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This is the BETA release branch of the F/A-18 Super Hornet. Find the documentation at our wiki at and this google doc (which contains also outdated information)

For most recent skin packs please visit Jaentzen's workshop:

If you have question, suggestions or bug reports, best join our discord at
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demjand Oct 6 @ 12:27am 
Great job! With your labors, you enliven Arma3. Thank you for this addon. If only you'd also spread the lessons, it would be great! I'm from Russia and it would be great if you released an addon of a well-developed Russian modern aircraft at your discretion. I am sure the Russian Arma3 fan community would be grateful to you! Do you make aviation to order?
TheD3recK Sep 27 @ 10:39pm 
your aircraft is amazing bro! really love it...maybe this is a bug i don't know if is just me, the cockpit sounds doesn't work D: when the enemy blocks me in the radar with a missile there is no an alert sound, i just notice it for my flares hahah. in other ways BEST AIRCRAFT IN THE WORKSHOP! (i need to know how to use the camera in the plane it's so weird for me).
Myha Sep 21 @ 12:15am 
@DeltaPepe Depends on how long ago you are talking about, but I tested it about a year ago after an update on it, and it was still janky, and I don't think there has been any real update on it since then.

@freddylange9001 There already is a tailhook for carrier landing, you can toggle it with mouse wheel or with a cockpit button, I think it's near the buttons for gears and parking brakes.
Delta Pepe Sep 12 @ 5:52am 
Hey there! I just wanted to ask if the WSO seat has been fixed since a long time ago? Thanks for any answers :)
freddylange9001 Sep 4 @ 11:07am 
Are you guys going to add a Hook to the FA-18 so we can land on the Carrier's? I just want to know :)
The Shadowbroker Aug 22 @ 8:52pm 
i cannot locate the canopy lever, is it just me? ive never had trouble finding the hotspot before lol
tHE_Dpoy Aug 5 @ 5:21am 
Your mod is just amazing-best aircraft in Arma! Can you add functional AGM-84E Slam in you mod?
Fethergame Jul 30 @ 8:21am 
You upgraded Arma 3 into Arma 4 with this mod. Thank you so much guys!!!!
liwocom Jul 17 @ 10:10am 
Hope to add GBU-39 small diameter bomb
TeTeTe3  [author] Jul 12 @ 4:48pm 
@Grizzles, thanks for the positive words in the name of the team. Most messages addressing us are on bugs, problems, and wishes. So thanks again :D