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自作MOD一覧(My original MOD list)
6 items
This has been translated by the DeepL translation tool

The elements included in this mod are as follows

Addition of two forces.
  • A friendly "Yokai Village"
  • The "Dragon's Nest", a hostile force that, like the Mechanoids, does not have a base.

A new research tree will be added, containing over 20 studies.

A new scenario for people to enjoy the elements of the Specter Village.
  • A relatively gentle start.

Adds some personalities.
Relatively powerful, but rare.

Adds over 10 types of specters, 4 types of dragons, and 3 hostile dragons.
Typical vanilla traders don't bring many specters or dragons with them.

Added support for RimWorld 1.3
Adjusted and added abilities of specters.
Lamia will now help with milking.
Some of the yokai's intelligence has been modified. Basically, they are now smarter.
Two (technically three) new yokai have been added.
Two (technically three) new yokai have been added. The carnivorous ones often get dirty.
Some monsters' stats have been adjusted.
Some monsters have been restricted in how they can join and how many they can join.
The amount of food consumed by Hodama has been drastically reduced. The lifespan has been increased by a factor of 100!
Yukidizuku does not occur naturally. Yukidrop does not occur naturally, but joins through events. The hint is snow.
The nine-tailed fox does not occur naturally. It becomes a friend when you meet some conditions. Hint: They are good friends.

There are now many more items!
In addition, many of the existing items have had their performance adjusted to match the new items. For more information, please play and see for yourself!

Five more dragon curses have been added.
The new ones are also strong. Bones, guts, etc.
The existing curses have also been tweaked. It's mainly related to beauty.

Nurarihyon is now hidden.
I'm sure she'll come out again soon.

The Oni have come out as replacements.
They're the new leaders. They look just like humans, but they're stronger.

We've changed the specifications of the monsters' weapons.
We've reviewed the entire system, and the impact of the weapon's original performance has been increased. When transferred from existing data, the new formula will be automatically recalculated.
It is now possible to grow vanilla and other modded weapons in the same way as spectral weapons.
There are now two types of weapons: natural and artificial.
There is now a section in the item information called "00 Monster Weapons" where you can find information about the unique stats of monster weapons.

Various contracts have been added.
By making a contract with a Spectral Weapon, you can gain strong blessings.
Please be careful when making a contract with the lodging tree. There is no going back.

There is no way to go back.
The recipe has been removed. We are currently preparing to create an event to obtain them.
If you really want to use them, please take them out in developer mode or start with a dedicated scenario!

Some equipment is now compatible with royalty.
You don't need to own or use the DLC to use them.

We've finally implemented a unique alchemy system for Specter Village!
This is a system that gradually unlocks useful functions by collecting youkai. You'll be able to use this system in a variety of different ways, and the trick is to collect and befriend a variety of monsters.
In the past, you had to register a recipe for making various alchemy materials in the Youkai forge, but that has been removed and you can now do it in the Youkai alchemy pot.
Some items can no longer be made by simply completing research, but must be unlocked from both the research and smithing systems. The most powerful weapon in the Monster Village is one such item.
Some new elements, such as the aforementioned artificial specter weapons, cannot be used from the start, but must be unlocked through the alchemy system.

Some new elements, such as the aforementioned artificial monster weapons, will not be available from the start, but will need to be unlocked through this alchemy system.
The main focus is on flavor text to convey the world of Yokai Village, but there are also hints of unique elements of Yokai Village that are not too meta.
I hope you'll enjoy it when you don't know what to do, or when you're just taking a break from playing.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you can figure it out. I'm sorry.

1.1 has not been updated.
There is no plan to update it in the future.

.Shinobu-chan, who is responsible for many of the illustrations. Thanks again!
Big thanks also to Ao and Nanamo Kisaki for some very nice illustrations!

Also, thanks to Ryouta for writing the behavioral controls and to the author of the House cat Keeper mod. Thank you very much.
Thanks also to Fujisawa-san for supervising and consulting me on various DLLs. I appreciate your accurate and sharp advice!

A sincere thanks also to Shion for providing the simplified Chinese translation. It was given to me as a Christmas present.

Some of the yokai voices are made with Voiceloid and Voiceloid2.
The voice of Lamia is borrowed from Hidachi Material Studio.
I borrowed one illustration from "Irasutoya".
One sound effect work is borrowed from "Let's play with free sound effects! I borrowed one sound effect from "Free Sound Effects!
Thank you very much.

Thank you.
All languages other than Japanese have been translated based on the replacement of flavorless sentences with as little flavor as possible in order to improve the accuracy of the machine translation.
If you are interested in providing a translation, please contact us.
If you are going to provide us with a translation, please use Japanese as the base language if you want the translation to be close to the original flavor.

.You are free to redistribute and modify this mod as long as you follow the license below.
- CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Copyright 2017-2020 Uniinu,Shinobu,Fujisawa,Ryouta,and more.

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