Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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Campaign Camera For Patch 20 and later [UPDATED JUST NOW, no longer beta]
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Aug 29, 2018 @ 8:03am
May 4 @ 6:43am
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Campaign Camera For Patch 20 and later [UPDATED JUST NOW, no longer beta]

So no there is no changing of behavior in the game with the mod turned on anymore

IF you want this camera mod extended to work with other campaigns / mods, then let me know:)

The extended camera is to and also is only guaranteed to work with these campaigns to:
- Grand Campaign
- Cæsar In Gaul
- Imperator Augustus
- Empire Divided
- Rise of The Republic

Works for the current (05-05-2019) versions of these campaigns, it is unlikely that they will change, but if they do the mod will be updated ASAP also:)

t is save game compatible, it does not change vital same game data.

- This particular camera mod is made for vanilla campaigns, so only use it for Dei, Radious etc. knowing it might change gameplay behavior. It is because of the way the campaign camera mods work, you have to edit the scripts, that also control other game stuff.
This is a Vanilla camera mod, it is NOT specifically made for random overhaul mods. Not yet, anyway. There will be a DeI version at some point.

b]AND i contrast to the old version I have made sure that the narrated pannings over the map at the start work perfectly.[/b]

Technical info:
This mod edits the following scripts:
(if one of your other mods uses one of these scripts, then it is possible then either this mod or the other mod will change behaviour)





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Yabgu Nizam Pasha Jun 27 @ 6:12am 
other dlcs?
Jason Wolf May 21 @ 9:38am 
Okay thanks.
phazer  [author] May 21 @ 9:26am 
Jason Wolf : I don't know, you have to try, it depends on what scripts your mod edits, this mod edits "xxxx_start.lua" and the "scripting.lua" for the campaigns it supports. For some campaigns it is enough to edit "xxxx_start.lua", so those are more compatible, but some campaigns does not have a "xxxx_start.lua", and then one has edit the "scripting.lua" for that campaign. Check what files you mod changes, or simply try it out, it is not like some will be ruined :)
Jason Wolf May 21 @ 7:12am 
Will this work with AI mods?
Rodrrico May 19 @ 1:53pm 
Fantastic! The new link works with the latest version of Rome 2 - including Caesar in Gaul. Thank you for fixing or sorting it out. Perhaps replace this link with the new one?
phazer  [author] May 19 @ 7:58am 
Hi again.

I have tested it just now with
game version: 2.4.0 (what version are you who are having trouble using?)

And launcher version
open_beta v3.21.2 (the one you have to choose)
normal v3.20.8 (the standard version)

And it works for me.

Can you (@everyone) please report both if it works for you or if it does not, and what version of game AND launcher your are using, AND if this version works for you

phazer  [author] May 19 @ 7:34am 
Ok, I will try updating it.
Rodrrico May 19 @ 4:43am 
Strange, an error popped up in the mod manager launcher saying it was incompatible with the current version of Rome 2. I don't have any other mods btw. Only wanted this camera mod. good luck with updating / fixing.
phazer  [author] May 19 @ 3:05am 
I just tested it, it still works, you just have to enable it in Mod Manager, but somewhat unrelated just now Mod Manager will not let me update it to the newest version. It also happened with my shield mod and other people's mods. I will update as soon as mod manager still works.
Rodrrico May 18 @ 10:11pm 
Out of date. Doesn't work with the latest version as of May 15th 2019.