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Enhanced Mod Manager

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Enhanced Mod Manager

This mod overhauls the mod manager screen primarily by splitting the single default mod list into two. Now mods are displayed either on the left (disabled) or right (enabled) making it easy to see which mods are active. It also includes a number of UI tweaks as well as enhancements to the filtering and search options.

  • Two seperate lists! Enabled mods and disabled mods.
  • Mod info hidden by default. Select a mod to bring up that mod's details panel.
  • Mod teaser info now shows below the mod title.
  • Right click to instantly enable/disable mod.
  • Hold shift to select and enable/disable multiple mods at once!
  • New Filter: Filter out mods that do or do not affect save games.
  • New Sort Options: Sort by mod author, compatibility, time last updated and mod dependency. (mods will be listed directly under the mod they require to run)
  • New Search Option: Search can now look for mod author as well as title/teaser.
  • Total mod counters: Just how heavily modded is your Civilization VI? Now you know.
  • Open direct links to each mods Steam Workshop page and changelog within the mod manager.
  • Locally installed mods (Mods in ...\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods) marked by icon.
  • Automatically saves a 'Last Used Mods' mod group on screen exit. To easily return to that configuration.
  • Export your own mod lists and define your own custom mod filters, check out the CustomFilters.xml file for more info.

Installation Instructions
Subscribe to the mod using the button above and go to the Additional Content Screen from the main menu in game. Find and enable Enhanced Mod Manager. Then quit to desktop and relaunch the game.

Localised Languages
  • German - by Pudding
  • French - Machine/AI Translation
  • Spanish - Machine/AI Translation
  • Italian - by iPlayGamesITA
  • Japanese - by J4A
  • Chinese - by eudaimonia
  • Korean - by choijanggyu
  • Polish - Machine/AI Translation
  • Portuguese - by Star Secret

Note that some localisations were done by Machine/AI. If you are a native speaker and have suggestions for improvement please get in touch!

Update History
  • 16/04/23- Updated to v.1.9.1
    • Enhanced Mod Manager now automatically saves your last used mods to a custom mod group.
    • This should prevent disabled mods from activating themselves on update.
  • 25/03/23- Updated to v.1.9
    • Added additional button to Enabled mod list to export mod ID's of currently enabled mods.
    • Added a button to toggle stripping out color tags in mod names.
    • Added option to cycle through tip messages.
  • 30/01/21- Updated to v.1.8.1
    • Added German and Japanese localisations.
  • 08/01/21- Updated to v.1.8
    • Added an export selected mods feature that makes it easier to create custom mod filters.
    • Improved performance when selecting a large number of mods with Shift+Click.
  • 01/01/21- Updated to v.1.7.7
    • Fixed an issue with displaying mod teaser text on some mods.
    • Added Korean localisation.
  • 24/12/20- Updated to v.1.7.6
    • Added Italian localisation.
  • 20/06/20- Updated to v.1.7.5
    • Mods now have an icon on them to indicate that they are locally installed vs a workshop subscribed item.
  • 23/05/20- Updated to v.1.7
    • Mod Manager UI now scales better to all resolutions, including 2560x1440+.
    • You can now unsubscribe from mods from the subscriptions tab.
  • 01/10/19 - Updated to v.1.6
    • Applied fix for mod not loading/crashing due to changes from recent official patches.
  • 23/06/19 - Updated to v1.5.5
    • Added custom icons for mods based on whether they are cosmetic or not. (Affects save games)
    • Added ability to sort by time mod was last updated by the author.
    • Links to a mods Steam Workshop page and changelog now works on all subscription mods automatically.
  • 06/04/19 - Updated to v1.5
    • Implemented support for custom map mod icons in mod list.
    • Enabled the World Builder menu button be default so no config file editing is required for access.
  • 27/03/19 - Updated to v1.4.5
    • Added 'Last Updated' field to mod details as well as direct links to that mods Steam Workshop page and changelog. (Mod Makers must enable this by adding their subscription ID into their .modinfo files)
  • 02/03/19 - Updated to v1.4
    • Now compatible with Gathering Storm expansion.
    • Added new sort option - sort by compatibility.
    • Added ability to import your own custom filters. See the CustomFilters.xml file in the mod directory for instructions on how to do this.
  • 31/12/18 - Updated to v1.3
    • Added ability to select multiple mods at once by holding shift.
  • 29/12/18 - Updated to v1.2
    • Added confirmation popup to enable/disable all buttons to help with misclicks.
    • Added a Simplified Chinese localisation.
  • 27/12/18 - New filter options. Split 'Affects Saves' filter into 'Gameplay' and 'Cosmetic' filters.
  • 25/12/18 - Initial Release. Merry Christmas Civ fans!

Compatible With
  • Civilization VI Base Game
  • Rise and Fall Expansion
  • Gathering Storm Expansion
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Mar 6 @ 2:59am
PINNED: Feedback, Issues & Feature Requests
JNR Mar 7 @ 3:09pm 
Idk if this can be done without changing the filters file (since you don't want to touch that) but a "mods not included in any filter" filter would be nice, especially to quickly identify mods that snuck into the activated list because of an update (I have all mods I usually play with in various lists such as "UI", "Animated Leaders", "World Wonders", etc).
1679974407 Feb 15 @ 3:13am 
GrenadesAndHamm Dec 25, 2023 @ 12:37pm 
How does the compatibility sorter work? I'm having a mod conflict I can't find.
2998792880 Dec 23, 2023 @ 9:05am 
some mods will not be shown in the mod manager
god of being bad at everything Dec 21, 2023 @ 5:04am 
Q to everyone, why do sometimes mods get added randomly
lotherius Nov 22, 2023 @ 9:59pm 
Using this and a few other UI only mods... enjoyed half of a great game and had to save and come back. After reloading the save game, all mods are no longer enabled on the save. Yet they're still enabled in the mod manager... What gives?
Skalozubio Nov 6, 2023 @ 8:39am 
Русский перевод здесь - Game and mods - Russian translations
Russian translation is here - Game and mods - Russian translations

Dear FinalFreak, you can attach a link to my mod with translations into Russian and then more users will be able to enjoy your work.
sirkerry Sep 21, 2023 @ 11:49am 
@FinalFreak16 - is there a way to have a mod list that disables enabled mods if detected? Example, I have a UI Mods list the enables various UI improving mods including Better City States (UI), but I want to have another mod list that enables CIVITAS City-States Expanded and disables Better City States (UI), if it's enabled, since they're not compatible. Is this possible, or am I just being obtuse and not seeing how to do it?
alex Sep 19, 2023 @ 8:45pm 
@Zyxpsilon: thanks, man, I missed that. I set up the filters, it's exactly what I was looking for
Zyxpsilon Sep 19, 2023 @ 7:12am 
@alex; This is already available.
Check the bottom line in the "Features" box above.
We can even edit a special file (CustomFilters.xml) found in the root folder of the mod; Steamapps/workshop/content/289070/1601259406--here!
Have fun discovering the instructions with his direct comments.