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UK South Eastern Hitachi Javelin Class 395
Scenario: Europe
Vehicle: Multiple Unit
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UK South Eastern Hitachi Javelin Class 395

Hitachi Javelin Class 395 High Speed (225km/h) on HS1 and Commuter Lines.
Update:23-10-18 Removed roof pods, and adjusted weight speed etc to make train more economical.
In service on HS1 from St Pancras International to Ashford International and then on commuter lines around Kent. HS1 continues on to the Channel Tunnel with Eurostar services to Europe.
The high speed trains played a key role during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games as the Javelin shuttle service. Many of the trains are named after Olympic athletes.
The Class 395 Javelin[9] is a dual-voltage electric multiple unit (EMU) built for high-speed commuter services on High Speed 1 and elsewhere on the Integrated Kent Franchise.

Start Date 2009
Passengers 99
Six Car Set
Speed 225km/h
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Autocoach Oct 31 @ 2:18am 
My thoughts with regard to passeneger capacities. Yes the game divides the passenger capacity provided in the mod by 4 from the relatively sound idea that 1 game person = 4 real persons . However , consider the vanilla game TGV , a ten coach real world ( 2 power cars + 8 coaches) set has 350 seats . In game a 8 pass coach set is 1 coach @ 3 pass and 7 coaches @ 23 pass = 164 passengers or 47% of capacity . Somewhere between 19 and 26 passengers per coach have been used in other mods be those who have looked to balance their mod to the game.

It's an area with no right answer I guess.
gavt1976 Oct 23 @ 1:12pm 
I would have kept everything has it is because I did not have any problems with it and I used a mod to get more passages on my trains.
christopher_quinn Oct 23 @ 9:49am 
@Cibaris with 4 trains running on the route, I'm going from 4x 172 capicity down to 4x 83 capacity sees profits go from £6m pa to -£1.83m :(
Cibaris  [author] Oct 23 @ 8:09am 
quin... I understand power output has bearing. Logical more power equals more speed etc. I have made some adjustments inc weight etc. Let me know how you get on.
christopher_quinn Oct 13 @ 3:19am 
Thankyou, didnt realise the game sets the passenger size. I really want to include this in my game, but even with a 3 stop route its still not making money :(
Cibaris  [author] Oct 13 @ 3:06am 
chris... the game appears to rightly treat this a premium service as in real life. Ashford to London is either via Sevenoaks etc on a low cost slow train or direct by Javelin to St Pancras. The cost per mile is greater via Javelin in real life. The capacity does indeed appear low, but the game sets this. I have looked at changing this manually but its probably a can of worms.
christopher_quinn Oct 12 @ 11:27am 
Really struggling to get this to make profit, surely 99 capicity is far to little?
S.Finch Oct 3 @ 12:43am 
But they are still in service i think
JLT05_YT Sep 15 @ 4:44am 
You might want to change the release date from 1990 to 2009
Dahl Sep 10 @ 4:37pm 
This is a reskin of the Siemens Velaro D