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Carnifex Jun 2 @ 4:43am 
If you like 40k then it's worth getting. It's neither as in-depth nor as polished as Panzer Corps but there are enough differences to keep it interesting on its own. For example, most units have a ranger greater than 1 hex, and units can carry multiple weapons which can all be fired in the same turn if the enemy is within range of all weapons.
Sakuya Jun 2 @ 2:27am 
thanks. Is Armageddon worth getting? I heard imperial guard is underpowered
Ickie♔Stickie™ May 19 @ 6:11am 
youll do well with what youve got right here mate.Trust me on that 1
Ickie♔Stickie™ May 19 @ 6:11am 
No No dont!seriously its a pile of s***
Carnifex May 19 @ 6:07am 
I haven't tried 3 yet but I heard they put most of their focus in competitive multi-player 😕 such a shame
Carnifex May 19 @ 6:04am 
Thanks ☺️! I've been in the mood for 40k lately