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Camping Stuff
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Sep 25, 2018 @ 9:38pm
Oct 21, 2018 @ 3:24am
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Camping Stuff

Original mod by Nandonalt[ludeon.com]

Description (with updates):
---------- CAMPING STUFF -------------

  • Deployable Tent (Normal, Medium, Big, and Long) made from any textile (fabric/leather)
  • Portable Stove

Seeing the popularity of the Set-Up Camp mod (not required), I [Nandonalt] decided to make some new objects to improve your camping experience.
This does not require a new save.

  • Craftable in any Tailoring Bench or in a Crafting Spot (Except for the big one).
  • Can be made from any textile material.
  • Requires:
    • Normal: 140 textiles and 25 wood;
    • Medium: 250 textiles and 50 wood;
    • Big: 400 textiles and 75 wood.
    • Long: 500 textiles and 100 wood.
  • To deploy a tent: With a pawn selected, right click a tent and select where you want to set it up. Items, building, pawns and trees block the placement.
  • To pack a tent: With a pawn selected, right click the tent support tile of a deployed tent.
  • If the tent was damaged (walls removed/exploded/etc), the pack will be damaged too. Right click to use nearby stacks of textiles to repair it (10 textiles = 1 wall).
  • The tent walls and door are fragile and most likely won't stop raider chasing your pawns. They can be deconstructed to get some of the textiles back.
  • Tents can be rotated on placement. If it's tricky to get the rotation you want, try to rotate it at another position and should work.

  • Can be found on Architect/Temperature.
  • Requires 50 steel, 2 components, and 10 chemfuel.
  • A better version of the campfire, but the fuel is chemfuel (holds 10).
  • Can be uninstalled/reinstalled.
  • Can be used to cook all of the same things a campfire does and to heat up spaces.
  • Isn't powered by batteries but requires the electricity research to build.
  • Texture made by user Deon.
Please report any unusual behavior of any of these objects, especially the deployable tent.
Also, I would like your feedback on balancing so the items aren't so overpowered.


Ludeon Forums link: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=45944
Want to support me and my mods? Check out my patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/nandonalt

Nandonalt- Original author
Vaniat- Special shout out for getting a b18 version on steam (and not kicking me out of the comments section)
The Rimworld Discord- for being wonderful people

Github link for non-steam users[github.com]

  • Features:
    • Portable electric cook-top/hot-plate/griddle
    • Chemfuel lamp/lantern
    • Couples tent
    • Backpacks
    • Fix item list bloat
    • Woody/Steel recipe

Known incompatibilities
  • Mods that alter stack size (OgreStack, Stack XXL, etc)- tents (DeployableTent, DeployableTentMedium, DeployableTentBig, and DeployableTentLong) must have a stack size of 1. Tents in stacks (greater than one) will not deploy and instead will disappear from the stack.
  • Matching Embrasures- prevents tents from being able to hold an internal temperature.

Q: Is it save game compatible?
A: Let it henceforth be engraved in silicon and copper, so that it may be known to all who will ignore this part and ask anyway: this mod is saved game compatible.

Q: How do I pack/unpack tents?
A: It’s in the description, but since I’m really tired of answering this, I’ll put it in twice. Tents aren’t magic, someone (one of you pawns) will have to pack and unpack them. To deploy a tent: select a pawn, right click the tent you want to deploy, and select where you want to set it up. To pack a tent: select a pawn and right click the tent support tile of a deployed tent.

Q: I found a bug/issue/problem, where should I report that?
A: I have a discussions page just for that, it's pinned, but here's the link anyway:
Bug Reports.
Q: What if I want to leave my bug/issue/problem in the comments section?
A: Bug reports in the comments section will be ignored, deleted, or I might just make fun of you for not reading the FAQ. In any case, until your issue is properly reported in the bug reports discussion, I WILL NOT investigate it.

Q: Is it compatible with XYZ mod?
A: I have no idea, I'm going to guess probably, maybe, possibly. As I don't have time to test every mod for the game, I would appreciate if you would test that for me, if it works fantastic! If not drop me a bug report and I'll look into it.

Q: I want remain on an old version on the game, why don't you have old versions of the mod on the workshop?
A: I do in-place updates because as a modder maintaining multiple versions on the workshop is annoying and as a player having to go through your mod list and hunt down the new version for every mod on the list is a royal pain. Additionally, I already have a system in place for distributing old versions of the mod on my github[github.com], all you need to do is download the mod that corresponds to your game version, extract the zip to your RimWorld mods directory (see the included readme for additional help), and it should show up in your mod list with a folder icon next to it.

Q: 1.1?
A: It looks like 1.1 made some changes to some of the underlying codebase for the game (newer versions of .net and harmony), so there's a good chance I'll need to update the mod's code, I don't have time to dig into it right now, but I am aware that there will likely be an issue and will be working to fix it as soon as I can.

For more camping furniture, check out Caravan Gear by Thom Blair III / Jellypowered
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Teleporting tents
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Alias  [author] Apr 23 @ 7:16pm 
@The8thGear, I mean yes, but also in the last two years I've been pursuing a master's degree (and before that my undergrad), it's not like I can just spend all day working on the mod (okay, I guess I technically could, but tuition is really freaking expensive (hi from the US)). It's almost there (if you only ever wanted to deploy tents you could probably mostly play it right now), but I've been tied up trying to get all my graduation stuff squared away (and setting up a new job).

@Mr. Mauer, I think the argument is less that I'm doing it for free and more than I didn't give up my claim so someone else could do it faster also for free. It's a valid point, but I'm a bit of a control freak sometimes and I like knowing exactly what makes everything tick. Part of the benefit to rewriting the whole mod is that since it's my own work, I feel way more comfortable giving it an open source license, green lighting other people to work on the mod in the future if they wanted.
Mr. Mauer Apr 23 @ 5:10pm 
all ze mad ppl here :'D be thankfull someone is spending his time on stuff like this for free
The8thGear Apr 23 @ 4:44pm 
While not a dead mod, it's been two years, it's at least on life support. The base game is updating faster than mod for some packable walls.
Alias  [author] Apr 19 @ 11:41am 
What is a shame is the fact that I don't drink, to think I could have a killer drinking game [xkcd.com] going for the last year and change for every comment that amounts to "alias is slow"...

@Derelict, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Derelict Apr 19 @ 9:45am 
Dead mod

Dozens of people who would have liked to take the mod on, with the coding ability to deliver. Over two years?

rosebmelon Apr 6 @ 12:27pm 
oh my gosh excited!
CandiedSkull Apr 6 @ 11:26am 
Y'all, an update is coming. Check the github link below for current progress. The mod had to be basically entirely re-written due to alterations to the Rimworld and Harmony code changes between 1.0 and 1.1+. The author is prioritizing rl, but is still making progress on the mod.

There are other, less fleshed out, tent mods that currently (kinda) function. A bit less complex, but perhaps perfectly viable for people's needs. In particular "Camping tent" adds outdoor beds
Доктор RIP Mar 25 @ 5:36am 
Kaz the Mercenary Mar 6 @ 1:33pm 
Anything we can do to help? Please ignore the trolls.
Texas Redhawk Feb 14 @ 8:33pm 
I will continue waiting patiently for the update. In regards to the rest - maybe a bolded note at the top of the description that an update is coming after your more important studies are over would help dissuade the spam of update requests? Casual users no doubt don't bother searching through the comments to see if there's already been a comment from the author saying an update is coming.