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Map Room Teleport Crystal
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Aug 26, 2018 @ 10:22am
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Map Room Teleport Crystal

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Adds craftable crystals which can be attuned to a map room to teleport to it.

The feat to craft the crystals can be removed by adding the companion mod Map Room Teleport Crystal - Remove Feat.
With the companion mod players won't be able the craft the crystals, but admins can still use them as rewards, trade options or similar.

Thanks to EZee_AP who helped me greatly by pointing me in the right direction regarding teleporting.
Thanks to Foxcat and shadowCMD who helped me fix the duplicated execution problems with events.

If the server you play on uses an older version you can download those here, starting from 1.2.0:
https:// mega . nz/ #F!vDY0lI5Y!SpsIzEXLOyFCEmqcwsiYgA
Please remove the whitespaces, steam automatically removes links to common file sharing services to prevent spam.

The mod ID is 1493944797.

User FAQ:
Where can I learn to craft the crystals?
The feat required to craft the crystals is named `Cartography - Teleportation` and can be learned after reaching level 30 for 5 feat points.

How do I attune a crystal to a teleport anchor (e.g. a map room) and how do I use it?
Look at a teleport anchor and activate the crystal. This works either from your hotbar or from your inventory.
As long as the anchor exists you can teleport back to it by using the crystal (from the hotbar or using the action button 'Use' from the inventory).

If the anchor is destroyed or picked up the crystal will loose its attunement. Replacing a picked up anchor will not reinstate attunement.

Can I have multiple crystals?
Yes and there are coloured versions available to distuingish them.
The crystals aren't dyeable - you have to use the recipe for the specific coloured crystal you want.
Be aware though that the cooldowns are specific to players and anchors - if you have a 24h cooldown crafting more crystals will still only allow you to teleport to the same anchor once every 24h.

Isn't the item too powerful?
Maybe, but the costs are reasonably high, I'd reckon. I primarily made this because I don't want to spend three quarters of my time running back and forth over the map.
Additionally by default the teleport sequence is aborted when the player moves (voluntarily or involuntarily) and when the player takes damage.

Will the crystals work in dungeons etc.pp. ?

The dungeons are actually just places outside of the playable area in the same map - so the crystals will work from there as well.

Admin FAQ:
How do I configure the mod?
The mod is configured through ModControlPanel. If you do not have MCP installed you can use `DataCmd MapRoomTeleportConfig` to open the window.

Mod compatibility?
In short: It should be compatible with all other mods.

In long: The only table change that isn't just adding a row is NpcDialogues to allow to learn the required feat. And even here only the row for the Archivist is being modified.
Hence any mod changing that specific row in the NpcDialogue table will likely be incompatible.

Is the mod viable for PvP?
Yes - since version 1.6.0 the teleport sequence is aborted when the player moves or takes damage by default.

Modder FAQ:
Can I make a placeable from my mod usable with teleport crystals?
Yes - the crystals also recognize any BP_Master_Placeable child with the component tag "MapRoomTeleportCrystal_Anchor".

Thanks goes to Dunkelrose, the author of Shadows of Skelos, who forwarded the feature request from one of their users.

Since version 2.1.0 admins can make any placeable with an entry in the itemtable a teleport anchor.

The mod is configured through ModControlPanel.
If you do not have ModControlPanel installed you can open the window by entering `DataCmd MapRoomTeleportConfig` in the console.

The console is most commonly opened by pressing tilde (~) or Insert.

Known issues:

When other players use the teleport crystals I can't see the particles or hear the teleport sound!
Yes, there isn't a node that spawns replicated particles, nor a node that plays replicated sound.
Nothing I can do about it - this is something Funcom needs to expose on their end.

Bug reports
Please use the following template when reporting an issue:

Mode: Singleplayer/Coop/Dedicated
In admin mode when the issue occurred:


Steps to reproduce:

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Aug 19 @ 5:05am
Feature Request - furniture/place able teleporting item
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Xeleet 4 hours ago 
using the same color with out renaming is not friendly
Xeleet 4 hours ago 
Can you add more colors please or waypoints in map to click and teleport? 8 are not enough
Medardusai the CoffeeWombat  [author] 16 hours ago 
Sorry? I don't quite understand what you're saying.

In case you're asking if this mod can be used on Siptah - yes it can. As Admin you can configure custom teleport anchors other than the map room. This can be e.g. beds, wheels of pain, torches, etc.pp.
NIVEA55 19 hours ago 
Doesn't Sipta Island also become this mod?
Medardusai the CoffeeWombat  [author] Nov 7 @ 9:23am 
You can learn to craft the map room at the archivist on Exiled Lands - alternatively you can configure custom anchors.
The map room doesn't exist on Isle of Siptha - there you have to configure custom anchors.
finc.vanblam Nov 7 @ 8:43am 
Or is that only spawned in by admin?
finc.vanblam Nov 7 @ 8:42am 
How do you craft a map room??
Medardusai the CoffeeWombat  [author] Oct 31 @ 11:27am 
Sorry for the update spam. This is a bugfix that fixes a rare issue where configured teleport anchors may not be recognized as such.

Big thanks to @Caeleigh, who found the issue and provided me with lots of information to debug and fix it.

Version 2.1.3:
- Fix rare issue where configured teleport anchors are not recognized
Medardusai the CoffeeWombat  [author] Oct 29 @ 1:51pm 
You should check the funcom forums when you experience crashes without mods.
There are several threads with different crashes:
Iron Phoenix - Victim Oct 29 @ 1:43pm 
Thank you for updating the mod.
This, sadly, has not corrected things for me on my server. I still experience constant immediate crash and restart on the server. Please note: I am not claiming this mod is at fault at this point. This is more of a frustrated vent as nothing I seem to do regarding activating or deactivating mods (including having NO mods installed) is working.