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Compromise - Part 5
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Jun 17, 2013 @ 11:42pm
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Compromise - Part 5

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This is hammer Wheatley styled single player series. There is not really a story line however it is preferred that they are played in order. A LOT of time has been put into this series so feedback is much appreciated as always, thanks.
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bullfrog May 31 @ 11:55pm 
I was about to say that, out of the 5 maps, the solution to this one, with its tricky timing, was a bit disappointing i.e. funnel, gel blob, self AND CUBE in gel button room, cube on floor, funnel self to ceiling above gel blob on floor, funnel cube to ceiling while you bounce, then shoot portal on far wall so cube flings through and reshoot funnel to catch it to turn off fizzler – which took many attempts to get right! – shoot portal in angled panel, other portal under self and fling to exit. But I saw your reply to @I before A except after K and watched the video! Good puzzle when done the way it’s meant to be done, pretty rubbish if you’re stupid enough to try and do it the way I did XD, thumbs up and thanks for the series.
RedKnife Aug 28, 2017 @ 9:46pm 
Great job. Toughest maps I have played. Needed YouTube walkthrough for 4 out of 5 of the Compromise maps. Really helped me sharpen my critical thinking skills. Thank you very much.
dire.fcs Jun 28, 2017 @ 9:24am 
Nice set of maps in this collection of 5.
Steve1965 May 11, 2017 @ 9:18pm 
I first used the up-the-tube exploit to get on the roof but that seemed too easy. Then I went back and did it the intended way.
qrioso Feb 26, 2017 @ 1:09pm 
All the compromise maps are designed well, easy to medium difficulty but very enjoyable. Thanks for alle the maps. Godd job
GrtWhtBuf Feb 14, 2017 @ 11:53am 
Very Enjoyable! Thanks.
zwan33 Mar 31, 2016 @ 12:35pm 
Fun! The intented solution is a already a lot of fun! But, the bug, which made me flyyyy around the chamber as if it was underwater was even better... :-D
Chelliste Mar 16, 2015 @ 2:17pm 
Several "aha!" moments in this one: 1) How to get a portal into the button room from the outside. 2) How to get gel into the places where they are needed. 3) The final solution sequence. I'm sorry to reach the end of this series.
Instantiation Jan 26, 2014 @ 12:16pm 
This one was really neat. It is possible to escape through the top if you're clever, but there's nothing map-breaking you can do out there. The intended solution was really satisfying, but reachable in a reasonable amount of time.
wildgoosespeeder Jan 14, 2014 @ 3:02pm 
Read my profile before reading the rest of my comment!

This reminds me of Mevious's understanding of blue gel, specifically "Height". Well done.

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