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Shadow Walker (Class Mod)
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Oct 18, 2018 @ 7:24pm
Mar 24, 2021 @ 12:09pm
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Shadow Walker (Class Mod)

In 2 collections by dem22
From North, South, East, West & Seas to stop Doomsday, fight Spiders, free Pets
16 items
Pets: Phase 1 Modded Heroes
20 items

*NEW! Korean Translation by Kairakuten
*Summer 2020: Modified Skill! Pressure Point Now Has Chance to Blind (1-3 rds) which lowers accuracy. Higher skill level increases chance for longer Blindness. Recovering from Blindness adds a speed penalty. Blindness is one of three new status states in Pet Cemetery (Dungeon Mod)/Coming 2020.

*Compatible with Pets (Trinkets + Monster Mod) Details below.

Class Description
The Shadow Walker is an agile ninja and treasure hunter, with mysterious connections to the black market. His contact pays him a nice bonus for fine jade and unique antiques. The Shadow Walker eventually hand-crafted a travel case to store additional gemstones (9 jade stones and 2 trapazohedrons). In addition, his keen eyes can often spot loot others would miss.

He can attack with his katanna, venomous shurikens, or entangle opponents with a chain. He can also slap or pinch enemies. He can slide into the shadows and tries to attain a healing meditative state. He usually carries two small, glass globes that are Smoke Bombs which can reveal stealthy monsters. His treasure hunting skills and black market connections make him a valuable companion.

Combat Skills
Some of his skills grow in reach, duration, or starting location with practice.
Ken-Jutsu (Katana Strike)
Kiai-Jutsu (Chain Entangle)
Kuji-Kiri (Gesture Slap)
Venom Tipped Shurikens
Blood Boil
Pressure Point
Shadow Slide

Primary: Stealth, Shuffler, Blight,
Other: Treasure Hunter, Marking, Stunner

Camping Skills
Dark Meditation
Guerilla Warfare

Vial of Good Memories
Book of Poems
Heavy Chain
Dark Incense
Assassination Contract
Elio's Last Boots, Set
Elio's Last Gloves, Set
"Constant Craving" Katanna, COM
Master's Mask, CC Set
Master's Razor Bracers, CC Set
Elio's Head, Collector
Shadow Walker's Ring
Blessed Chain

*Custom supply item (Smoke Bomb)
*Custom sounds
*6 Color/Character Variations (A-F)
*Town Event
Treasure Hunter Bonus: Hunts for unique item (Jade Chess Piece), slim chance at other loot too.
*Custom Gem Inventory Stack Limit (Jade/9 : Trapezohedron/2)
*New Quirks +Skilled Toxicologist -Toxic Hypersensitivity

Shadow Walker can work with a variety of playstyles and other class configurations and gains extra loot for town and hero upgrades. He is not a huge damage dealer but can also stun, blight, and has a unique riposte. He works well with Graverobbers and teams that continually reposition. Nimble. Random stealth. Critical hits trigger a short Riposte. Rare meditative state group healing. His treasure hunting income can be a huge help.

Pets Compatible

NOW LIVE! Help free "Sting", the Shadow Walker's Pet Spider who was captured by the Pet Patrol in the Pets (Trinkets + Monster Mod). Optional mod.

Herbs of the Wild Compatible

A Shadow Walker has extensive training as an herbalist: the study of botany and plants for medicinal and other uses. This allow a Shadow Walker to take full advantage of Carnifex's Herbs of the Wild Resource Mod which is recommended (and fun!) but is NOT required. It's especially helpful if you use Shadow Walker as your item collector. NOTE: When loading mods, just place HotW Resource Mod ABOVE/ON TOP OF all participating Class Mods.
Slim chance to find Herbal Trinkets in any of the four core areas.

A Spider Hunter
A Shadow Walker is skilled with pressure points and can help kill base Spiders and Spiders found in the Spider Nests 2 (Monster Mod). The Camping Skill "Assasination" grants him a 22% damage versus spiders for 4 battles. Incidentally, the Shadow Walker has been searching for his lost Pet Spider "Sting." Optional mod.

Pet Cemetery (Dungeon Mod): Now Available
New challenges, monsters, trinkets, gems, bosses, secrets, and more!

An Evening of Sparring
Explore Shadow Walker, Harlot, Zenith, Picaroon, Barbarian, Spartan, & Rescuer Class Mods

*Chinese(S) by 小凯先生
*Russian by HjordisTBM
*Korean(A) by Kairakuten
Other languages show English strings

*Kahvipannu artwork inspired by a ninja. Play with original skin-only version at https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1502280297
*Dem: Developer, coding, sounds

This mod is not an official Red Hook Studios product or product modification, and Red Hook Studios Inc. is not responsible in any way for changes or damages that may result from using the mod. Furthermore, “Darkest Dungeon” and the Darkest Dungeon logo are trademarks of Red Hook Studios Inc. All content in the game is Copyright Red Hook Studios Inc. All rights reserved.
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Oct 20, 2019 @ 4:12am
Bug Report
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Moth Aug 14 @ 4:52am 
Awkward as fuck abilities, his basic attack draws him forward, yet is not avaliable in position 1 lol, also he has no way to return to position 2 from 1 if there is only a single enemy. Terrible ability design, 4\10 Also. Marks? Why the fuck?
Lost Trekkie Mar 4 @ 5:35am 
Why settle for a Katana when you can go to the next level and equip a Katanna? :steamthumbsup: ;D
暴雨团 May 7, 2021 @ 4:03am 
Swadian Knight Nov 14, 2020 @ 6:12am 
Look like those ninjas from Mortal Kombat
I love it
Rio Nov 9, 2020 @ 8:14am 
Thank you! Wasn't sure if it was intended or not, or if anything is even wrong at all. But thanks :p
dem22  [author] Nov 8, 2020 @ 12:57pm 
Rio hello! will review that and correct if needed. Thank you.
Rio Nov 7, 2020 @ 8:36pm 
Hi, first of all, love the mod. Thank you for making it. I'm confused about the riposte skill. The skill description states that it debuffs riposte by -20%, but in the shadow_walker.info file it says -40%. Is it -60% altogether? how does this work?
dem22  [author] Aug 14, 2020 @ 9:45am 
Attrition Ha! in the code it's not that technical, but merely a fun way to connect multiple mods. Glad you "got it"!
Attrition Aug 14, 2020 @ 3:39am 
Came across the "Stolen Riftwatcher Poison" trinket, was that a hidden spawn checking for both a Warrens mission and Riftwatcher being installed?
dem22  [author] Apr 30, 2020 @ 1:43am 
UPDATE May 2020: Modified Skill! Pressure Point Now Has Chance to Blind (1-3 rds) which lowers accuracy. Higher skill level increases chance for longer Blindness. Recovering from Blindness adds a speed penalty. This will also be a new status in Pet Cemetery!