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NIArms HK416 Rifles
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NIArms HK416 Rifles

This weapon set was made possible by the generosity of the people who're backing this through Patreon.
If you'd like to see more of this stuff ,why not pitch in a couple of bucks? Through Patreon [] If you can't or don't want to, no hard feelings.


The development of the HK416 platform is a strange anomaly in the world of 2018. If judged by it's design intent - an AR15 with some of the issues H&K found with the system removed-
the HK416 is by and large stands on it's own merits. However, in the context of the flood of AR-15 pattern projects since (both Civil and Military spec), the end product 15 years on seems out of date.

How did it come to this?
The Genesis of the platform was a confluence of sorts: In the early-to-mid 90s Heckler und Koch was in the midst of multiple US-DOD weapons development programs (most notably the XM29 OICW), which was the same time that then R&D officer for Delta Force Larry Vickers was consulting and evaluating. During the consultations, Vickers made a formal request of H&K on behalf of Delta for improved carbines.The reasoning for these was straightforward: Delta and other SF units were using non-standard CAR-15s in a variety of designations, often in barrel/gas system lengths that made them wholly unreliable and ultimately impractical.

The general fix of what was now the H&K M4 was to adopt the G36 Short-stroke gas system, it itself an adaptation of the AR18 system.In 2004 the project was complete, and after a legal scuffle with Colt over the name, Delta Force took acceptance of their requested carbine: a more reliable and durable 5.56mm CQB weapon with better suppressed capability. The cost of that extra durability and performance however, came at a weight premium,and it's one of the criticisms made of the system to this day. Still, with the Commercial launch, the system saw solid interest.

By 2008 it was clear to H&K that with the dead-ends of the XM8 and XM29 programs, combined with the limited interest globablly in the G36, the rising interest in the 416 made apparrent what the market wanted. No place was this more apparent than when the Nowegian Military selected the rifles, in a 16.5 inch barrel configuration, as their standard rifle- replacing 40 year old G3s.The REAL windfall though came later in the year with the US Navy SEAL raid in Pakistan, where the tell-all propaganda tour afterwards made ample highlight to "the guns that got it done", replete with personal customisations like Magpul CTR stocks, Overmold Grips, RAHG lightweight fore-ends, and an impressive LLM stack.
The last major adopter of the what could probably be now considered first pattern HK416 system, was the USMC- As a companion and/or replacement for the M249 SAW in an infantry Squad. The idea has merit, and while some of the accessories the Corp decided to adopt as part of the system were questionable in their selection, the rifle itself was a good fit. Heavy barrel with a long service life, little to change in the way of battery of arms or maintenance, can deliver better Automatic performance than an M4, but retains better mechanical accuracy over longer strings.
As a whole, as far as service rifles go, this is one of a few viable open-market options left. For military purposes, it's more than good enough, and that at the end of the day is what clenches the deal.

Variations include(where applicable):
5 Barrel Lengths
6 Stocks
5 Fore-end variants
End-user applied camo patterns
Grenade Launcher Variants
Various minor ergonomic custom parts

As a note: the RAHG and SMR foregripped weapons do not currently support VFG/AFGs. The support will be enabled as part of a future Core update. Apologies for the inconvenience.


hlc_rifle_416D145 - H&K HK416 D14.5 in 5.56mm NATO
hlc_rifle_416D145_tan - H&K HK416 D14.5 in 5.56mm NATO (Spray Grass/tan camo)
hlc_rifle_416D145_wdl - H&K HK416 D14.5 in 5.56mm NATO (Spray Woodland camo)
hlc_rifle_416D145_CAG - H&K HK416 D14.5 in 5.56mm NATO Delta Force Mockup ( CTR Stock, Black Geissele SMR Rail)
hlc_rifle_416D145C - H&K HK416 D14.5 in 5.56mm NATO (C-variant Buffer/Bolt/Stock assembly)
hlc_rifle_416D145_gl - H&K HK416 D14.5 in 5.56mm NATO with H&K AG-C GLM
hlc_rifle_416D10 - H&K HK416 D10 in 5.56mm NATO
hlc_rifle_416D10_tan - H&K HK416 D10 in 5.56mm NATO (Spray Grass/tan camo)
hlc_rifle_416D10_wdl - H&K HK416 D10 in 5.56mm NATO (Spray Woodland camo)
hlc_rifle_416D10C - H&K HK416 D10 in 5.56mm NATO (C-variant Buffer/Bolt/Stock assembly)
hlc_rifle_416D10C_PTC - Same as above but with an Angry Maple Leaf
hlc_rifle_416D10_gl - H&K HK416 D10 in 5.56mm NATO with H&K AG-C GLM
hlc_rifle_416D10_RAHG - H&K HK416 D10 in 5.56mm NATO (Remington Accessories Hand Guard)
hlc_rifle_416D10_SMR - H&K HK416 D10 in 5.56mm NATO (Geissele SMR Mk.1)
hlc_rifle_416D10_ptato - H&K HK416 D10 in 5.56mm NATO (SMR, Gunfighter Pistol Grip,Gunfighter Trigger Guard, Vltor IMOD Stock, Surefire 3-Prong Muzzle Brake)
hlc_rifle_416D10_st6 - H&K HK416 D10 in 5.56mm NATO DEVGRU Mockup (RAHG, Hogue Overmold Pistol Grip, CTR Stock, Geissele Match Trigger)
hlc_rifle_416C - H&K HK416C in 5.56mm NATO with 9" Barrel and Retractible stock
hlc_rifle_M27IAR - USMC M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle with 16.5" Barrel ( Blueforce Gear Sling mount, Knights's Micro BUIS)
hlc_rifle_416D165 - H&K HK416 D16.5 in 5.56mm NATO
hlc_rifle_416D165_tan - H&K HK416 D16.5 in 5.56mm NATO (Spray Grass/tan camo)
hlc_rifle_416D165_wdl - H&K HK416 D16.5 in 5.56mm NATO (Spray Woodland camo)
hlc_rifle_416D165C - H&K HK416 D16.5 in 5.56mm NATO (C-variant Buffer/Bolt/Stock assembly)
hlc_rifle_416D165_gl - H&K HK416 D16.5 in 5.56mm NATO with H&K AG-C GLM
hlc_rifle_416N - H&K HK416N in 5.56mm NATO with 16.5" Barrel
hlc_rifle_416N_gl - H&K HK416N in 5.56mm NATO with 16.5" Barrel and H&K AG-C GLM
hlc_rifle_416D20 - H&K HK416 D20 in 5.56mm NATO
hlc_rifle_416D20_tan - H&K HK416 D20 in 5.56mm NATO (Spray Grass/tan camo)
hlc_rifle_416D20_wdl - H&K HK416 D20 in 5.56mm NATO (Spray Woodland camo)
hlc_rifle_416D20_gl - H&K HK416 D20 in 5.56mm NATO with H&K AG-C GLM
hlc_rifle_BAB - H&K HK416C in 5.56mm NATO with 9" Barrel and Retractible stock (same as last but Pink. Fight me.)

Spartan0536- Ballistics
Navaro - Sounds
Toadie - Everything Else

Patrons, to whom with this was made possible-
Ben Løve
Blain Mundt
Brandon Woolridge
Cameron Birk
Josh Bowerman (Nam)
Lilili Lili
Matt C
Nathan Chatterton
Nathan Rebol
Richard Nixon
Robert 'Jeff the Hobo' Cartwright
Ross KW Driver Aldrich
Serge Rem
Tommy McCusker
Lyndell Miller
Michael Deyneka
Chris Hofstede
Ranger Dave
Rob Sandberg
Benjamin Streitz
Bernard Cenimarus
Blake Meyer
Chris 'Yedidya' R
Jedediah Drysdale-Webb
John Moravec
Jonathan Gutierrez
Joshua Crosby
kim jakobsen
Loïc Lemaire
Luke Baldwin
Part Time Canadian
Tim Kersten
Alasdhair Maxwell Claremont
Daniel Paoliello
Dave Barretti
Evan Ding
Faustin Molina
Handy Andy
Jakub Zychma
Joshua Miller
Kiwi Jhons
Kyle Harrington
Mac Croxton
Nico Schneider
Risto Salo
Rob Sullivan
Robin Rockman
Simonas Garbaciauskas
Smokey McPot
Steel Shimsky
Thomas Sparksman
Travis Williams
Yuma Kubo
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