligible or not.
easy said it is not realistic, but it is full vanilla and somewhere i heard full vanilla is allowed

geodetic Apr 21 @ 8:00pm 
remember my plane aerocopterlike looking? here you can find the maximum extent of that tech. it is something frightening, makes every powerplane i saw until now go pale :) i cant control it well but you may be able to. when u feel like it get a look ;)
fully vanilla!!
geodetic Apr 7 @ 7:00pm it's this one.. i scored 16:18 at valley of kings with it
geodetic Apr 7 @ 6:57pm 
hello:) i created a particular vanilla plane.. would you mind testing it ?
Hey, may I use some of your planes for some screenshots for a creation?