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marlon.werdekker Oct 18 @ 7:53am 
i love your work on Transport Fever
Cibaris Oct 16 @ 8:28am 
alien ... in a nutshell no! But I am grateful that you permit me to make any skin I wish!
alien 372 Oct 14 @ 10:56am 
ill ask again could you make a class 170 with a scotrail skin and any other skin you which
alien 372 Oct 10 @ 8:08am 
eh hello mate can you make a scotrail train Class 156 or 150 is fine
Thomas Sep 22 @ 7:10am 
Can you make a Class 800 & a 158 please?
cdm14 Sep 11 @ 9:41am 
cibaris can you make a mod with a ice 1 it were very cool