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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Playable Childen
Created by ~asdf~
Image source:
WARNING!!! This mod enables children deaths; this is required in order to make the class playable. If you are against killable children this mod is not for you.
Clothing for chi...
Marriage Dynamic Outfits (Spouse redress, Hugging features)
Created by flexcreator
Please, read the FAQ before asking questions:

Have you ever wonder why your partner wear the same clothes all the time (if not a follower)?

Well, this mod let your spouse relax and wear different outfits every ...
Make them Slaves!
Created by DooM
for the english version

do not download the main version on Nexus !!! download it here since i cant update on nexus anymore !!! but you c...
Castle Draco Riverwood Edition 5.5
Created by Draco1122
Looking for someone to do a videos review.

[color=yellow]Updated to 5.5 Completed May 16, 2015[/color]


[color=yellow]---5.5 Fixed reported issues and cleaned esp and...
Pirates of the Pacific_The Protection of the Elder Scroll
Created by lordkarnak
Pirates of the Pacific: The Protection of the Elder Scroll


This is a quest mod inspired from the very many pirate themes seen i...
Pocket Empire Builder v1.49
Created by splynter
This version of the Pocket Empire Builder v1.49 is no longer in development.
The new version called "Empire Builder v2.X" is now public and can be found here:

Jump Height & Run Speed Changer v1.45
Created by splynter
Enables you to change your jump height and your run speed in game. The fall rate has been modified to prevent injury from a fall. You can jump off of mountain tops and not be injured.

This mod requires that you have SKSE (Skyrim Script Ex...
Kryptonian Race with Laser Vision & Much More
Created by Kryptonian
Members of the lost planet Krypton
Custom Race abilities and awesome carry weight bonuses.
Start carry weight is at 3000 Health and Stamina regenerstion is also higher rates as you are Kryptonian
Can breath under water or in Space
Unarmed is now a on...
Hearthfire multiple adoptions
Created by TMPhoenix
Primary download page is on Nexus Mods:

My Dovahkiin may be a master hunter of trolls, a dragon slayer extraordinaire and a bandit basher without equal, but secretly he's a big softy at heart. When travelling S...
Torture Nazeem (and Heimskr)
Created by Voodu
Do you get to the Cloud District often? Maybe not but you can get to this Torture Chamber whenever you want.

Tired of Nazeems less than witty remarks? Tired of Heimskr's endless ranting? Teach them the lessons they so richly deserve!

Find the entran...
Item Sorting Hearthfire
Created by Dasaige
This mod is an extenstion for Hearthfire for my mod found here:
Hearthfire and my original mod is required.

Created by Locaster
Thanks to everyone who has supported me with words of encouragement in the comments, and everyone who donated, vote and endorsed the file. I really appreciate it!

LC Castle Invasion

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Multiple Followers Lite
Created by KainAsylum

Allows up to 7 followers with MINIMAL SIDE EFFECTS for MAXIMUM COMPATIBILITY with other mods that alter existing or add unique followers.
*Will NOT alter outfits and equipment
*Will NOT change AI Aggressi...
Man Of Steel Follower
Created by JP Doctor

This mod adds the Man of Steel as a follower to Skyrim. He can be found in High Hrothgar and will level with the player. He has super speed, super strength and freeze breath (a.k.a. ice form shout). He is also invulnerable.

The cape included is from...
HearthFire: Windstad Manor - Fortified and Upgradable -by OH
Created by [266a2e]Kermit
Quick Update (3/24/2014) .. So, have some fantastic news. With some help, I was able to recover my last in progress version of this mod which contained some significant improvements! The next update Will not only be available sooner, but will be a signif...
The Dark Brotherhood Resurrection: Part 1
Created by Jediborg2
This mod adds a 4+ hour-long campaign to the end of the Dark Brotherhood Questline.

2 new Followers, fully voice acted and specially scripted for sneaky assassin players:

Averna - will hide in the shadows when you are sneaking. If you sneak attack, s...
Mannequin Corner Club
Created by G20
An annomous benefactor has left you the use of his Mannequin Club.. Until he comes to collect...

A Player home/Club with Over 100 Mannequin's for Your use, plenty of storage and all facilities. With some fun dungeons attached and a storyline.

There a...
Stealth Kills for Followers
Created by flexcreator
Plugin was UPDATED to version 1.5
- Removed marker collisions

Your followers are able to kill enemies silently. Should be compatible with all mods. This feature was first presented in my mod Mixed Unit Tactics. I decided to make a light standalone vers...
Marriage Mod - To Have & To Hold
Created by joeThinkStudios
This mod is designed to enhance the current marriage system in Skyrim; specifically the Wedding Scene at the Temple of Mara, fix various marriage related bugs (potentially an ongoing effort), and add mechanics to remarry. Ultimately, the goal of this mod, ...
Agility (WIP)
Created by Krassz
Agility merges the sneak tree with a new tree similar to acrobatics from Oblivion. Jumping increases your Agility experience and your Agility skill level directly increases your jump height when you acquire the relevant perk. Run speed included.

This mo...
Unarmored Perks
Created by Brickfaced
UPDATED 18TH MARCH: Now has small Damage Resistance perk "Rough Skin".
UPDATED 10TH APRIL: Two-Handed perk line works as it should now.


Unarmored Perks adds a variety of perks into the game which make the playing style of an unarmored warrior...
Spend Dragon Souls For Perks
Created by Smitty
*** Now compatible with SkyRE, and other perk-altering mods! ***
* Does NOT require any script extenders. *

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New, Version 3.0 is out! Read the revision log for more info!
Checkout the 3.0 Update video.
Assassin's Skyrim: Ezio's Roman Armor
Created by NAX
Do you have all the Assassin's Creed armors but not Ezio's Roman Armor? Then this mod will help you!

Mysterious House
Created by A shot of Jack
A lonesome house west of Faendal's home in Riverwood, You assume the identity of a slaver by picking up a note off the front door that instructs you to pick up your goods.


14 slaves (no gear coz their slaves)
A weapon vendor
2 bar vendor...
Hot Springs Home - Riverwood
Created by Synpathy
Get your speedo's ready!
Hot Spring pool carved out of solid rock and a home for you and companions to relax in on the outskirts of Riverwood.
I've gone for lore-friendly and detail in this mod rather than over-powered huge player fortress.
There's a fe...
Slave Pack Riekling Porter
This mod adds a little funny Riekling Porter with an oversized Backpack ready to carry your weights after you do him a little favor...

Skyrim Community College - v1.4
Created by rko381
A Legendary Hero needs a legendary school to help hone and perfect skills. East of Whiterun, the Skyrim Community College stands, with 18 trainers, 18 merchants, and a diverse storehouse of free gear for new students to begin their adventure...
Dovahkiin's Warehouse and Bedroom - Hearthfire Edition
Created by Chokehold
Welcome to the Dovahkiin's Warehouse and Bedroom - Hearthfire Edition.

The Warehouse is the ultimate storage and display property available in Skyrim, now combined with a mansion fit for the Dovahkiin and an Armory to display all of your ...
Revised Assassin
Created by Torinsoul
This mod adds new perks,perk ranks,and tweaks.This mod made be some what op but it's ment for players the use master settings.

Perks & Tweaks

Recovery rank 2-Heal spells heal 100% more

Regenration rank 2-regenrate magic 100% faster

Deadly Bas...
Quality Time
Created by Razallmighty
Ok. So my wife isn't the biggest fan of video games.... So rather than put them aside and go spend more time with her.. I force her to play with me!

This is my first ever mod Just messin around and learning. Anyone wanting to teach me a few tricks abo...
Squires Of Skyrim
Created by βobitoζ
Squires are an ancient tradition of young people training to become a Knight. Continue this time honored tradition with Squires of Skyrim.

Location: Just out side of Riverwood.

New Location: Squire's Den
3 New Followers: Ray, Jakob, ...
Skyrim: The Old Republic
Created by professorxavi
A mod that brings Star Wars to Skyrim

First and formost, this is not entirely my own work, all the credit goes to the original creators of the Mods. This is a compilation that combines the best parts of the Magicka saber mods and introduces some force t...
Master Wizard Follower
Created by joe1017
A powerful Nord wizard found in Whiterun's Bannered mare. He can summon Daedra lords, use wall of flames, breathe real dragon fire (not the shout but actual dragon breath) and disarm enemy's weapons....
Death Comes For All of Us - Non Essential NPC's
Created by Vultrae


Buy_Whiterun 1.5
Created by Vendorayne
You want to buy shops and houses ?
You want earn money ?
This mod is for you.

Other link :
Created by Vendorayne
The mod adds houses and shops :
The player will be able to find a shop selling hunting articles (bows and arrows).
A library allowing to find several types of books.
A Scrivener allowing the player to invest in...
Item Recycling
Created by robinsonadam83
The Item Recycling mod adds over 180 new recipes for crafting ingots at smelters. Virtually every metal item in Skyrim can now be melted down into an ingot. This mod is perfect for thieves and blacksmiths alike. Worthless items like goblets and silver plat...
The Batcave Hearthfire
Created by UNSCSpartin
If you don't have hearthfire there is a link at the bottom to the standard edition


The Dark Knight now has a lair. Use it to coordinate your efforts against your enemies and build an arsenal worthy of Bruce Wayne. ...
Skooma Den
Created by kraedy
Disappointed with the lack of shady criminal housing in the game? Need a place to smuggle and/or consume copious amounts of skooma? Look no further!

Skooma Den adds a secret sewer complex underneath the ciy of Whiterun, suitable for use as player housin...
Skooma Dealers of Skyrim
Created by Nineteensquared
This mod adds a skooma dealer to every major city in the game. Ever want to roleplay a skooma addict but could never find the skooma? Then this is the mod for you. What the mod does is adds a merchant or "skooma dealer" to every one of the major cities in ...
Realistic Skooma
Created by Dank Sashimi
This mod changes the effects of skooma in-game to be a little more realistic considering its reputation as an illegal drug. Down a potion and you'll find yourself experiencing some interesting effects:
-Blurred vision
-Double Vision
-Time D...
Topics of Skyrim
Created by Cliffworms
Topics of Skyrim adds 700 new lines of dialogue contained in 35 new dialogue topics and 153 subtopics. Most of the dialogue comes from the previous Elder Scrolls games, Morrowind and Daggerfall, and some have been modified/updated/added for Skyrim’s contex...
Amazing Follower Tweaks
Created by rezzzman
Multiple followers. Manage outfits, spells, combat style, home assignment and level up. Make werewolves or vampires lords. Followers ride horses, make camp, avoid traps, ignore friendly fire, toggle city/standard outfits & helmets, pose, dance, and more......
The Flash: Follower Mod
Created by JP Doctor

This mod adds The Flash as a follower to Skyrim. You'll find him at the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun.
He is essential and levels with the player.
He moves extremely fast and attacks quickly too....
Green Arrow Follower
Created by JP Doctor

This mod adds Green Arrow as a follower to Skyrim. You'll find him at The Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun. He even has an extra set of his armor in his inventory for you to use....
The Batman in Skyrim
Created by JP Doctor

Link to my Skyrim Avengers mod:

PLEASE READ: Make sure you wait for the data files to update on the launch screen after downloading the mod before you start the game.

This mod adds B...